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Information Notices - 1985

File Name Date Description
in85045 06/06/1995 Potential Seismic Interaction Involving the Movable In-Core Flux Mapping System Used in Westinghouse Designed Plants
in85018s1 09/10/1991 Failures of Undervoltage Output Circuit Boards in the Westinghouse-Designed Solid State Protection System – Supplement 1
in85062 07/23/1989 Backup Telephone Numbers to the NRC Operations Center
in85041 05/24/1989 Scheduling of Pre-Licensing Emergency Preparedness Exercises
in85035s1 05/17/1988 Failure of Air Check Valves to Seat – Supplement 1
in85061s1 04/15/1987 Misadministration to Patients Undergoing Thyroid Scans – Supplement 1
in85101 12/31/1985 Applicability of 10 CFR 21 to Consulting Firms Providing Training
in85100 12/31/1985 Rosemount Differential Pressure Transmitter Zero Point Shift
in85099 12/31/1985 Cracking in Boiling-Water-Reactor Mark I and Mark II Containments Caused by Failure of the Inerting System
in85098 12/26/1985 Missing Jumpers from Westinghouse Reactor Protection System Cards for the Over-Power Delta Temperature Trip Function
in85097 12/26/1985 Jail Term for Former Contractor Employee Who Intentionally Falsified Welding Inspection Records
in85096 12/23/1985 Temporary Strainers Left Installed in Pump Suction Piping
in85095 12/23/1985 Leak of Reactor Water to Reactor Building Caused by Scram Solenoid Valve Problem
in85094 12/13/1985 Potential for Loss of Minimum Flow Paths Leading to ECCS Pump Damage During a LOCA
in85093 12/06/1985 Westinghouse Type DS Circuit Breakers, Potential Failure of Electric Closing ... Because of Broken Spring Release Latch Lever
in85092 12/02/1985 Surveys of Wastes Before Disposal from Nuclear Reactor Facilities
in85091 11/27/1985 Load Sequencers for Emergency Diesel Generators
in85090 11/19/1985 Use of Sealing Compounds in an Operating System
in85089 11/19/1985 Potential Loss of Solid-State Instrumentation Following Failure of Control Room Cooling
in85058s1 11/19/1985 Failure of a General Electric Type AK-2-25 Reactor Trip Breaker – Supplement 1
in85088 11/18/1985 Licensee Control of Contracted Services Providing Training
in85087 11/18/1985 Hazards of Inerting Atmospheres
in85086 11/05/1985 Lightning Strikes at Nuclear Power Generating Stations
in85085 10/31/1985 Systems Interaction Event Resulting in Reactor System Safety Relief Valve Opening Following a Fire-Protection Deluge ...
in85084 10/30/1985 Inadequate Inservice Testing of Main Steam Isolation Valves
in85083 10/30/1985 Potential Failures of General Electric PK-2 Test Blocks
in85082 10/18/1985 Diesel Generator Differential Protection Relay Not Seismically Qualified
in85081 10/17/1985 Problems Resulting in Erroneously High Reading with Panasonic 800 Series Thermoluminscent Dosimeters
in85080 10/15/1985 Timely Declaration of an Emergency Class, Implementation of an Emergency Plan, and Emergency Notifications
in85017s1 10/01/1985 Possible Sticking of ASCO Solenoid Valves – Supplement 1
in85079 09/30/1985 Inadequate Communications Between Maintenance, Operations, and Security Personnel
in85078 09/23/1985 Event Notification
in85077 09/20/1985 Possible Loss of Emergency Notification System Due to Loss of AC Power
in85076 09/19/1985 Recent Water Hammer Events
in85075 08/30/1985 Improperly Installed Instrumentation, Inadequate Quality Control and Inadequate Postmodification Testing
in85074 08/29/1985 Station Battery Problems
in85073 08/23/1985 Emergency Diesel Generator Control Circuit Logic Design Error
in85072 08/22/1985 Uncontrolled Leakage of Reactor Coolant Outside Containment
in85071 08/22/1985 Containment Integrated Leak Rate Tests
in85070 08/15/1985 Teletherapy Unit Full Calibration and Qualified Expert Requirements (10 CFR 35.23 and 10 CFR 35.24)
in85069 08/15/1985 Recent Felony Conviction for Cheating on Reactor Operator Requalification Tests
in85068 08/14/1985 Diesel Generator Failure at Calvert Cliffs Nuclear Station Unit 1
in85042r1 08/12/1985 Loose Phosphor in Panasonic 800 Series Badge Thermoluminescent Dosimeter (TLD) Elements – Revision 1
in85067 08/08/1985 Valve-Shaft-to-Actuator Key May Fall out of Place when Mounted Below Horizontal Axis
in85066 08/07/1985 Discrepancies Between As-Built Construction Drawings and Equipment Installations
in85065 07/31/1985 Crack Growth in Steam Generator Girth Welds
in85064 07/26/1985 BBC Brown Boveri Low-Voltage K-Line Circuit Breakers, with Deficient Overcurrent Trip Devices Models OD-4 and 5
in85063 07/25/1985 Potential for Common-Mode Failure of Standby Gas Treatment System on Loss of Off-Site Power
in85061 07/22/1985 Misadministrations to Patients Undergoing Thyroid Scans
in85060 07/17/1985 Defective Negative-Pressure, Air-Purifying, Full Facepiece Respirators
in85059 07/17/1985 Valve Stem Corrosion Failures
in85058 07/17/1985 Failure of a General Electric Type AK-2-25 Reactor Trip Breaker
in85057 07/16/1985 Lost Iridium-192 Source Resulting in the Death of Eight Persons in Morocco
in85056 07/15/1985 Inadequate Environment Control for Components and Systems in Extended Storage or Layup
in85055 07/15/1985 Revised Emergency Exercise Frequency Rule
in85054 07/15/1985 Teletherapy Unit Malfunction
in85053 07/12/1985 Performance of NRC-Licensed Individuals While on Duty
in85052 07/10/1985 Errors in Dose Assessment Computer Codes and Reporting Requirements Under 10 CFR Part 21
in85051 07/10/1985 Inadvertent Loss or Improper Actuation of Safety-Related Equipment
in85050 07/08/1985 Complete Loss of Main and Auxiliary Feedwater at a PWR Designed by Babcock & Wilcox
in85049 07/01/1985 Relay Calibration Problem
in85048 06/19/1985 Respirator Users Notice: Defective Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus Air Cylinders
in85047 06/18/1985 Potential Effect of Line-Induced Vibration on Certain Target Rock Solenoid-Operated Valves
in85046 06/10/1985 Clarification of Several Aspects of Removable Radioactive Surface Contamination Limits for Transport Packages
in85044 05/30/1985 Emergency Communication System Monthly Test
in85043 05/30/1985 Radiography Events at Power Reactors
in85042 05/29/1985 Loose Phosphor in Panasonic 800 Series Badge Thermoluminescent Dosimeter (TLD) Elements
in85040 05/22/1985 Deficiencies in Equipment Qualification Testing and Certification Process
in85039 05/22/1985 Auditability of Electrical Equipment Qualification Records at Licensees' Facilities
in85038 05/21/1985 Loose Parts Obstruct Control Rod Drive Mechanism
in85020s1 05/14/1985 Motor-Operated Valve Failures Due to Hammering Effect – Supplement 1
in85037 05/14/1985 Chemical Cleaning of Steam Generators at Millstone 2
in85036 05/09/1985 Malfunction of a Dry-Storage, Panoramic, Gamma Exposure Irradiator
in85035 04/30/1985 Failure of Air Check Valves to Seat
in85034 04/30/1985 Heat Tracing Contributes to Corrosion Failure of Stainless Steel Piping
in85033 04/22/1985 Undersized Nozzle-to-Shell Welded Joints in Tanks and Heat Exchangers Constructed Under the Rules of the ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code
in85032 04/22/1985 Recent Engine Failures of Emergency Diesel Generators
in85031 04/19/1985 Buildup of Enriched Uranium in Ventilation Ducts and Associated Effluent Treatment Systems
in85030 04/19/1985 Microbiologically Induced Corrosion of Containment Service Water System
in85029 04/12/1985 Use of Unqualified Sources in Well Logging Applications
in85003s1 04/09/1985 Separation of Primary Reactor Coolant Pump Shaft and Impeller – Supplement 1
in85028 04/09/1985 Partial Loss of AC Power and Diesel Generator Degradation
in85027 04/03/1985 Notifications to the NRC Operations Center and Reporting Events in Licensee Event Reports
in85026 04/02/1985 Vacuum Relief System for Boiling Water Reactor Mark I and Mark II Containments
in85025 04/02/1985 Consideration of Thermal Conditions of the Design and Installation for Diesel Generator Exhaust Silencers
in85024 03/26/1985 Failures of Protective Coatings in Pipes and Heat Exchangers
in85023 03/22/1985 Inadequate Surveillance and Postmaintenance and Postmodification System Testing
in85022 03/21/1985 Failure of Limitorque Motor-Operated Valves Resulting from Incorrect Installation of Pinion Gear
in85021 03/18/1985 Main Steam Isolation Valve Closure Logic
in85020 03/12/1985 Motor-Operated Valve Failures Due to Hammering Effect
in85019 03/11/1985 Alleged Falsification of Certifications and Alteration of Markings on Piping, Valves, and Fittings
in85010s1 03/08/1985 Posttensioned Containment Tendon Anchor Head Failure – Supplement 1
in85018 03/07/1985 Failures of Undervoltage Output Circuit Boards in the Westinghouse-Designed Solid State Protection System
in85017 03/01/1985 Possible Sticking of ASCO Solenoid Valves
in85016 02/27/1985 Time/Current Trip Curve Discrepancy of ITE/Siemens-Allis Molded Case Circuit Breaker
in85015 02/22/1985 Nonconforming Structural Steel for Safety-Related Use
in85014 02/22/1985 Failure of Heavy Control Rod (B4C) Drive Assembly to Insert a Trip Signal
in85013 02/21/1985 Consequences of Using Soluble Dams
in85012 02/11/1985 Recent Fuel Handling Events
in85011 02/11/1985 Licensee Programs for Inspection of Electrical Raceway and Cable Installations
in85010 02/06/1985 Posttensioned Containment Tendon Anchor Head Failure
in85009 01/31/1985 Isolation Transfer Switches and Post-Fire Shutdown Capability
in85008 01/30/1985 Industry Experience on Certain Materials Used in Safety-Related Equipment
in85007 01/29/1985 Contaminated Radiography Source Shipments
in85006 01/23/1985 Contamination of Breathing Air Systems
in85005 01/23/1985 Pipe Whip Restraints
in85004 01/17/1985 Inadequate Management of Security Response Drills
in85003 01/15/1985 Separation of Primary Reactor Coolant Pump Shaft and Impeller
in85002 01/11/1985 Improper Installation and Testing of Differential Pressure Transmitters
in85001 01/10/1985 Continuous Supervision of Irradiators
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