United States Nuclear Regulatory Commission - Protecting People and the Environment

Regulatory Issue Summaries - 1999

Report Number Date Title
RIS 99-001 10/04/1999 Revisions to the Generic Communications Program
RIS 99-002 10/13/1999 Relaxation of Technical Specification Requirements for PORC Review of Fire Protection Program Changes
RIS 99-003 10/13/1999 Resolution of Generic Issue 145, Actions to Reduce Common-Cause Failures
RIS 99-004 11/23/1999 Sources of Information Previously Published in the AEOD Annual Report
RIS 99-005 12/01/1999 Implementing Procedure for Power Reactor NOEDS Processed During the Y2K Transition
RIS 99-006 12/01/1999 Voluntary Submission of Performance Indicator Data

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