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Information Notices – 1980

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File Name Date Description
in80035s1 10/06/1982 Leaking and Dislodged Iodine-125 Implant Seeds
in80032r1 02/12/1982 Clarification of Certain Requirements for Exclusive-Use Shipments of Radioactive Materials
in80045 12/17/1980 Potential Failure of BWR Backup Manual Scram Capability
in80044 12/16/1980 Actuation of ECCS in the Recirculation Mode while in Hot Shutdown
in80043 12/05/1980 Failures of the Continuous Water Level Monitor for the Scram Discharge Volume at Dresden Unit No. 2
in80029s1 11/26/1980 Broken Studs on Terry Turbine Steam Inlet Flange
in80042 11/24/1980 Effect of Radiation on Hydraulic Snubber Fluid
in80041 11/10/1980 Failure of Swing Check Valve in the Decay Heat Removal System at Davis-Besse Unit No. 1
in80040 11/07/1980 Excessive Nitrogen Supply Pressure Actuates Safety-Relief Valve Operation to Cause Reactor Depressurization
in80039 10/31/1980 Malfunctions of Solenoid Valves Manufactured by Valcor Engineering Corporation
in80038 10/31/1980 Cracking in Charging Pump Casing Cladding
in80037 10/24/1980 Containment Cooler Leaks and Reactor Cavity Flooding at Indian Point Unit 2
in80036 10/10/1980 Failure of Steam Generator Support Bolting
in80035 10/10/1980 Leaking and Dislodged Iodine-125 Implant Seeds
in80034 09/26/1980 Boron Dilution of Reactor Coolant During Steam Generator Decontamination
in80033 09/15/1980 Determination of Teletherapy Timer Accuracy
in80032 08/29/1980 Clarification of Certain Requirements for Exclusive-Use Shipments of Radioactive Materials
in80031 08/27/1980 Maloperation of Gould-Brown Boveri 480 Volt Type K-600S and K-DON 600S Circuit Breakers
in80030 08/19/1980 Potential for Unacceptable Interaction between Control Rod Drive Scram...and Non-Essential Control Air at GE BWRs
in80029 08/07/1980 Broken Studs on Terry Turbine Steam Inlet Flange
in80006s1 07/29/1980 Notification of Significant Events at Operating Power Reactor Facilities
in80028 06/11/1980 Prompt Reporting of Information in Accordance with 10 CFR 50.55(e)
in80027 06/11/1980 Degradation of Reactor Coolant Pump Studs
in80026 06/10/1980 Evaluation of Contractor QA Programs
in80025 05/30/1980 Transportation of Pyrophoric Uranium
in80024 05/30/1980 Low-Level Radioactive Waste Burial Criteria
in80023 05/29/1980 Loss of Suction to Emergency Feedwater Pumps
in80022 05/28/1980 Breakdowns in Contamination Control Programs
in80021 05/16/1980 Anchorage and Support of Safety-Related Electrical Equipment
in80020 05/08/1980 Loss of Decay Heat Removal Capability at Davis-Besse Unit 1 while in a Refueling Mode
in80019 05/06/1980 NIOSH Recall of Recirculating-Mode (Closed-Circuit) Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus (Rebreathers)
in80018 05/05/1980 Possible Weapons Smuggling Pouch
in80017 05/05/1980 Potential Hazards Associated with Interchangeable Parts on Radiographic Equipment
in80016 04/29/1980 Shaft Seal Packing Causes Binding in Main Steam Swing Disc Check and Isolation Valves
in80015 04/21/1980 Axial (Longitudinal) Oriented Cracking in Piping
in80014 04/02/1980 Safety Suggestions from Employees
in80013 04/02/1980 General Electric Type SBM Control Switches - Defective Cam Followers
in80012 03/31/1980 Instrument Failure Causes Opening of PORV and Block Valve
in80011 03/14/1980 Generic Problems with ASCO Valves in Nuclear Applications Including Fire Protection Systems
in80010 03/07/1980 Partial Loss of Non-Nuclear Instrument System Power Supply During Operation
in80009 03/07/1980 Possible Occupational Health Hazard Associated with Closed Cooling Systems for Operating Power Plants
in80008 03/07/1980 The States Company Sliding Link Electrical Terminal Block
in80007 02/29/1980 Pump Shaft Fatigue Cracking
in80006 02/27/1980 Notification of Significant Events
in80005 02/08/1980 Chloride Contamination of Safety Related Piping and Components
in80004 02/04/1980 BWR Fuel Exposure in Excess of Limits
in80003 01/31/1980 Main Turbine Electro-Hydraulic Control System
in80002 01/25/1980 8X8R Water Rod Lower End Plug Wear
in80001 01/04/1980 Fuel Handling Events
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