United States Nuclear Regulatory Commission - Protecting People and the Environment

Generic Letters - 1991

File Name Date Description
gl91019 12/19/1991 Information to Addressees Regarding New Telephone Numbers for NRC Offices Located in One White Flint North
gl91018 11/07/1991 Information to Licensees Regarding Two NRC Inspection Manual Sections on Resolution of Degraded and Nonconforming Conditions and on Operability [GL 91-18 has been superseded RIS 2005-20]
gl91017 10/17/1991 Generic Safety Issue 29, "Bolting Degradation or Failure in Nuclear Power Plants"
gl91018r1 10/08/1997 NRC Generic Letter 91-18, Revision 1: Information to Licensees Regarding NRC Inspection Manual Section on Resolution of Degraded and Nonconforming Conditions [GL 91-18 R1 has been superseded RIS 2005-20]
gl91016 10/03/1991 Licensed Operators' and Other Nuclear Facility Personnel Fitness for Duty
gl91014 09/23/1991 Emergency Telecommunications
gl91015 09/23/1991 Operating Experience Feedback Report, Solenoid-Operated Valve Problems at U.S. Reactors
gl91013 09/19/1991 Request for Info Related to the Resolution of GI 130, "Essential Service Water System Failures at Multi-Unit Sites"
gl91010 08/27/1991 Explosives Searches at Protected Area Portals
gl91012 07/18/1991 Operator Licensing National Examination Schedule
gl91011 07/08/1991 Resolution of Generic Issues 48, "LCOs for Class 1E Vital Instrument Buses," and 49, "Interlocks and LCOs for Class 1E Tie Breakers," Pursuant to 10 CFR 50.54
gl91009 06/27/1991 Modification of Surveillance Interval for the Electrical Protective Assemblies in Power Supplies for the Reactor Protection System
gl91008 05/06/1991 Removal of Component Lists from Technical Specifications
gl91007 05/02/1991 GI-23, "Reactor Coolant Pump Seal Failures" and Its Possible Effect on Station Blackout
gl91006   Resolution of Generic Issue A-30, "Adequacy of Safety-Related DC Power Supplies," Pursuant to 10 CFR 50.54(f)
gl91005 04/09/1991 Licensee Commercial-Grade Procurement and Dedication Programs
gl91004 04/02/1991 Changes in Technical Specification Surveillance Intervals to Accommodate a 24-Month Fuel Cycle
gl91003 03/06/1991 Reporting of Safeguards Events
gl91002   Reporting Mishaps Involving LLW Forms Prepared for Disposal
gl91001 01/04/1991 Removal of the Schedule for the Withdrawal of Reactor Vessel Material Specimens from Technical Specifications
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