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Information Notices - 1987

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File Name Date Description
in87010s1 05/15/1997 Potential for Water Hammer During Restart of Residual Heat Removal Pumps – Supplement 1
in87061s1 05/31/1988 Failure of Westinghouse W-2-Type Circuit Breaker Cell Switches – Supplement 1
in87044s1 03/28/1988 Thimble Tube Thinning in Westinghouse Reactors – Supplement 1
in87067 12/31/1987 Lessons Learned from Regional Inspections of Licensee Actions in Response to IE Bulletin 80-11
in87066 12/31/1987 Inappropriate Application of Commercial-Grade Components
in87028s1 12/28/1987 Air Systems Problems at U.S. Light Water Reactors – Supplement 1
in87065 12/23/1987 Plant Operations Beyond Analyzed Conditions
in87064 12/22/1987 Conviction for Falsification of Security Training Records
in87035s1 12/16/1987 Reactor Trip Breaker, Westinghouse Model DS-416, Failed to Open on Manual Initiation from the Control Room – Supplement 1
in87063 12/09/1987 Inadequate Net Positive Suction Head in Low Pressure Safety Systems
in87062 12/08/1987 Mechanical Failure of Indicating-Type Fuses
in87061 12/07/1987 Failure of Westinghouse W-2-Type Circuit Breaker Cell Switches
in87060 12/04/1987 Depressurization of Reactor Coolant Systems in Pressurized-Water Reactors
in87059 11/17/1987 Potential RHR Pump Loss
in87058 11/16/1987 Continuous Communications Following Emergency Notifications
in87057 11/06/1987 Loss of Emergency Boration Capability Due to Nitrogen Gas Intrusion
in87056 11/04/1987 Improper Hydraulic Control Unit Installation at BWR Plants
in87055 10/29/1987 Portable Moisture/Density Gauges: Recent Incidents of Portable Gauges Being Stolen or Lost
in87054 10/23/1987 Emergency Response Exercises
in87053 10/20/1987 Auxiliary Feedwater Pump Trips Resulting from Low Suction Pressure
in87052 10/16/1987 Insulation Breakdown of Silicone Rubber-Insulated Single Conductor Cables During High Potential Testing
in87051 10/13/1987 Failure of Low Pressure Safety Injection Pump Due to Seal Problems
in87050 10/09/1987 Potential LOCA at High- and Low-Pressure Interfaces from Fire Damage
in87049 10/09/1987 Deficiencies in Outside Containment Flooding Protection
in87048 10/09/1987 Information Concerning the Use of Anaerobic Adhesive/Sealants
in87047 10/05/1987 Transportation of Radiography Devices
in87046 09/30/1987 Undetected Loss of Reactor Coolant
in87045 09/25/1987 Recent Safety-Related Violations of NRC Requirements by Industrial Radiography Licensees
in87044 09/16/1987 Thimble Tube Thinning in Westinghouse Reactors
in87043 09/08/1987 Gaps in Neutron-Absorbing Material in High-Density Spent Fuel Storage Racks
in87042 09/04/1987 Diesel Generator Fuse Contacts
in87041 08/31/1987 Failures of Certain Brown Boveri Electric Circuit Breakers
in87040 08/31/1987 Backseating Valves Routinely to Prevent Packing Leakage
in87039 08/21/1987 Control of Hot Particle Contamination at Nuclear Power Plants
in87038 08/17/1987 Inadequate or Inadvertent Blocking of Valve Movement
in87037 08/10/1987 Compliance with the General License Provisions of 10 CFR Part 31
in87036 08/04/1987 Significant Unexpected Erosion of Feedwater Lines
in87035 07/30/1987 Reactor Trip Breaker, Westing Failed to Open on Manual Initiation from the Control Room
in87034 07/24/1987 Single Failures in Auxiliary Feedwater Systems
in87033 07/24/1987 Applicability of 10 CFR Part 21 to Nonlicensees
in87032 07/10/1987 Deficiencies in the Testing of Nuclear-Grade Activated Charcoal
in87031 07/10/1987 Blocking, Bracing, and Securing of Radioactive Materials Packages in Transportation
in87030 07/02/1987 Cracking of Surge Ring Brackets in Large General Electric Company Electric Motors
in87029 06/26/1987 Recent Safety-Related Incidents at Large Irradiators
in87028 06/22/1987 Air Systems Problems at U.S. Light Water Reactors
in87027 06/10/1987 Iranian Official Implies Vague Threat to U.S. Resources
in87026 06/11/1987 Cracks in Stiffening Rings on 48-Inch-Diameter UF6 Cylinders
in87025 06/11/1987 Potentially Significant Problems Resulting from Human Error Involving Wrong Unit, Wrong Train, or Wrong Component Events
in87024 06/04/1987 Operational Experience Involving Losses of Electrical Inverters
in87023 05/27/1987 Loss of Decay Heat Removal During Low Reactor Coolant Level Operation
in87022 05/22/1987 Operator Licensing Requalification Examinations at Nonpower Reactors
in87021 05/11/1987 Shutdown Order Issued Because Licensed Operators Asleep While on Duty
in87020 04/20/1987 Hydrogen Leak in Auxiliary Building
in87019 04/09/1987 Perforation and Cracking of Rod Cluster Control Assemblies
in87018 04/08/1987 Unauthorized Service on Teletherapy Units by Nonlicensed Maintenance Personnel
in87017 04/07/1987 Response Time of Scram Instrument Volume Level Detectors
in87016 04/02/1987 Degradation of Static "O" Ring Pressure Switches
in87015 03/25/1987 Compliance with the Posting Requirements of Subsection 223B of the Atomic Energy Act of 1954, as Amended
in87014 03/23/1987 Actuation of Fire Suppression System Causing Inoperability of Safety-Related Ventilation Equipment
in87013 02/24/1987 Potential for High Radiation Fields Following Loss of Water from Fuel Pool
in87012 02/13/1987 Potential Problems with Metal Clad Circuit Breakers, General Electric Type AKF-2-25
in87011 02/13/1987 Enclosure of Vital Equipment within Designated Vital Areas
in87010 02/11/1987 Potential for Water Hammer During Restart of Residual Heat Removal Pumps
in87009 02/05/1987 Emergency Diesel Generator Room Cooling Design Deficiency
in87008 02/04/1987 Degraded Motor Leads in Limitorque DC Motor Operators
in87007 02/03/1987 Quality Control of Onsite Dewatering/Solidification Operations by Outside Contractors
in87006 01/30/1987 Loss of Suction to Low-Pressure Service Water System Pumps Resulting from Loss of Siphon
in87005 02/02/1987 Miswiring in a Westinghouse Rod Control System
in87004 01/16/1987 Diesel Generator Fails Test Because of Degraded Fuel
in87003 01/15/1987 Segregation of Hazardous and Low-Level Radioactive Wastes
in87002 01/13/1987 Inadequate Seismic Qualification of Diaphragm Valves by Mathematical Modeling and Analysis
in87001 01/06/1987 RHR Valve Misalignment Causes Degradation of ECCS in PWRs
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