United States Nuclear Regulatory Commission - Protecting People and the Environment

Generic Letters - 1977

File Name Date Description
gl77008 12/21/1977 Revised Intrusion Detection Systems Handbook and Entry Control Systems Handbook
gl77007 12/15/1977 Reliability Of Standby Diesel Generator Units
gl77006 12/09/1977 Enclosing Questionaire Relating to Steam Generators
gl77005 12/02/1977 Nonconformity of Addresses of Items Directed to the Office of Nuclear Reactor Regulation
gl77004 11/01/1977 Shipments of Contaminated Components From NRC Licensed Nuclear Power Facilities to Vendors & Service Companies
gl77003   Transmittal of NUREG-0321, "A Study of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission Quality Assurance Program"
gl77002 08/29/1977 Fire Protection Functional Responsibilities
gl77001 04/29/1977 Intrusion Detection Systems Handbook
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