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Information Notices - 1992

File Name Date Description
in92027s1 03/21/1997 Thermally Induced Accelerated Aging and Failure of ITE/GOULD A.C. Relays Used in Safety-Related Applications – Supplement 1
in92068s1 09/16/1996 Potentially Substandard Slip-On Welding Neck, and Blind Flanges – Supplement 1
in92051s1 04/11/1994 Misapplication and Inadequate Testing of Molded- Case Circuit Breakers – Supplement 1
in92036s1 02/22/1994 Intersystem LOCA Outside Containment – Supplement 1
in92016s2 08/23/1993 Loss of Flow From the Residual Heat Removal Pump During Refueling Cavity Draindown – Supplement 1
in92006s1 07/01/1993 Reliability of ATWS Mitigation Systems and Other NRC-Required Equipment Not Controlled by Plant Technical Specifications – Supplement 1
in92086 12/24/1992 Unexpected Restriction to Thermal Growth of Reactor Coolant Piping
in92085 12/23/1992 Potential Failures of Emergency Core Cooling Systems Caused By Foreign Material Blockage
in92084 12/17/1992 Release of Patients Treated With Temporary Implants
in92083 12/17/1992 Thrust Limits For Limitorque Actuators and Potential Overstressing of Motor-Operated Valves
in92082 12/15/1992 Results of Thermo-Lag 330-1 Combustibility Testing
in92081 12/11/1992 Potential Deficiency of Electrical Cables With Bonded Hypalon Jackets
in92080 12/07/1992 Operation With Steam Generator Tubes Seriously Degraded
in92079 12/01/1992 Non-Power Reactor Emergency Event Response
in92078 11/30/1992 Piston to Cylinder Liner Tin Smearing on Cooper-Bessemer KSV Diesel Engines
in92077 11/17/1992 Questionable Selection and Review to Determine Suitability of Electropneumatic Relays For Certain Applications
in92076 11/13/1992 Supp 1 to NUREG-1358, "Lessons Learned ... Inspection Program For Emergency Operating Procedures (10/88 - 9/91)"
in92075 11/12/1992 Unplanned Intakes of Airborne Radioactive Material By Individuals at Nuclear Power Plants
in92074 11/10/1992 Power Oscillations at Washington Nuclear Power Unit 2
in92061s1 11/06/1992 Loss of High Head Safety Injection – Supplement 1
in92073 11/04/1992 Removal of a Fuel Element From a Research Reactor Core While Critical
in92059r1 11/02/1992 Horizontally-Installed Motor-Operated Gate Valves – Revision 1
in92072 10/28/1992 Employee Training and Shipper Registration Requirements for Transporting Radioactive Materials
in92071 09/30/1992 Partial Plugging of Suppression Pool Strainers at a Foreign BWR
in92070 09/25/1992 Westinghouse Motor-Operated Valve Performance Data Supplied to Nuclear Power Plant Licensees
in92069 09/22/1992 Water Leakage From Yard Area Through Conduits Into Buildings
in92068 09/10/1992 Potentially Substandard Slip-On, Welding Neck, and Blind Flanges
in92067 09/10/1992 Deficiency in Design Modifications to Address Failures of Hiller Actuators Upon a Gradual Loss of Air Pressure
in92065 09/03/1992 Safety System Problems Caused By Modifications That Were Not Adequately Reviewed and Tested
in92066 09/01/1992 Access Denied to NRC Inspectors at Five Star Products, Inc. and Construction Products Research, Fairfield, Connecticut
in92064 08/28/1992 Nozzle Ring Settings in Low Pressure Water-Relief Valves
in92063 08/26/1992 Cracked Insulators in ASL Dry Type Transformers Manufactured By Westinghouse Electric Corporation
in92062 08/24/1992 Emergency Response Information Requirements for Radioactive Material Shipments
in92060 08/20/1992 Valve Stem Failure Caused by Embrittlement
in92061 08/20/1992 Loss of High Head Safety Injection
in92059 08/18/1992 Horizontally-Installed Motor-Operated Gate Valves
in92058 08/12/1992 Uranium Hexafluoride Cylinders - Deviations in Coupling Welds
in92057 08/11/1992 Radial Cracking of Shroud Support Access Hole Cover Welds
in92056 08/06/1992 Counterfeit Valves in the Commercial Grade Supply System
in92053 07/29/1992 Potential Failure of Emergency Diesel Generators Due to Excessive Rate of Loading
in92055 07/27/1992 Current Fire Endurance Test Results For Thermo-Lag Fire Barrier Material
in92054 07/24/1992 Level Instrumentation Inaccuracies Caused by Rapid Depressurization
in92052 07/15/1992 Barriers and Seals Between Mild and Harsh Environments
in92051 07/09/1992 Misapplication and Inadequate Testing of Molded-Case Circuit Breakers
in92050 07/02/1992 Cracking of Valves in the Condensate Return Lines of a BWR Emergency Condenser System
in92048 07/02/1992 Failure of Exide Batteries
in92049 07/02/1992 Recent Loss or Severe Degradation of Service Water Systems
in92047 06/29/1992 Intentional Bypassing of Automatic Actuation of Plant Protective Features
in92046 06/23/1992 Thermo-Lag Fire Barrier ... Review Team ... Findings, Current Fire Endurance Tests, and Ampacity Calculation Errors
in92045 06/22/1992 Incorrect Relay Used in Emergency Diesel Generator Output Breaker Control Circuitry
in92044 06/18/1992 Problems With Westinghouse DS-206 and DSL-206 Type Circuit Breakers
in92043 06/09/1992 Defective Molded Phenolic Armature Carriers Found on Elmwood Contactors
in92042 06/01/1992 Fraudulent Bolts in Seismically Designed Walls
in92041 05/29/1992 Consideration of the Stem Rejection Load in Calculation of Required Valve Thrust
in92040 05/27/1992 Inadequate Testing of Emergency Bus Undervoltage Logic Circuitry
in92039 05/13/1992 Unplanned Return to Criticality During Reactor Shutdown
in92038 05/12/1992 Implementation Date ... Revision ... EPA Manual of Protective Action Guides and Protective Actions for Nuclear Incidents
in92037 05/08/1992 Implementation of the Deliberate Misconduct Rule
in92036 05/07/1992 Intersystem LOCA Outside Containment
in92016s1 05/07/1992 Loss of Flow From the Residual Heat Removal Pump During Refueling Cavity Draindown – Supplement 1
in92035 05/06/1992 Higher ... Erosion/Corrosion in Unisolable Reactor Coolant Pressure Boundary Piping Inside Containment at a BWR
in92034 05/06/1992 New Exposures Limits for Airborne Uranium and Thorium
in92033 04/30/1992 Increased Instrument Response Time When Pressure Dampening Devices are Installed
in92032 04/29/1992 Problems ... Emergency Ventilation Systems for Near-Site ... Emergency Operations Facilities & Technical Support Centers
in92031 04/27/1992 Electrical Connection Problem in Johnson Yokogawa Corporation YS-80 Programmable Indicating Controllers
in92030 04/23/1992 Falsification of Plant Records
in92021s1 04/22/1992 Spent Fuel Pool Reactivity Calculations – Supplement 1
in92029 04/17/1992 Potential Breaker Miscoordination Caused by Instantaneous Trip Circuitry
in92028 04/08/1992 Inadequate Fire Suppression System Testing
in92027 04/03/1992 Thermally Induced Accelerated Aging and Failure of ITE/Gould A.C. Relays Used in Safety-Related Applications
in92026 04/02/1992 Pressure Locking of Motor-Operated Flexible Wedge Gate Valves
in92025 03/31/1992 Potential Weakness in Licensee Procedures for a Loss of the Refueling Cavity Water
in92024 03/30/1992 Distributor Modification to Certain Commercial-Grade Agastat Electrical Relays
in92023 03/27/1992 Results of Validation Testing of Motor-Operated Valve Diagnostic Equipment
in92022 03/24/1992 Criminal Prosecution and Conviction of Wrongdoing Committed by a Commercial-Grade Valve Supplier
in92021 03/24/1992 Spent Fuel Pool Reactivity Calculations
in92020 03/03/1992 Inadequate Local Leak Rate Testing
in92019 03/02/1992 Misapplication of Potter & Brumfield MDR Rotary Relays
in92018 02/28/1992 Potential for Loss of Remote Shutdown Capability During a Control Room Fire
in92017 02/26/1992 NRC Inspections of Programs Being Developed at Nuclear Power Plants in Response to Generic Letter 89-10
in92016 02/25/1992 Loss of Flow From the Residual Heat Removal Pump During Refueling Cavity Draindown
in92015 02/24/1992 Failure of Primary Compression Fitting
in92014 02/21/1992 Uranium Oxide Fires at Fuel Cycle Facilities
in92013 02/18/1992 Inadequate Control Over Vehicular Traffic at Nuclear Power Plant Sites
in92012 02/10/1992 Effects of Cable Leakage Currents on Instrument Settings and Indications
in92011 02/05/1992 Soil and Water Contamination at Fuel Cycle Facilities
in92010 01/31/1992 Brachytherapy Incidents Involving Iridium-192 Wire Used in Endobronchial Treatments
in92009 01/30/1992 Overloading and Subsequent Lock Out of Electrical Buses During Accident Conditions
in92008 01/23/1992 Revised Protective Action Guidance for Nuclear Incidents
in92007 01/09/1992 Rapid Flow-Induced Erosion/Corrosion of Feedwater Piping
in92006 01/15/1992 Reliability of ATWS Mitigation System and Other NRC Required Equipment Not Controlled by Plant Technical Specifications
in92005 01/08/1992 Potential Coil Insulation Breakdown in ABB RXMH2 Relays
in92004 01/06/1992 Potter & Brumfield Model MDR Rotary Relay Failures
in92003 01/06/1992 Remote Trip Function Failures in General Electric F-Frame Molded-Case Circuit Breakers
in92002 01/03/1992 RELAP5/MOD3 Computer Code Error Associated With the Conservation of Energy Equation
in92001 01/03/1992 Cable Damage Caused by Inadequate Cable Installation Procedures and Controls
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