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Information Notices - 2007

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File Name Date Description
in200739 01/07/08 Control of Simulation Software Categorized as Sensitive Unclassified Nonsafeguards Information
in200740 12/21/07 Inadequate Implementation of 10 CFR Part 21 Requirements by Vendors Who Supply Basic Components To Nuclear Power Plant Licensees
in200738 12/14/07 Ensuring Complete and Accurate Information in the Documentation of Training and Experience for Individuals Seeking Approval as Medical Authorized Users
in200737 11/23/07 Buildup of Deposits in Steam Generator
in200736 11/15/07 Emergency Diesel Generator Voltage Regulator Problems
in200735 10/17/07 Varian Medical Systems Varisource HDR Events: Iridium-192 Source Pulled From Sheilded Position
in200734 10/22/07 Operating Experience Regarding Electrical Circuit Breakers
in200733 09/29/07 Exposures to Members of the Public Caused by Inadequate Controls Over Well Logging Sources
in200732 10/15/07 Out-of-service Equipment Connected To In-service Process Line Results in Fissile Solution Spill at Fuel Cycle Facility
in200731 11/13/07 U.S. Food and Drug Administration Announcement Related to Certain Sleep Disorder Drugs
in200730 09/13/07 Radiological Controls Create Criticality Safety Accident Scenario for Fissile Solution Container Transport at Fuel Cycle Facility
in200729 09/17/07 Temporary Scaffolding Affects Operability of Safety-related Equipment
in200728 09/19/07 Potential Common Cause Vulnerabilities in Essential Service Water Systems Due to Inadequate Chemistry Controls
in200727 08/06/07 Recurring Events Involving Emergency Diesel Generator Operability
in200726 08/13/07 Combustibility of Epoxy Floor Coatings at Commercial Nuclear Power Plants
in200725 07/19/07 Suggestion from the Advisory Committee on the Medical Use of Isotopes for Consideration to Improve Compliance With Sodium Iodide I-131 Written Directive Requirements in 10 CFR 35.40 and Supervision Requirements in 10 CFR 35.27
in200724 07/19/07 Summary of Fitness-For-Duty Program Performance Reports for Calendar Year 2006
in200723 08/08/07 Inadvertent Discharge of Halon 1301 Fire-suppression System from Incorrect and/or Out-of-date Procedures
in200722 06/19/07 Recent Hydorgen Fluoride Exposures at Fuel Cycle Facilities
in200721 06/11/07 Pipe Wear Due to Interaction of Flow-induced Vibration and Reflective Metal Insulation
in200720 06/11/07 Use of Blank Ammunition
in200719 05/21/07 Fire Protection Equipment Recalls and Counterfeit Notices
in200718 05/13/07 Operating Experience Regarding Entrainment of Gas or Debris into Auxiliary Feedwater Systems
in200717 05/03/07 Fires at Nuclear Power Plants Involving Inadequate Fire Protection Administrative and Design Controls
in200716 05/02/07 Common Violations of the Increased Controls Requirements and Related Guidance Documents
in200715 04/17/07 Effects of Ethernet-based, Non-safety Related Controls on the Safe and Continued Operation of Nuclear Power Stations
in200714 03/30/07 Loss of Offsite Power and Dual-unit Trip at Catawba Nuclear Generating Station
in200713 04/04/07 Use of As-found Conditions to Evaluate Criticality-related Process Upsets at Fuel Cycle Facilities
in200712 03/15/07 Tactical Communications Interoperability Between Nuclear Power Reactor Licensees and First Responders
in200711 03/06/07 Recent Operator Performance Issues at Nuclear Power Plants
in200710 03/13/07 Yttrium-90 Theraspheres® and Sirspheres® Impurities
in200709 03/26/07 Equipment Operability under Degraded Voltage Conditions
in200708 02/28/07 Potential vulnerabilities of time-reliant computer-based systems due to change in daylight saving time dates
in200707 02/15/07 Potential Failure of All Control Rod Groups to Insert in a Boiling Water Reactor Due to a Fire
in200706 02/09/07 Potential Common Cause Vulnerabilities in Essential Services Water Systems
in200705 02/09/07 Vertical Deep Draft Pump Shaft and Coupling Failures
in200704 02/05/07 Construction Experience Related to the Assurance of Quality in the Construction of Nuclear Facilities
in200703 02/02/07 Reportable Medical Events Involving Patients Receiving Dosages of Sodium Iodide Iodine-131 Less Than the Prescribed Dosage Because of Capsules Remaining in Vials After Administration.
in200702 03/07/07 Failure of Control Rod Drive Mechanism Lead Screw Male Coupling at a Babcock and Wilcox-designed Facility
in200701 01/31/07 Recent Operating Experience Concerning Hydrostatic Barriers

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