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Information Notices - 2003

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File Name Date Description
in03022sup1 07/29/2009 Heightened Awareness for Patients Containing Detectable Amounts of Radiation from Medical Administrations, Supplement 1
in03022 12/09/2003 Heightened Awareness for Patients Containing Detectable Amounts of Radiation from Medical Administrations
in03021 11/24/2003 High-Dose-Rate-Remote-Afterloader Equipment Failure
in03020 10/22/2003 Derating Whiting Cranes Purchased Before 1980
in03019 10/06/2003 Unanalyzed Condition of Reactor Coolant Pump Seal Leakoff Line During Postulated Fire Scenarios or Station Blackout
in03018 09/26/2003 General Electric Type SBM Control Switches with Defective Cam Followers
in03017 09/29/2003 Reduced Service Life of Automatic Switch Company (ASCO) Solenoid Valves with Buna-n Material
in03016 10/06/2003 Icing Conditions Between Bottom Of Dry Storage System And Storage Pad
in03015 09/05/2003 Importance of Follow-up Activities in Resolving Maintenance Issues
in03014 08/29/2003 Potential Vulnerability of Plant Computer Network to Worm Infection
in03013 08/28/2003 Steam Generator Tube Degradation at Diablo Canyon
in03012 08/22/2003 Problems Involved in Monitoring Dose to the Hands Resulting from the Handling of Radiopharmaceuticals
in03011s1 01/08/2004 Leakage Found on Bottom-Mounted Instrumentation Nozzles
in03011 08/13/2003 Leakage Found on Bottom-Mounted Instrumentation Nozzles
in03010 08/04/2003 Criticality Monitoring System Degradation at BWX Technologies, Inc., Nuclear Products Division, Lynchburg, VA
in03009 07/16/2003 Source Positioning Errors and System Malfunctions During Administration of Intravascular Brachytherapy
in03008 06/25/2003 Potential Flooding Through Unsealed Concrete Floor Cracks
in03007 06/24/2003 Water in the Vent Header/Vent Line Spherical Junctions
in03006 06/19/2003 Failure of Safety-Related Linestarter Relays at San Onofre NuclearGenerating Station
in03005 06/05/2003 Failure to Detect Freespan Cracks in PWR Steam Generator Tubes
in03004 02/06/2003 Summary of Fitness-For-Duty Program Performance Reports for Calendar Year 2000
in03003 01/27/2003 Part 21 - Inadequately Staked Capscrew Renders Residual Heat Removal Pump Inoperable
in03002 01/16/2003 Recent Experience With Reactor Coolant System Leakage And Boric Acid Corrosion
in03001 01/15/2003 Failure of a Boiling Water Reator Target Rock Main Steam Safety/Relief Valve

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