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Regulatory Issue Summaries - 2003

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Document Number Title Revision Publish Date Reviewed Date
RIS-03-18 Use of Nuclear Energy Institute (NEI) 99-01, Methodology for Development of Emergency Action Levels" S2 12/12/2005 --
S1 07/13/2004 --
-- 10/08/2003 --
RIS-03-17 Complying with 10 CFR 35.59, "Recentness of Training," for Board-Certified Individuals Whose Training and Experience Were Completed More than 7 Years Ago -- 10/06/2003 --
RIS-03-16 NRC Threat Advisory and Protective Measures System -- 10/07/2003 --
RIS-03-15 Consolidation of the Region I and Region II Materials Program -- 09/05/2003 --
RIS-03-14 Preparation and Scheduling of Operator Licensing Examinations -- 08/27/2003 --
RIS-03-13 NRC Review of Responses to Bulletin 2002-01, "Reactor Pressure Vessel Head Degradation and Reactor Coolant Pressure Boundary Integrity" -- 07/29/2003 --
RIS-03-12 Clarification of NRC Guidance for Modifying Protective Actions -- 06/24/2003 --
RIS-03-11 Reporting Requirements for Distributors of Devices Subject to the General License Requirements of 10 CFR 31.5 -- 07/16/2003 --
RIS-03-10 Licensed Operator Requalification Training: Written Examination Frequency -- 06/13/2003 --
RIS-03-09 Environmental Qualification of Low-Voltage Instrumentation and Control Cables -- 05/01/2003 --
RIS-03-08 Protection of Safeguards Information from Unauthorized Disclosure -- 04/30/2003 --
RIS-03-07 Issuance of Regulations Revising Filing Requirements for Advance Notification of the Requirements for the Shipment of Spent Nuclear Fuel and Special Nuclear Material -- 04/23/2003 --
RIS-03-06 High Security Protected and Vital Area Barrier/Equipment Penetration Manual -- 03/20/2003 --
RIS-03-05 Issuance of Orders Imposing Additional Physical Protection Measures for Independent Spent Fuel Storage Installations Using Dry Storage -- 03/19/2003 --
RIS-03-04 Use of the Effective Dose Equivalent in Place of the Deep Dose Equivalent in Dose Assessments -- 02/13/2003 --
RIS-03-03 Release of Draft Review Standard (RS) 002, "Processing Applications for Early Site Permits," for Interim Use -- 02/06/2003 --
RIS-03-02 Importance of Giving NRC Advance Notice of Intent to Pursue License Renewal. -- 02/03/2003 --
RIS-03-01 Examination of Dissimilar Metal Welds, Supplement 10 to Appendix VIII of Section XI of the ASME Code -- 01/21/2003 --

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