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Regulatory Issue Summaries - 2005

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Document Number Date Title
RIS-05-031 12/22/05 Control of Security-Related Sensitive Unclassified Non-Safeguards Information Handled by Individuals, Firms, and Entities Subject to NRC Regulation of the Use of Source, Byproduct, and Special Nuclear Material
RIS-05-030 12/20/05 Clarification of Post-Fire Safe-Shutdown Circuit Regulatory Requirements
RIS-05-029 12/14/05 Anticipated Transients That Could Develop into More Serious Events
RIS-05-028 11/22/05 Scope of For-Cause Fitness-for-Duty Testing Required by 10 CFR 26.24(a)(3)
01/13/06 NRC Timeliness Goals, Prioritization of Incoming License Applications and Voluntary Submittal of Schedule for Future Actions for NRC Review
RIS-05-026 11/07/05 Control of Sensitive Unclassified Nonsafeguards Information Related to Nuclear Power Reactors
Sup. 1
05/29/07 Clarification of NRC Guidelines for Control of Heavy Loads
RIS-05-025 10/31/05 Clarification of NRC Guidelines for Control of Heavy Loads
RIS-05-024 11/23/05 Control of Radiation Dose to Visitors of Hospital Patients
RIS-05-023 10/07/05 Clarification of the Physical Presence Requirement During Gamma Stereotactic Radiosurgery Treatments
RIS-05-022 10/28/05 Requirements for the Physical Protection During Transportation of Special Nuclear Material of Moderate and Low Strategic Significance: 10 CFR Part 73 Vs. Regulatory Guide 5.59 (1983)
RIS-05-021 11/14/05 Clarification of the Reporting Requirements in 10 CFR 20.2201
RIS 2005-20
Rev. 1
4/16/08 Revision to NRC Inspection Manual Part 9900 Technical Guidance, "Operability Determinations & Functionality Assessments for Resolution of Degraded or Nonconforming Conditions Adverse to Quality or Safety". Attachment
RIS-05-019 08/24/05 Preparation and Scheduling of Operator Licensing Examinations
RIS-05-018 08/25/05 Guidance for Establishing and Maintaining a Safety Conscious Work Environment
RIS-05-017 08/08/05 Clarification of Requirements for Application of the ASME Code Symbol Stamp on Safety-Related Components
RIS-05-016 08/10/05 Issuance of NRC Management Directive 8.17, Licensee Complaints Against NRC Employees
RIS-05-015 08/03/05 Reporting Requirements for Damaged Industrial Radiographic Equipment
RIS-05-014 07/21/05 Clarification of Implementing Guidance for Compensatory Measures Related to Access Authorization Orders
RIS-05-013 07/13/05 NRC Incident Response and the National Response Plan
Rev. 1
08/24/11 NRC Regulatory Issue Summary 2005-12, Rev. 1: Transportation of Radioactive Material Quantities of Concern NRC Threat Advisory and Protective Measures System
RIS-05-011 07/11/05 Requirements for Power Reactor Licensees in Possession of Devices Subject to the General License Requirements of 10 CFR 31.5
RIS-05-010 06/10/05 NRC Regulatory Issue Summary 2005-10: Performance-Based Approach for Associated Equipment in 10 CFR 34.20
RIS-05-008 06/06/05 NRC Regulatory Issue Summary 2005-08: Endorsement of Nuclear Energy Institute (NEI) Guidance "Range of Protective Actions for Nuclear Power Plant Incidents"
RIS-05-007 04/19/05 NRC Regulatory Issue Summary 2005-07: Compensatory Measures to Satisfy the Fire Protection Program Requirements
RIS-05-006 04/18/05 NRC Regulatory Issue Summary 2005-06: Reporting Requirements for Gauges Damaged at Temporary Job Sites
RIS-05-005 03/23/05 NRC Regulatory Issue Summary 2005-05: Regulatory Issues Regarding Criticality Analyses for Spent Fuel Pools and Independent Spent Fuel Storage Installations
RIS-05-004 04/14/05 NRC Regulatory Issue Summary 2005-04: Guidance on the Protection of Unattended Openings that Intersect a Security Boundary or Area
RIS-05-003 02/28/05 NRC Regulatory Issue Summary 2005-03: 10 CFR Part 40 Exemptions for Uranium Contained in Aircraft Counterweights - Storage and Repair
Rev. 1
04/19/11 NRC Regulatory Issue Summary 2005-02, Revision 1: Clarifying the Process for Making Emergency Plan Changes
RIS-05-002 02/14/05 NRC Regulatory Issue Summary 2005-02: Clarifying the Process for Making Emergency Plan Changes
Rev. 1
03/13/13 Changes To Notice Of Enforcement Discretion Process And Staff Guidance
RIS-05-001 02/07/05 NRC Regulatory Issue Summary 2005-01: Changes to Notice of Enforcement Discretion (NOED) Process and Staff Guidance

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