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Information Notices - 2011

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File Name Date Description
in2011-22 12/21/2011 Instrumentation and Control Module Hardware, Configuration, and Procedure Issues
in2011-21 12/13/2011 Realistic Emergency Core Cooling System Evaluation Model Effects Resulting From Nuclear Fuel Thermal Conductivity Degradation
in2011-20 11/18/2011 Concrete Degradation by Alkali-Silica Reaction
in2011-19 09/26/2011 Licensee Event Reports Containing Information Pertaining to Defects to Basic Components
in2011-18 Not Issued.
in2011-17 07/26/2011 Calculation Methodologies For Operability Determinations Of Gas Voids in Nuclear Power Plant Piping
in2011-16 Not Issued.
in2011-15 08/01/2011 Steel Containment Degradation and Associated License Renewal Aging Management Issues
in2011-14 07/18/2011 Component Cooling Water System Gas Accumulation and Other Performance Issues
in2011-13 06/29/2011 Control Rod Blade Cracking Resulting in Reduced Design Lifetime
in2011-12 06/16/2011 Reactor Trips Resulting From Water Intrusion Into Electrical Equipment
in2011-11 04/27/2011 Reporting Requirement For Heat And Smoke Detector Failures In 10 CFR Part 36 Irradiators
in2011-10 05/02/2011 Thermal Issues Identified During Loading of Spent Fuel Storage Casks
in2011-09 05/18/2011 Fixed Gauge Shutter Failures Due To Operating In Harsh Working Environments
in2011-08 03/31/2011 Tohoku-Taiheiyou-Oki Earthquake Effects On Japanese Nuclear Power Plants – For Fuel Cycle Facilities
in2011-07 04/14/2011 Specific License Required When Exporting To Embargoed Destinations Listed In 10 CFR 110.28
in2011-06 03/22/2011 Erroneous Criticality Alarm Monitoring Signal Caused By Incorrect Data Acquisition Module Configuration
in2011-05 03/18/2011 Tohoku-Taiheiyou-Oki Earthquake Effects On Japanese Nuclear Power Plants
in2011-04 02/23/2011 Contaminants and Stagnant Conditions Affecting Stress Corrosion Cracking in Stainless Steel Piping Pressurized Water Reactors
in2011-03 02/16/2011 Nonconservative Criticality Safety Analyses for Fuel Storage
in2011-02 01/31/2011 Operator Performance Issues Involving Reactivity Management at Nuclear Power Plants
in2011-01 02/15/2011 Commercial-Grade Dedication Issues Identified During NRC Inspections
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