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Information Notices - 1997

File Name Date Description
in97015s1 04/23/1999 Reporting of Errors and Changes in Large-Break/ Small-Break Loss-of- Coolant Evaluation Models of Fuel Vendors and Compliance with 10 CFR 50.46(a)(3) – Supplement 1
in97091s1 08/10/1998 Recent Failures of Control Cables Used on Amersham Model 660 Posilock Radiography Systems – Supplement 1
in97063s1 05/07/1998 Status of NRC Staff's Review of BWRVIP-05 – Supplement 1
in97045s1 02/17/1998 Environmental Qualification Deficiency for Cables and Containment Penetration Pigtails – Supplement 1
in97091 12/31/1997 Recent Failures of Control Cables Used on Amersham Model 660 Posilock Radiography Systems
in97090 12/30/1997 Use of Nonconservative Acceptance Criteria in Safety-Related Pump Surveillance Tests
in97089 12/29/1997 Distribution of Sources and Devices Without Authorization
in97088 12/16/1997 Experiences During Recent Steam Generator Inspections
in97087 12/12/1997 Second Retrofit to Industrial Nuclear Company IR100 Radiography Camera, to Correct Inconsistency in 10 CFR Part 34 Compatibility
in97086 12/12/1997 Additional Controls for Transport of the Amersham Model No. 660 Series Radiographic Exposure Devices
in97085 12/11/1997 Effects of Crud Buildup and Boron Deposition on Power Distribution and Shutdown Margin
in97084 12/11/1997 Rupture in Extraction Steam Piping as a Result of Flow-Accelerated Corrosion
in97083 12/05/1997 Recent Events Involving Reactor Coolant System Inventory Control During Shutdown
in97082 11/28/1997 Inadvertent Control Room Halon Actuation Due to a Camera Flash
in97081 11/24/1997 Deficiencies in Failure Modes and Effects Analyses for Instrumentation and Control Systems
in97080 11/21/1997 Licensee Technical Specifications Interpretations
in97079 11/20/1997 Potential Inconsistency in the Assessment of the Radiological Consequences of a Main Steam Line Break Associated With the Implementation of Steam Generator Tube Voltage-based Repair Criteria
in97076 10/30/1997 Degraded Throttle Valves in Emergency Core Cooling System Resulting From Cavitation-Induced Erosion During a Loss-of-coolant Accident
in97078 10/23/1997 Crediting of Operator Actions in Place of Automatic Actions and Modifications of Operator Actions, Including Response Times
in97077 10/10/1997 Exemptions From the Requirements of Section 70.24 of Title 10 of The Code of Federal Regulations
in97075 09/24/1997 Enforcement Sanctions Issued as a Result of Deliberate Violations of NRC Requirements
in97074 09/24/1997 Inadequate Oversight of Contractors During Sealant Injection Activities
in97073 09/23/1997 Fire Hazard in the Use of a Leak Sealant
in97072 09/22/1997 Potential for Failure of the Omega Series Sprinkler Heads
in97071 09/22/1997 Inappropriate Use of 10 CFR 50.59 Regarding Reduced Seismic Criteria for Temporary Conditions
in97070 09/19/1997 Potential Problems with Fire Barrier Penetration Seals
in97069 09/19/1997 Reactor Trip Breakers and Surveillance Testing of Auxiliary Contacts
in97068 09/03/1997 Loss of Control of Diver in a Spent Fuel Storage Pool
in97067 08/21/1997 Failure to Satisfy the Requirements for Significant Manipulation of the Controls for Power Reactor Operator Licensing
in97066 08/20/1997 Failure to Provide Special Lenses For Operators Using Respirator or Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus During Emergency Operations
in97065 08/15/1997 Failures of High-Dose-Rate Remote Afterloading (HDR) Device Source Guide Tubes, Catheters, and Applicators
in97064 08/13/1997 Potential Problems Associated With Loss of Electrical Power in Certain Teletherapy Units
in97063 08/07/1997 Status of NRC Staff's Review of BWRVIP-05
in97062 08/06/1997 Unrecognized Reactivity Addition During Plant Shutdown
in97061 08/06/1997 U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Letter, to Medical Device Manufacturers, on the Year 2000 Problem
in97060 08/01/1997 Incorrect Unreviewed Safety Question Determination Related to Emergency Core Cooling System Swapover From the Injection Mode to The Recirculation Mode
in97059 08/01/1997 Fire Endurance Test Results of Versawrap Fire Barriers
in97058 07/31/1997 Mechanical Integrity of In-Situ Leach Injection Wells And Piping
in97057 07/30/1997 Leak Testing F Packaging Used in The Transport of Radioactive Material
in97056 07/28/1997 Possession Limits for Special Nuclear Material at the Environcare of Utah Low-Level Radioactive Material
in97055 07/23/1997 Calculation of Surface Activity for Contaminated Equipment and Material
in97054 07/18/1997 NRC Licensed Operators at Six Non-power Reactor Facilities Allow Their Operator License to Expire
in97053 07/18/1997 Circuit Breakers Left Racked Out in Nonseismic- Ally Qualified Positions
in97052 07/17/1997 Inadvertent Loss of Capability for Emergency Core Cooling System Motors
in97051 07/11/1997 Problems Experienced Loading and Unloading Spent Nuclear Fuel Storage and Transportation Casks
in97050 07/10/1997 Contaminated Lead Products
in97049 07/10/1997 B&W; Once-through Steam Generator Tube Inspection Findings
in97048 07/09/1997 Inadequate or Inappropriate Interim Fire Protect- Ion Compensatory Measures
in97046 07/09/1997 Unisolable Crack in High-Pressure Injection Piping
in97045 07/02/1997 Environmental Qualification Deficiency For Cables and Containment Penetration Pigtails
in97044 07/01/1997 Failures of Gamma Metrics Wide-range Linear Neutron Flux Channels
in97043 07/01/1997 License Condition Compliance
in97047 06/27/1997 Inadequate Puncture Tests For Type B Packages Under 10 CFR 71.73(c)(3)
in97042 06/27/1997 Management Weaknesses Resulting in Failure to Comply With Shipping Requirements for Special Nuclear Material
in97041 06/27/1997 Potentially Undersized Emergency Diesel Generator (EDG) Oil Coolers
in97040 06/26/1997 Potential Nitrogen Accumulation Resulting From Backleakage From Safety Injection Tanks
in97039 06/26/1997 Inadequate 10 CFR 72.48 Safety Evaluations of Independent Spent Fuel Storage Installations
in97038 06/24/1997 Level-Sensing System Initiates Common-Mode Failure of High-Pressure-Injection Pumps
in97037 06/20/1997 Main Transformer Fault With Ensuing Oil Spill Into Turbine Building
in97036 06/20/1997 Unplanned Intakes by Worker of Transuranic Airborne Radioactive Materials And External Exposure Due to Inadequate Control of Work
in97035 06/18/1997 Retrofit to Industrial Nuclear Company (Inc) Ir100 Radiography Camera to Correct Inconsistency in 10 Cfr 50 Part 34 Compatibility
in97034 06/12/1997 Deficiensees in Licensee Submittals Regarding Termonology For Radiological Emergency Action Levels in Accordance With The New Part 20
in97033 06/11/1997 Unanticipated Effect of Ventilation System on Tank Level Indications And Engineering Safety Features Actuation System Setpoint
in97032 06/10/1997 Defective Worm Shaft Clutch Gears in Limitorque Motor-operated Valve Actuators
in97031 06/03/1997 Failures of Reactor Coolant Pump Thermal Barriers and Check Valves at Foreign Plants
in97030 06/03/1997 Control of Licensed Material During Reorg- Anizations, Employee-Management Disagreements, And Financial Crises
in97029 05/30/1997 Containment Inspection Rule
in97028 05/30/1997 Elimination of Instrument Response Time Testing Under The Requirements of 10 CFR 50.59
in97027 05/16/1997 Effect of Incorrect Strainer Pressure Drop on Available Net Positive Suction Head
in97026 05/19/1997 Degradation in Small-Radius U-bend Regions of Steam Generator Tubes
in97025 05/09/1997 Dynamic Range Uncertainties in Reactor Vessel Level Instrumentation
in97024 05/08/1997 Failure of Packing Nuts on One-inch Uranium Hexafluoride Cylinder Valves
in97023 05/07/1997 Evaluation and Reporting of Fires And Unplanned Chemical Reactor Events at Fuel Cycle Facilities
in97022 04/24/1997 Failure of Welded-Steel Moment-Resisting Frames During The Nothridge Earthquake
in97021 04/18/1997 Availability of Alternate AC Power Source Designed for Station Blackout Event
in97020 04/17/1997 Identification of Certain Uranium Hexafluoride Cylinders that Do Not Comply With ANSI N14.1 Fabrication Standards
in97019 04/18/1997 Safety Injection System Weld Flaw at Sequoyah Nuclear Power Plant, Unit 2
in97018 04/14/1997 Problems Identified During Maintenance Rule Base- Line Inspections
in97017 04/04/1997 Cracking of Vertical Welds in The Core Shroud and Degraded Repair
in97016 04/04/1997 Preconditioning of Plant Structures, Systems, and Components Before ASME Code Inservice Testing or Technical Specification Surveillance Testing
in97015 04/04/1997 Reporting of Errors and Changes in Large-Break Loss-of-Coolant Accident Evaluation Models of Fuel Vendors And Compliance With 10 CFR 50.46a(3)
in97014 03/28/1997 Assessment of Spent Fuel Pool Cooling
in97013 03/24/1997 Deficient Conditions Associated With Protective Coatings at Nuclear Power Plants
in97012 03/24/1997 Potential Armature Binding in General Electric Type HGA Relays
in97011 03/21/1997 Cement Erosion From Containment Subfoundations at Nuclear Power Plants
in97010 03/13/1997 Liner Plate Corrosion in Concrete Containments
in97009 03/12/1997 Inadequate Main Steam Safety Valve (MSSV) Set- Point and Performance Issues Associated With Long MSSV Inlet Piping
in97008 03/12/1997 Potential Failures of General Electric Magne- Blast Circuit Breaker Subcomponents
in97007 03/06/1997 Problems Identified During Generic Letter 89-10 Closeout Inspections
in97006 03/04/1997 Weaknesses in Plant-Specific Emergency Operating Procedures for Refilling the Secondary Side of Once-Through Steam Generators
in97005 02/27/1997 Offsite Notification Capabilities
in97004 02/24/1997 Implementation of a New Constraint on Radioactive Air Effluents
in97003 02/20/1997 Defacing Labels to Comply With 10 CFR 20.1904(b)
in97002 02/06/1997 Cracks Found in Jet Pump Riser Assembly Elbows at Boiling Water Reactors
in97001 01/08/1997 Improper Electrical Grounding Results in Simultaneous Fires in The Control Room And The Safe- Shutdown Equipment Room
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