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Information Notices - 2012

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File Name Date Description
in2012-25 02/01/2013 Performance Issues with Seismic Instrumentation and Associated Systems for Operating Reactors
in2012-24 Not Issued.
in2012-23 12/26/2012 Recent Radiography Events Resulting In Exposures Exceeding Regulatory Limits
in2012-22 01/25/2013 Counterfeit, Fraudulent, Suspect Item (CFSI) Training Offerings
in2012-21 12/10/2012 Reactor Vessel Closure Head Studs Remain Detensioned During Plant Startup
in2012-20 11/14/2012 Chloride-Induced Stress Corrosion Cracking of Austenitic Stainless Steel and Maintenance of Dry Cask Storage System Canisters
in2012-19 10/23/2012 License Renewal Post-Approval Site Inspection Issues
in2012-18 10/26/2012 Failure to Properly Augment Emergency Response Organizations
in2012-17 09/06/2012 Inappropriate Use of Certified Material Test Report Yield Stress and Age-Hardened Concrete Compressive Strength in Design Calculations
in2012-16 08/29/2012 Preconditioning of Pressure Switches Before Surveillance Testing
in2012-15 08/09/2012 Use of Seal Cap Enclosures To Mitigate Leakage From Joints That Use A-286 Bolts
in2012-14 07/24/2012 Motor-Operated Valve Inoperable Due To Stem-Disc Separation
in2012-13 08/10/2012 Boraflex Degradation Surveillance Programs and Corrective Actions in the Spent Fuel Pool
in2012-12 07/24/2012 HVAC Design Control Issues Challenge Safety System Function
in2012-11 07/23/2012 Age Related Capacitor Degradation
in2012-10 07/16/2012 Recent Issues Associated With Submittal of NRC Form 396, Certification on Medical Examination By Facility Licensee, For Applicants and Licensed Operators at Non-Power Reactors
in2012-09 06/28/2012 Irradiation Effects on Fuel Assembly Spacer Grid Crush Strength
in2012-08 04/10/2012 High Dose-Rate Remote Afterloader (HDR) Physical Presence Requirements
in2012-07 07/17/2012 Tube-to-Tube Contact Resulting in Wear In Once-Through Steam Generators
in2012-06 04/24/2012 Ineffective Use of Vendor Technical Recommendations
in2012-05 04/25/2012 Abnormal Releases of Radioactive Water Potentially Resulting in Groundwater Contamination
in2012-04 04/19/2012 Impacts On Normal Plant Operations Due To Leaks Or Spills Of Chemicals
in2012-03 03/01/2012 Design Vulnerability in Electric Power System
in2012-02 03/05/2012 Potentially Nonconservative Screening Value for Dam Failure Frequency in Probabilistic Risk Assessments
in2012-01 01/26/2012 Seismic Considerations – Principally Issues Involving Tanks
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