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Information Notices - 1993

File Name Date Description
in93100 12/22/1993 Reporting Requirements for Bankruptcy
in93099 12/21/1993 Undervoltage Relay and Thermal Overload Setpoint Problems
in93098 12/20/1993 Motor Brakes on Valve Actuator Motors
in93097 12/17/1993 Failures of Yokes Installed on Walworth Gate and Globe Valves
in93101 12/17/1993 Jet Pump Hold-Down Beam Failure
in93096 12/14/1993 Improper Reset Causes Emergency Diesel Generator Failures
in93095 12/13/1993 Storm-Related Loss of Offsite Power Events Due to Salt Buildup on Switchyard Insulators
in93094 12/09/1993 Unauthorized Forced Entry Into the Protected Area At Three Mile Island Unit 1 on February 7, 1993
in93093 12/08/1993 Inadequate Control of Reactor Coolant System Conditions During Shutdown
in93092 12/07/1993 Plant Improvements to Mitigate Common Dependencies in Component Cooling Water Systems
in93091 12/03/1993 Misadjustment Between General Electric 4.16-KV Circuit Breakers and Their Associated Cubicles
in93090 12/01/1993 Unisolatable Reactor Coolant System Leak Following Repeated Applications of Leak Sealant
in93088 11/30/1993 Status of Motor-Operated Valve Performance Prediction Program by the Electric Power Research Institute
in93089 11/26/1993 Potential Problems With BWR Level Instrumentation Backfill Modifications
in93087 11/04/1993 Fuse Problems With Westinghouse 7300 Printed Circuit Cards
in93086 10/29/1993 Identification of Isotopes in the Production and Shipment of Byproduct Material at Non-Power Reactors
in93085r1 01/20/1994 Problems with X-Relays in DB- and DHB-Type Circuit Breakers Manufactured by Westinghouse – Revision 1
in93085 10/20/1993 Problems with X-Relays in DB- and DHB-Type Circuit Breakers Manufactured by Westinghouse
in93084 10/20/1993 Determination of Westinghouse Reactor Coolant Pump Seal Failure
in93060s1 10/20/1994 Reporting Fuel Cycle and Materials Events to the NRC Operations Center – Supplement 1
in93081 10/12/1993 Implementation of Engineering Expertise on Shift
in93082 10/12/1993 Recent Fuel and Core Performance Problems in Operating Reactors
in93080 10/08/1993 Implementation of the Revised 10 CFR Part 20
in93083 10/07/1993 Potential Loss of Spent Fuel Pool Cooling Following a Loss of Coolant Accident (LOCA)
in93077 10/04/1993 Human Errors That Result in Inadvertent Transfers of Special Nuclear Material at Fuel Cycle Facilities
in93078 10/04/1993 Inoperable Safety Systems at a Non-Power Reactor
in93079 09/30/1993 Core Shroud Cracking at Beltline Region Welds in Boiling-Water Reactors
in93076 09/21/1993 Inadequate Control of Paint and Cleaners For Safety-Related Equipment
in93075 09/17/1993 Spurious Tripping of Low-Voltage Power Circuit Breakers With GE RMS-9 Digital Trip Units
in93074 09/16/1993 High Temperatures Reduce Limitorque AC Motor Operator Torque
in93073 09/15/1993 Criminal Prosecution of Nuclear Suppliers For Wrongdoing
in93072 09/14/1993 Observations From Recent Shutdown Risk and Outage Management Pilot Team Inspections
in93071 09/13/1993 Fire At Chernobyl Unit 2
in93070 09/10/1993 Degradation of Boraflex Neutron Absorber Coupons
in93069 09/02/1993 Radiographic Events At Operating Power Reactors
in93068 09/01/1993 Failure of Pump Shaft Coupling Caused By Temper Embrittlement During Manufacture
in93083s1 08/24/1995 Potential Loss of Spent Fuel Pool Cooling Following a Loss of Coolant Accident – Supplement 1
in93067 08/16/1993 Bursting of High Pressure Coolant Injection Steam Line Rupture Discs Injures Plant Personnel
in93066 08/16/1993 Switchover to Hot-Leg Injection Following a Loss-Of-Coolant Accident in Pressurized Water Reactors
in93065 08/13/1993 Reactor Trips Caused By Breaker Testing With Fault Protection Bypassed
in93064 08/12/1993 Periodic Testing and Preventative Maintenance of Molded Case Circuit Breakers
in93063 08/11/1993 Improper Use of Soluble Weld Purge Dam Material
in93062 08/10/1993 Thermal Stratification of Water in BWR Reactor Vessels
in93061 08/09/1993 Excessive Reactor Coolant Leakage Following a Seal Failure in a Reactor Coolant Pump or Reactor Recirculation Pump
in93060 08/04/1993 Reporting Fuel Cycle and Materials Events to the NRC Operations Center
in93059 07/26/1993 Unexpected Opening of Both Doors in an Airlock
in93058 07/26/1993 Nonconservatism in Low-Temperature Overpressure Protection For Pressurized-Water Reactors
in93057 07/23/1993 Software Problems Involving Digital Control Console Systems at Non-Nuclear Reactors
in93056 07/22/1993 Weakness in Emergency Operating Procedures Found as Result of Steam Generator Tube Rupture
in93055 07/21/1993 Potential Problem With Main Steamline Break Analysis for Main Steam Vaults/Tunnels
in93054 07/20/1993 Motor-Operated Valve Actuator Thrust Variations Measured With a Torque Thrust Cell and a Strain Gage
in93053 07/20/1993 Effect of Hurricane Andrew on Turkey Point Nuclear Generating Station and Lessons Learned
in93052 07/14/1993 Draft NUREG-1477, "Voltage-Based Interim Plugging Criteria For Steam Generator Tubes"
in93051 07/09/1993 Repetitive Overspeed Tripping of Turbine-Driven Auxiliary Feedwater Pumps
in93050 07/08/1993 Extended Storage of Sealed Sources
in93049 07/08/1993 Improper Integration of Software Into Operating Practices
in93048 07/06/1993 Failure of Turbine-Driven Main Feedwater Pump To Trip Because of Contaminated Oil
in93047 06/18/1993 Unrecognized Loss of Control Room Annunciators
in93045 06/16/1993 Degradation of Shutdown Cooling System Performance
in93044 06/15/1993 Operational Challenges During a Dual-Unit Transient
in93046 06/10/1993 Potential Problem With Westinghouse Rod Control System & Inadvertent Withdrawal of a Single Rod Control Cluster Assembly
in93043 06/10/1993 Use of Inappropriate Lubrication Oils in Safety-Related Applications
in93042 06/09/1993 Failure of Anti-Rotation Keys in Motor-Operated Valves Manufactured by Velan
in93041 05/28/1993 One Hour Fire Endurance Test Results For ... Kaowool, ... FS-195, and ... Interam E-50 Fire Fire Barrier Systems
in93040 05/26/1993 Fire Endurance Test Results for Thermal Ceramics FP-60 Fire Barrier Material
in93039 05/25/1993 Radiation Beams From Power Reactor Biological Shields
in93038 05/24/1993 Inadequate Testing of Engineered Safety Features Actuation Systems
in93037 05/19/1993 Eyebolts With Indeterminate Properties Installed in Limitorque Valve Operator Housing Covers
in93036 05/07/1993 Notifications, Reports, and Records of Misadministrations
in93035 05/12/1993 Insights From Common-Cause Failure Events
in93034s1 05/06/1993 Potential for Loss of Emergency Cooling Function Due to a Combination of Operational and Post-LOCA Debris in Containment – Supplement 1
in93053s1 04/29/1994 Effect of Hurricane Andrew on Turkey Point Nuclear Generating Station and Lessons Learned – Supplement 1
in93033 04/28/1993 Potential Deficiency of Certain Class 1E Instrumentation and Control Cables
in93034 04/26/1993 Potential For Loss of Emergency Cooling Function Due to a Combination of Operational and Post-LOCA Debris in Containment
in93032 04/21/1993 Nonconservative Inputs for Boron Dilution Event Analysis
in93031 04/13/1993 Training of Nurses Responsible for the Care of Patients With Brachytherapy Implants
in93030 04/12/1993 NRC Requirements for Evaluation of Wipe Test Results; Calibration of Count Rate Survey Instruments
in93029 04/12/1993 Problems With the Use of Unshielded Test Leads in Reactor Protection System Circuitry
in93028 04/09/1993 Failure to Consider Loss of DC Bus in the Emergency Core Cooling System Evaluation May Lead to Nonconservative Analysis
in93027 04/08/1993 Level Instrumentation Inaccuracies Observed During Normal Plant Depressurization
in93026 04/07/1993 Grease Solidification Causes Molded Case Circuit Breaker Failure to Close
in93025 04/01/1993 Electrical Penetration Assembly Degradation
in93023 03/31/1993 Weschler Instruments Model 252 Switchboard Meters
in93024 03/31/1993 Distribution of Revision 7 of NUREG-1021, "Operator Licensing Examiner Standards"
in93022 03/26/1993 Tripping of Klockner-Moeller Molded-Case Circuit Breakers Due to Support Lever Failure
in93021 03/25/1993 Summary of ... Observations Compiled During Engineering Audits or Inspections of Licensee Erosion/Corrosion Programs
in93017r1 03/25/1994 Safety Systems Response to Loss of Coolant and Loss of Offsite Power – Revision 1
in93020 03/24/1993 Thermal Fatigue Cracking of Feedwater Piping to Steam Generators
in93019 03/17/1993 Slab Hopper Bulging
in93018 03/10/1993 Portable Moisture-Density Gauge User Responsibilities During Field Operations
in93017 03/08/1993 Safety Systems Response to Loss of Coolant and Loss of Offsite Power
in93016 02/19/1993 Failures of Nut-Locking Devices in Check Valves
in93014 02/18/1993 Clarification of 10 CFR 40.22, Small Quantities of Source Material
in93015 02/18/1993 Failure to Verify the Continuity of Shunt Trip Attachment Contacts in Manual Safety Injection and Reactor Trip Switches
in93013 02/16/1993 Undetected Modification of Flow Characteristics in the High Pressure Safety Injection System
in93012 02/11/1993 Off-Gassing in Auxiliary Feedwater System Raw Water Sources
in93011 02/04/1993 Single Failure Vulnerability of Engineered Safety Features Actuation Systems
in93010 02/02/1993 Dose Calibrator Quality Control
in93009 02/02/1993 Failure of Undervoltage Trip Attachment on Westinghouse Model DB-50 Reactor Trip Breaker
in93008 02/01/1993 Failure of Residual Heat Removal Pump Bearings Due to High Thrust Loading
in93007 02/01/1993 Classification of Transportation Emergencies
in93026s1 01/31/1994 Grease Solidification Causes Molded-Case Circuit Breaker Failure to Close – Supplement 1
in93006 01/22/1993 Potential Bypass Leakage Paths Around Filters Installed in Ventilation Systems
in93005 01/14/1993 Locking of Radiography Exposure Devices
in93004 01/07/1993 Investigation and Reporting of Misadministrations by the Radiation Safety Officer
in93003 01/05/1993 Recent Revisions to 10 CFR Part 20 and Change of Implementation Date to January 1, 1994
in93002 01/04/1993 Malfunction of a Pressurizer Code Safety Valve
in93001 01/04/1993 Accuracy of Motor-Operated Valve Diagnostic Equipment Manufactured by Liberty Technologies
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