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Appendix A to Part 71—Determination of A1 and A2

I. Values of A1 and A2 for individual radionuclides, which are the bases for many activity limits elsewhere in these regulations, are given in Table A-1. The curie (Ci) values specified are obtained by converting from the Terabecquerel (TBq) value. The Terabecquerel values are the regulatory standard. The curie values are for information only and are not intended to be the regulatory standard. Where values of A1 and A2 are unlimited, it is for radiation control purposes only. For nuclear criticality safety, some materials are subject to controls placed on fissile material.

II. a. For individual radionuclides whose identities are known, but which are not listed in Table A-1, the A1 and A2 values contained in Table A-3 may be used. Otherwise, the licensee shall obtain prior Commission approval of the A1 and A2 values for radionuclides not listed in Table A-1, before shipping the material.

b. For individual radionuclides whose identities are known, but which are not listed in Table A-2, the exempt material activity concentration and exempt consignment activity values contained in Table A-3 may be used. Otherwise, the licensee shall obtain prior Commission approval of the exempt material activity concentration and exempt consignment activity values for radionuclides not listed in Table A-2, before shipping the material.

c. The licensee shall submit requests for prior approval, described under paragraphs II(a) and II(b) of this Appendix, to the Commission, in accordance with § 71.1 of this part.

III. In the calculations of A1 and A2 for a radionuclide not in Table A-1, a single radioactive decay chain, in which radionuclides are present in their naturally occurring proportions, and in which no daughter radionuclide has a half-life either longer than 10 days, or longer than that of the parent radionuclide, shall be considered as a single radionuclide, and the activity to be taken into account, and the A1 or A2 value to be applied, shall be those corresponding to the parent radionuclide of that chain. In the case of radioactive decay chains in which any daughter radionuclide has a half-life either longer than 10 days, or greater than that of the parent radionuclide, the parent and those daughter radionuclides shall be considered as mixtures of different radionuclides.

IV. For mixtures of radionuclides whose identities and respective activities are known, the following conditions apply:

a. For special form radioactive material, the maximum quantity transported in a Type A package is as follows:

Value for normal form radioactive
material, transported in A Sub1 package

where B(i) is the activity of radionuclide i, and A1(i) is the A1 value for radionuclide I.

b. For normal form radioactive material, the maximum quantity transported in a Type A package is as follows:


where B(i) is the activity of radionuclide i, and A2(i) is the A2 value for radionuclide i.

c. Alternatively, the A1 value for mixtures of special form material may be determined as follows:

Formula for A Sub1 value for
mixtures of special form material

where f(i) is the fraction of activity for radionuclide I in the mixture, and A1(i) is the appropriate A1 value for radionuclide I.

d. Alternatively, the A2 value for mixtures of normal form material may be determined as follows:

Formula for A Sub2 value for
mixtures of normal form material

where f(i) is the fraction of activity for radionuclide I in the mixture, and A2(i) is the appropriate A2 value for radionuclide I.

e. The exempt activity concentration for mixtures of nuclides may be determined as follows:

Formula for exempt activity
concentration for mixture of nuclides

where f(i) is the fraction of activity concentration of radionuclide I in the mixture, and [A] is the activity concentration for exempt material containing radionuclide I.

f. The activity limit for an exempt consignment for mixtures of radionuclides may be determined as follows:

Formula for the activity limit for an
exempt consignment for mixtures of radionuclides

where f(i) is the fraction of activity of radionuclide I in the mixture, and A is the activity limit for exempt consignments for radionuclide I.

V. When the identity of each radionuclide is known, but the individual activities of some of the radionuclides are not known, the radionuclides may be grouped, and the lowest A1 or A2 value, as appropriate, for the radionuclides in each group may be used in applying the formulas in paragraph IV. Groups may be based on the total alpha activity and the total beta/gamma activity when these are known, using the lowest A1 or A2 values for the alpha emitters and beta/gamma emitters.


Symbol of radionuclide Element and atomic number A1 (TBq) A1(Ci)b A2 (TBq) A2(Ci)b Specific activity
(TBq/g) (Ci/g)
Ac-225 (a) Actinium (89) 8.0X10-1 2.2X101 6.0X10-3 1.6X10-1 2.1X103 5.8X104
Ac-227 (a)   9.0X10-1 2.4X101 9.0X10-5 2.4X10-3 2.7 7.2X101
Ac-228   6.0X10-1 1.6X101 5.0X10-1 1.4X101 8.4X104 2.2X106
Ag-105 Silver (47) 2.0 5.4X101 2.0 5.4X101 1.1X103 3.0X104
Ag-108m (a)   7.0X10-1 1.9X101 7.0X10-1 1.9X101 9.7X10-1 2.6X101
Ag-110m (a)   4.0X10-1 1.1X101 4.0X10-1 1.1X101 1.8X102 4.7X103
Ag-111   2.0 5.4X101 6.0X10-1 1.6X101 5.8X103 1.6X105
Al-26 Aluminum (13) 1.0X10-1 2.7 1.0X10-1 2.7 7.0X10-4 1.9X10-2
Am-241 Americium (95) 1.0X101 2.7X102 1.0X10-3 2.7X10-2 1.3X10-1 3.4
Am-242m (a)   1.0X101 2.7X102 1.0X10-3 2.7X10-2 3.6X10-1 1.0X101
Am-243 (a)   5.0 1.4X102 1.0X10-3 2.7X10-2 7.4X10-3 2.0X10-1
Ar-37 Argon (18) 4.0X101 1.1X103 4.0X101 1.1X103 3.7X103 9.9X104
Ar-39   4.0X101 1.1X103 2.0X101 5.4X102 1.3 3.4X101
Ar-41   3.0X10-1 8.1 3.0X10-1 8.1 1.5X106 4.2X107
As-72 Arsenic (33) 3.0X10-1 8.1 3.0X10-1 8.1 6.2X104 1.7X106
As-73   4.0X101 1.1X103 4.0X101 1.1X103 8.2X102 2.2X104
As-74   1.0 2.7X101 9.0X10-1 2.4X101 3.7X103 9.9X104
As-76   3.0X10-1 8.1 3.0X10-1 8.1 5.8X104 1.6X106
As-77   2.0X101 5.4X102 7.0X10-1 1.9X101 3.9X104 1.0X106
At-211 (a) Astatine (85) 2.0X101 5.4X102 5.0X10-1 1.4X101 7.6X104 2.1X106
Au-193 Gold (79) 7.0 1.9X102 2.0 5.4X101 3.4X104 9.2X105
Au-194   1.0 2.7X101 1.0 2.7X101 1.5X104 4.1X105
Au-195   1.0X101 2.7X102 6.0 1.6X102 1.4X102 3.7X103
Au-198   1.0 2.7X101 6.0X10-1 1.6X101 9.0X103 2.4X105
Au-199   1.0X101 2.7X102 6.0X10-1 1.6X101 7.7X103 2.1X105
Ba-131 (a) Barium (56) 2.0 5.4X101 2.0 5.4X101 3.1X103 8.4X104
Ba-133   3.0 8.1X101 3.0 8.1X101 9.4 2.6X102
Ba-133m   2.0X101 5.4X102 6.0X10-1 1.6X101 2.2X104 6.1X105
Ba-140 (a)   5.0X10-1 1.4X101 3.0X10-1 8.1 2.7X103 7.3X104
Be-7 Beryllium (4) 2.0X101 5.4X102 2.0X101 5.4X102 1.3X104 3.5X105
Be-10   4.0X101 1.1X103 6.0X10-1 1.6X101 8.3X10-4 2.2X10-2
Bi-205 Bismuth (83) 7.0X10-1 1.9X101 7.0X10-1 1.9X101 1.5X103 4.2X104
Bi-206   3.0X10-1 8.1 3.0X10-1 8.1 3.8X103 1.0X105
Bi-207   7.0X10-1 1.9X101 7.0X10-1 1.9X101 1.9 5.2X101
Bi-210   1.0 2.7X101 6.0X10-1 1.6X101 4.6X103 1.2X105
Bi-210m (a)   6.0X10-1 1.6X101 2.0X10-2 5.4X10-1 2.1X10-5 5.7X10-4
Bi-212 (a)   7.0X10-1 1.9X101 6.0X10-1 1.6X101 5.4X105 1.5X107
Bk-247 Berkelium (97) 8.0 2.2X102 8.0X10-4 2.2X10-2 3.8X10-2 1.0
Bk-249 (a)   4.0X101 1.1X103 3.0X10-1 8.1 6.1X101 1.6X103
Br-76 Bromine (35) 4.0X10-1 1.1X101 4.0X10-1 1.1X101 9.4X104 2.5X106
Br-77   3.0 8.1X101 3.0 8.1X101 2.6X104 7.1X105
Br-82   4.0X10-1 1.1X101 4.0X10-1 1.1X101 4.0X104 1.1X106
C-11 Carbon (6) 1.0 2.7X101 6.0X10-1 1.6X101 3.1X107 8.4X108
C-14   4.0X101 1.1X103 3.0 8.1X101 1.6X10-1 4.5
Ca-41 Calcium (20) Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited 3.1X10-3 8.5X10-2
Ca-45   4.0X101 1.1X103 1.0 2.7X101 6.6X102 1.8X104
Ca-47 (a)   3.0 8.1X101 3.0X10-1 8.1 2.3X104 6.1X105
Cd-109 Cadmium (48) 3.0X101 8.1X102 2.0 5.4X101 9.6X101 2.6X103
Cd-113m   4.0X101 1.1X103 5.0X10-1 1.4X101 8.3 2.2X102
Cd-115 (a)   3.0 8.1X101 4.0X10-1 1.1X101 1.9X104 5.1X105
Cd-115m   5.0X10-1 1.4X101 5.0X10-1 1.4X101 9.4X102 2.5X104
Ce-139 Cerium (58) 7.0 1.9X102 2.0 5.4X101 2.5X102 6.8X103
Ce-141   2.0X101 5.4X102 6.0X10-1 1.6X101 1.1X103 2.8X104
Ce-143   9.0X10-1 2.4X101 6.0X10-1 1.6X101 2.5X104 6.6X105
Ce-144 (a)   2.0X10-1 5.4 2.0X10-1 5.4 1.2X102 3.2X103
Cf-248 Californium (98) 4.0X101 1.1X103 6.0X10-3 1.6X10-1 5.8X101 1.6X103
Cf-249   3.0 8.1X101 8.0X10-4 2.2X10-2 1.5X10-1 4.1
Cf-250   2.0X101 5.4X102 2.0X10-3 5.4X10-2 4.0 1.1X102
Cf-251   7.0 1.9X102 7.0X10-4 1.9X10-2 5.9X10-2 1.6
Cf-252 (h)   5.0X10-2 1.4 3.0X10-3 8.1X10-2 2.0X101 5.4X102
Cf-253 (a)   4.0X101 1.1X103 4.0X10-2 1.1 1.1X103 2.9X104
Cf-254   1.0X10-3 2.7X10-2 1.0X10-3 2.7X10-2 3.1X102 8.5X103
Cl-36 Chlorine (17) 1.0X101 2.7X102 6.0X10-1 1.6X101 1.2X10-3 3.3X10-2
Cl-38   2.0X10-1 5.4 2.0X10-1 5.4 4.9X106 1.3X108
Cm-240 Curium (96) 4.0X101 1.1X103 2.0X10-2 5.4X10-1 7.5X102 2.0X104
Cm-241   2.0 5.4X101 1.0 2.7X101 6.1X102 1.7X104
Cm-242   4.0X101 1.1X103 1.0X10-2 2.7X10-1 1.2X102 3.3X103
Cm-243   9.0 2.4X102 1.0X10-3 2.7X10-2 1.9X10-3 5.2X101
Cm-244   2.0X101 5.4X102 2.0X10-3 5.4X10-2 3.0 8.1X101
Cm-245   9.0 2.4X102 9.0X10-4 2.4X10-2 6.4X10-3 1.7X10-1
Cm-246   9.0 2.4X102 9.0X10-4 2.4X10-2 1.1X10-2 3.1X10-1
Cm-247 (a)   3.0 8.1X101 1.0X10-3 2.7X10-2 3.4X10-6 9.3X10-5
Cm-248   2.0X10-2 5.4X10-1 3.0X10-4 8.1X10-3 1.6X10-4 4.2X10-3
Co-55 Cobalt (27) 5.0X10-1 1.4X101 5.0X10-1 1.4X101 1.1X105 3.1X106
Co-56   3.0X10-1 8.1 3.0X10-1 8.1 1.1X103 3.0X104
Co-57   1.0X101 2.7X102 1.0X101 2.7X102 3.1X102 8.4X103
Co-58   1.0 2.7X101 1.0 2.7X101 1.2X103 3.2X104
Co-58m   4.0X101 1.1X103 4.0X101 1.1X103 2.2X105 5.9X106
Co-60   4.0X10-1 1.1X101 4.0X10-1 1.1X101 4.2X101 1.1X103
Cr-51 Chromium (24) 3.0X101 8.1X102 3.0X101 8.1X102 3.4X103 9.2X104
Cs-129 Cesium (55) 4.0 1.1X102 4.0 1.1X102 2.8X104 7.6X105
Cs-131   3.0X101 8.1X102 3.0X101 8.1X102 3.8X103 1.0X105
Cs-132   1.0 2.7X101 1.0 2.7X101 5.7X103 1.5X105
Cs-134   7.0X10-1 1.9X101 7.0X10-1 1.9X101 4.8X101 1.3X103
Cs-134m   4.0X101 1.1X103 6.0X10-1 1.6X101 3.0X105 8.0X106
Cs-135   4.0X101 1.1X103 1.0 2.7X101 4.3X10-5 1.2X10-3
Cs-136   5.0X10-1 1.4X101 5.0X10-1 1.4X101 2.7X103 7.3X104
Cs-137 (a)   2.0 5.4X101 6.0X10-1 1.6X101 3.2 8.7X101
Cu-64 Copper (29) 6.0 1.6X102 1.0 2.7X101 1.4X105 3.9X106
Cu-67   1.0X101 2.7X102 7.0X10-1 1.9X101 2.8X104 7.6X105
Dy-159 Dysprosium (66) 2.0X101 5.4X102 2.0X101 5.4X102 2.1X102 5.7X103
Dy-165   9.0X10-1 2.4X101 6.0X10-1 1.6X101 3.0X105 8.2X106
Dy-166 (a)   9.0X10-1 2.4X101 3.0X10-1 8.1 8.6X103 2.3X105
Er-169 Erbium (68) 4.0X101 1.1X103 1.0 2.7X101 3.1X103 8.3X104
Er-171   8.0X10-1 2.2X101 5.0X10-1 1.4X101 9.0X104 2.4X106
Eu-147 Europium (63) 2.0 5.4X101 2.0 5.4X101 1.4X103 3.7X104
Eu-148   5.0X10-1 1.4X101 5.0X10-1 1.4X101 6.0X102 1.6X104
Eu-149   2.0X101 5.4X102 2.0X101 5.4X102 3.5X102 9.4X103
Eu-150 (short lived)   2.0 5.4X101 7.0X10-1 1.9X101 6.1X104 1.6X106
Eu-150 (long lived)   7.0X10-1 1.9X101 7.0X10-1 1.9X101 6.1X104 1.6X106
Eu-152   1.0 2.7X101 1.0 2.7X101 6.5 1.8X102
Eu-152m   8.0X10-1 2.2X101 8.0X10-1 2.2X101 8.2X104 2.2X106
Eu-154   9.0X10-1 2.4X101 6.0X10-1 1.6X101 9.8 2.6X102
Eu-155   2.0X101 5.4X102 3.0 8.1X101 1.8X101 4.9X102
Eu-156   7.0X10-1 1.9X101 7.0X10-1 1.9X101 2.0X103 5.5X104
F-18 Fluorine (9) 1.0 2.7X101 6.0X10-1 1.6X101 3.5X106 9.5X107
Fe-52 (a) Iron (26) 3.0X10-1 8.1 3.0X10-1 8.1 2.7X105 7.3X106
Fe-55   4.0X101 1.1X103 4.0X101 1.1X103 8.8X101 2.4X103
Fe-59   9.0X10-1 2.4X101 9.0X10-1 2.4X101 1.8X103 5.0X104
Fe-60 (a)   4.0X101 1.1X103 2.0X10-1 5.4 7.4X10-4 2.0X10-2
Ga-67 Gallium (31) 7.0 1.9X102 3.0 8.1X101 2.2X104 6.0X105
Ga-68   5.0X10-1 1.4X101 5.0X10-1 1.4X101 1.5X106 4.1X107
Ga-72   4.0X10-1 1.1X101 4.0X10-1 1.1X101 1.1X105 3.1X106
Gd-146 (a) Gadolinium (64) 5.0X10-1 1.4X101 5.0X10-1 1.4X101 6.9X102 1.9X104
Gd-148   2.0X101 5.4X102 2.0X10-3 5.4X10-2 1.2 3.2X101
Gd-153   1.0X101 2.7X102 9.0 2.4X102 1.3X102 3.5X103
Gd-159   3.0 8.1X101 6.0X10-1 1.6X101 3.9X104 1.1X106
Ge-68 (a) Germanium (32) 5.0X10-1 1.4X101 5.0X10-1 1.4X101 2.6X102 7.1X103
Ge-71   4.0X101 1.1X103 4.0X101 1.1X103 5.8X103 1.6X105
Ge-77   3.0X10-1 8.1 3.0X10-1 8.1 1.3X105 3.6X106
Hf-172 (a) Hafnium (72) 6.0X10-1 1.6X101 6.0X10-1 1.6X101 4.1X101 1.1X103
Hf-175   3.0 8.1X101 3.0 8.1X101 3.9X102 1.1X104
Hf-181   2.0 5.4X101 5.0X10-1 1.4X101 6.3X102 1.7X104
Hf-182   Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited 8.1X10-6 2.2X10-4
Hg-194 (a) Mercury (80) 1.0 2.7X101 1.0 2.7X101 1.3X10-1 3.5
Hg-195m (a)   3.0 8.1X101 7.0X10-1 1.9X101 1.5X104 4.0X105
Hg-197   2.0X101 5.4X102 1.0X101 2.7X102 9.2X103 2.5X105
Hg-197m   1.0X101 2.7X102 4.0X10-1 1.1X101 2.5X104 6.7X105
Hg-203   5.0 1.4X102 1.0 2.7X101 5.1X102 1.4X104
Ho-166 Holmium (67) 4.0X10-1 1.1X101 4.0X10-1 1.1X101 2.6X104 7.0X105
Ho-166m   6.0X10-1 1.6X101 5.0X10-1 1.4X101 6.6X10-2 1.8
I-123 Iodine (53) 6.0 1.6X102 3.0 8.1X101 7.1X104 1.9X106
I-124   1.0 2.7X101 1.0 2.7X101 9.3X103 2.5X105
I-125   2.0X101 5.4X102 3.0 8.1X101 6.4X102 1.7X104
I-126   2.0 5.4X101 1.0 2.7X101 2.9X103 8.0X104
I-129   Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited 6.5X10-6 1.8X10-4
I-131   3.0 8.1X101 7.0X10-1 1.9X101 4.6X103 1.2X105
I-132   4.0X10-1 1.1X101 4.0X10-1 1.1X101 3.8X105 1.0X107
I-133   7.0X10-1 1.9X101 6.0X10-1 1.6X101 4.2X104 1.1X106
I-134   3.0X10-1 8.1 3.0X10-1 8.1 9.9X105 2.7X107
I-135 (a)   6.0X10-1 1.6X101 6.0X10-1 1.6X101 1.3X105 3.5X106
In-111 Indium (49) 3.0 8.1X101 3.0 8.1X101 1.5X104 4.2X105
In-113m   4.0 1.1X102 2.0 5.4X101 6.2X105 1.7X107
In-114m (a)   1.0X101 2.7X102 5.0X10-1 1.4X101 8.6X102 2.3X104
In-115m   7.0 1.9X102 1.0 2.7X101 2.2X105 6.1X106
Ir-189 (a) Iridium (77) 1.0X101 2.7X102 1.0X101 2.7X102 1.9X103 5.2X104
Ir-190   7.0X10-1 1.9X101 7.0X10-1 1.9X101 2.3X103 6.2X104
Ir-192 (c)   1.0 2.7X101 6.0X10-1 1.6X101 3.4X102 9.2X103
Ir-194   3.0X10-1 8.1 3.0X10-1 8.1 3.1X104 8.4X105
K-40 Potassium (19) 9.0X10-1 2.4X101 9.0X10-1 2.4X101 2.4X10-7 6.4X10-6
K-42   2.0X10-1 5.4 2.0X10-1 5.4 2.2X105 6.0X106
K-43   7.0X10-1 1.9X101 6.0X10-1 1.6X101 1.2X105 3.3X106
Kr-81 Krypton (36) 4.0X101 1.1X103 4.0X101 1.1X103 7.8X10-4 2.1X10-2
Kr-85   1.0X101 2.7X102 1.0X101 2.7X102 1.5X101 3.9X102
Kr-85m   8.0 2.2X102 3.0 8.1X101 3.0X105 8.2X106
Kr-87   2.0X10-1 5.4 2.0X10-1 5.4 1.0X106 2.8X107
La-137 Lanthanum (57) 3.0X101 8.1X102 6.0 1.6X102 1.6X10-3 4.4X10-2
La-140   4.0X10-1 1.1X101 4.0X10-1 1.1X101 2.1X104 5.6X105
Lu-172 Lutetium (71) 6.0X10-1 1.6X101 6.0X10-1 1.6X101 4.2X103 1.1X105
Lu-173   8.0 2.2X102 8.0 2.2X102 5.6X101 1.5X103
Lu-174   9.0 2.4X102 9.0 2.4X102 2.3X101 6.2X102
Lu-174m   2.0X101 5.4X102 1.0X101 2.7X102 2.0X102 5.3X103
Lu-177   3.0X101 8.1X102 7.0X10-1 1.9X101 4.1X103 1.1X105
Mg-28 (a) Magnesium (12) 3.0X10-1 8.1 3.0X10-1 8.1 2.0X105 5.4X106
Mn-52 Manganese (25) 3.0X10-1 8.1 3.0X10-1 8.1 1.6X104 4.4X105
Mn-53   Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited 6.8X10-5 1.8X10-3
Mn-54   1.0 2.7X101 1.0 2.7X101 2.9X102 7.7X103
Mn-56   3.0X10-1 8.1 3.0X10-1 8.1 8.0X105 2.2X107
Mo-93 Molybdenum (42) 4.0X101 1.1X103 2.0X101 5.4X102 4.1X10-2 1.1
Mo-99 (a) (i)   1.0 2.7X101 6.0X10-1 1.6X101 1.8X104 4.8X105
N-13 Nitrogen (7) 9.0X10-1 2.4X101 6.0X10-1 1.6X101 5.4X107 1.5X109
Na-22 Sodium (11) 5.0X10-1 1.4X101 5.0X10-1 1.4X101 2.3X102 6.3X103
Na-24   2.0X10-1 5.4 2.0X10-1 5.4 3.2X105 8.7X106
Nb-93m Niobium (41) 4.0X101 1.1X103 3.0X101 8.1X102 8.8 2.4X102
Nb-94   7.0X10-1 1.9X101 7.0X10-1 1.9X101 6.9X10-3 1.9X10-1
Nb-95   1.0 2.7X101 1.0 2.7X101 1.5X103 3.9X104
Nb-97   9.0X10-1 2.4X101 6.0X10-1 1.6X101 9.9X105 2.7X107
Nd-147 Neodymium (60) 6.0 1.6X102 6.0X10-1 1.6X101 3.0X103 8.1X104
Nd-149   6.0X10-1 1.6X101 5.0X10-1 1.4X101 4.5X105 1.2X107
Ni-59 Nickel (28) Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited 3.0X10-3 8.0X10-2
Ni-63   4.0X101 1.1X103 3.0X101 8.1X102 2.1 5.7X101
Ni-65   4.0X10-1 1.1X101 4.0X10-1 1.1X101 7.1X105 1.9X107
Np-235 Neptunium (93) 4.0X101 1.1X103 4.0X101 1.1X103 5.2X101 1.4X103
Np-236 (short-lived)   2.0X101 5.4X102 2.0 5.4X101 4.7X10-4 1.3X10-2
Np-236 (long-lived)   9.0X100 2.4X102 2.0X10-2 5.4X10-1 4.7X10-4 1.3X10-2
Np-237   2.0X101 5.4X102 2.0X10-3 5.4X10-2 2.6X10-5 7.1X10-4
Np-239   7.0 1.9X102 4.0X10-1 1.1X101 8.6X103 2.3X105
Os-185 Osmium (76) 1.0 2.7X101 1.0 2.7X101 2.8X102 7.5X103
Os-191   1.0X101 2.7X102 2.0 5.4X101 1.6X103 4.4X104
Os-191m   4.0X101 1.1X103 3.0X101 8.1X102 4.6X104 1.3X106
Os-193   2.0 5.4X101 6.0X10-1 1.6X101 2.0X104 5.3X105
Os-194 (a)   3.0X10-1 8.1 3.0X10-1 8.1 1.1X101 3.1X102
P-32 Phosphorus (15) 5.0X10-1 1.4X101 5.0X10-1 1.4X101 1.1X104 2.9X105
P-33   4.0X101 1.1X103 1.0 2.7X101 5.8X103 1.6X105
Pa-230 (a) Protactinium (91) 2.0 5.4X101 7.0X10-2 1.9 1.2X103 3.3X104
Pa-231   4.0 1.1X102 4.0X10-4 1.1X10-2 1.7X10-3 4.7X10-2
Pa-233   5.0 1.4X102 7.0X10-1 1.9X101 7.7X102 2.1X104
Pb-201 Lead (82) 1.0 2.7X101 1.0 2.7X101 6.2X104 1.7X106
Pb-202   4.0X101 1.1X103 2.0X101 5.4X102 1.2X10-4 3.4X10-3
Pb-203   4.0 1.1X102 3.0 8.1X101 1.1X104 3.0X105
Pb-205   Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited 4.5X10-6 1.2X10-4
Pb-210 (a)   1.0 2.7X101 5.0X10-2 1.4 2.8 7.6X101
Pb-212 (a)   7.0X10-1 1.9X101 2.0X10-1 5.4 5.1X104 1.4X106
Pd-103 (a) Palladium (46) 4.0X101 1.1X103 4.0X101 1.1X103 2.8X103 7.5X104
Pd-107   Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited 1.9X10-5 5.1X10-4
Pd-109   2.0 5.4X101 5.0X10-1 1.4X101 7.9X104 2.1X106
Pm-143 Promethium (61) 3.0 8.1X101 3.0 8.1X101 1.3X102 3.4X103
Pm-144   7.0X10-1 1.9X101 7.0X10-1 1.9X101 9.2X101 2.5X103
Pm-145   3.0X101 8.1X102 1.0X101 2.7X102 5.2 1.4X102
Pm-147   4.0X101 1.1X103 2.0 5.4X101 3.4X101 9.3X102
Pm-148m (a)   8.0X10-1 2.2X101 7.0X10-1 1.9X101 7.9X102 2.1X104
Pm-149   2.0 5.4X101 6.0X10-1 1.6X101 1.5X104 4.0X105
Pm-151   2.0 5.4X101 6.0X10-1 1.6X101 2.7X104 7.3X105
Po-210 Polonium (84) 4.0X101 1.1X103 2.0X10-2 5.4X10-1 1.7X102 4.5X103
Pr-142 Praseodymium (59) 4.0X10-1 1.1X101 4.0X10-1 1.1X101 4.3X104 1.2X106
Pr-143   3.0 8.1X101 6.0X10-1 1.6X101 2.5X103 6.7X104
Pt-188 (a) Platinum (78) 1.0 2.7X101 8.0X10-1 2.2X101 2.5X103 6.8X104
Pt-191   4.0 1.1X102 3.0 8.1X101 8.7X103 2.4X105
Pt-193   4.0X101 1.1X103 4.0X101 1.1X103 1.4 3.7X101
Pt-193m   4.0X101 1.1X103 5.0X10-1 1.4X101 5.8X103 1.6X105
Pt-195m   1.0X101 2.7X102 5.0X10-1 1.4X101 6.2X103 1.7X105
Pt-197   2.0X101 5.4X102 6.0X10-1 1.6X101 3.2X104 8.7X105
Pt-197m   1.0X101 2.7X102 6.0X10-1 1.6X101 3.7X105 1.0X107
Pu-236 Plutonium (94) 3.0X101 8.1X102 3.0X10-3 8.1X10-2 2.0X101 5.3X102
Pu-237   2.0X101 5.4X102 2.0X101 5.4X102 4.5X102 1.2X104
Pu-238   1.0X101 2.7X102 1.0X10-3 2.7X10-2 6.3X10-1 1.7X101
Pu-239   1.0X101 2.7X102 1.0X10-3 2.7X10-2 2.3X10-3 6.2X10-2
Pu-240   1.0X101 2.7X102 1.0X10-3 2.7X10-2 8.4X10-3 2.3X10-1
Pu-241 (a)   4.0X101 1.1X103 6.0X10-2 1.6 3.8 1.0X102
Pu-242   1.0X101 2.7X102 1.0X10-3 2.7X10-2 1.5X10-4 3.9X10-3
Pu-244 (a)   4.0X10-1 1.1X101 1.0X10-3 2.7X10-2 6.7X10-7 1.8X10-5
Ra-223 (a) Radium (88) 4.0X10-1 1.1X101 7.0X10-3 1.9X10-1 1.9X103 5.1X104
Ra-224 (a)   4.0X10-1 1.1X101 2.0X10-2 5.4X10-1 5.9X103 1.6X105
Ra-225 (a)   2.0X10-1 5.4 4.0X10-3 1.1X10-1 1.5X103 3.9X104
Ra-226 (a)   2.0X10-1 5.4 3.0X10-3 8.1X10-2 3.7X10-2 1.0
Ra-228 (a)   6.0X10-1 1.6X101 2.0X10-2 5.4X10-1 1.0X101 2.7X102
Rb-81 Rubidium (37) 2.0 5.4X101 8.0X10-1 2.2X101 3.1X105 8.4X106
Rb-83 (a)   2.0 5.4X101 2.0 5.4X101 6.8X102 1.8X104
Rb-84   1.0 2.7X101 1.0 2.7X101 1.8X103 4.7X104
Rb-86   5.0X10-1 1.4X101 5.0X10-1 1.4X101 3.0X103 8.1X104
Rb-87   Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited 3.2X10-9 8.6X10-8
Rb(nat)   Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited 6.7X106 1.8X108
Re-184 Rhenium (75) 1.0 2.7X101 1.0 2.7X101 6.9X102 1.9X104
Re-184m   3.0 8.1X101 1.0 2.7X101 1.6X102 4.3X103
Re-186   2.0 5.4X101 6.0X10-1 1.6X101 6.9X103 1.9X105
Re-187   Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited 1.4X10-9 3.8X10-8
Re-188   4.0X10-1 1.1X101 4.0X10-1 1.1X101 3.6X104 9.8X105
Re-189 (a)   3.0 8.1X101 6.0X10-1 1.6X101 2.5X104 6.8X105
Re(nat)   Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited 0.0 2.4X10-8
Rh-99 Rhodium (45) 2.0 5.4X101 2.0 5.4X101 3.0X103 8.2X104
Rh-101   4.0 1.1X102 3.0 8.1X101 4.1X101 1.1X103
Rh-102   5.0X10-1 1.4X101 5.0X10-1 1.4X101 4.5X101 1.2X103
Rh-102m   2.0 5.4X101 2.0 5.4X101 2.3X102 6.2X103
Rh-103m   4.0X101 1.1X103 4.0X101 1.1X103 1.2X106 3.3X107
Rh-105   1.0X101 2.7X102 8.0X10-1 2.2X101 3.1X104 8.4X105
Rn-222 (a) Radon (86) 3.0X10-1 8.1 4.0X10-3 1.1X10-1 5.7X103 1.5X105
Ru-97 Ruthenium (44) 5.0 1.4X102 5.0 1.4X102 1.7X104 4.6X105
Ru-103 (a)   2.0 5.4X101 2.0 5.4X101 1.2X103 3.2X104
Ru-105   1.0 2.7X101 6.0X10-1 1.6X101 2.5X105 6.7X106
Ru-106 (a)   2.0X10-1 5.4 2.0X10-1 5.4 1.2X102 3.3X103
S-35 Sulphur (16) 4.0X101 1.1X103 3.0 8.1X101 1.6X103 4.3X104
Sb-122 Antimony (51) 4.0X10-1 1.1X101 4.0X10-1 1.1X101 1.5X104 4.0X105
Sb-124   6.0X10-1 1.6X101 6.0X10-1 1.6X101 6.5X102 1.7X104
Sb-125   2.0 5.4X101 1.0 2.7X101 3.9X101 1.0X103
Sb-126   4.0X10-1 1.1X101 4.0X10-1 1.1X101 3.1X103 8.4X104
Sc-44 Scandium (21) 5.0X10-1 1.4X101 5.0X10-1 1.4X101 6.7X105 1.8X107
Sc-46   5.0X10-1 1.4X101 5.0X10-1 1.4X101 1.3X103 3.4X104
Sc-47   1.0X101 2.7X102 7.0X10-1 1.9X101 3.1X104 8.3X105
Sc-48   3.0X10-1 8.1 3.0X10-1 8.1 5.5X104 1.5X106
Se-75 Selenium (34) 3.0 8.1X101 3.0 8.1X101 5.4X102 1.5X104
Se-79   4.0X101 1.1X103 2.0 5.4X101 2.6X10-3 7.0X10-2
Si-31 Silicon (14) 6.0X10-1 1.6X101 6.0X10-1 1.6X101 1.4X106 3.9X107
Si-32   4.0X101 1.1X103 5.0X10-1 1.4X101 3.9 1.1X102
Sm-145 Samarium (62) 1.0X101 2.7X102 1.0X101 2.7X102 9.8X101 2.6X103
Sm-147   Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited 8.5X10-1 2.3X10-8
Sm-151   4.0X101 1.1X103 1.0X101 2.7X102 9.7X10-1 2.6X101
Sm-153   9.0 2.4X102 6.0X10-1 1.6X101 1.6X104 4.4X105
Sn-113 (a) Tin (50) 4.0 1.1X102 2.0 5.4X101 3.7X102 1.0X104
Sn-117m   7.0 1.9X102 4.0X10-1 1.1X101 3.0X103 8.2X104
Sn-119m   4.0X101 1.1X103 3.0X101 8.1X102 1.4X102 3.7X103
Sn-121m (a)   4.0X101 1.1X103 9.0X10-1 2.4X101 2.0 5.4X101
Sn-123   8.0X10-1 2.2X101 6.0X10-1 1.6X101 3.0X102 8.2X103
Sn-125   4.0X10-1 1.1X101 4.0X10-1 1.1X101 4.0X103 1.1X105
Sn-126 (a)   6.0X10-1 1.6X101 4.0X10-1 1.1X101 1.0X10-3 2.8X10-2
Sr-82 (a) Strontium (38) 2.0X10-1 5.4 2.0X10-1 5.4 2.3X103 6.2X104
Sr-85   2.0 5.4X101 2.0 5.4X101 8.8X102 2.4X104
Sr-85m   5.0 1.4X102 5.0 1.4X102 1.2X106 3.3X107
Sr-87m   3.0 8.1X101 3.0 8.1X101 4.8X105 1.3X107
Sr-89   6.0X10-1 1.6X101 6.0X10-1 1.6X101 1.1X103 2.9X104
Sr-90 (a)   3.0X10-1 8.1 3.0X10-1 8.1 5.1 1.4X102
Sr-91 (a)   3.0X10-1 8.1 3.0X10-1 8.1 1.3X105 3.6X106
Sr-92 (a)   1.0 2.7X101 3.0X10-1 8.1 4.7X105 1.3X107
T(H-3) Tritium (1) 4.0X101 1.1X103 4.0X101 1.1X103 3.6X102 9.7X103
Ta-178 (long-lived) Tantalum (73) 1.0 2.7X101 8.0X10-1 2.2X101 4.2X106 1.1X108
Ta-179   3.0X101 8.1X102 3.0X101 8.1X102 4.1X101 1.1X103
Ta-182   9.0X10-1 2.4X101 5.0X10-1 1.4X101 2.3X102 6.2X103
Tb-157 Terbium (65) 4.0X101 1.1X103 4.0X101 1.1X103 5.6X10-1 1.5X101
Tb-158   1.0 2.7X101 1.0 2.7X101 5.6X10-1 1.5X101
Tb-160   1.0 2.7X101 6.0X10-1 1.6X101 4.2X102 1.1X104
Tc-95m (a) Technetium (43) 2.0 5.4X101 2.0 5.4X101 8.3X102 2.2X104
Tc-96   4.0X10-1 1.1X101 4.0X10-1 1.1X101 1.2X104 3.2X105
Tc-96m (a)   4.0X10-1 1.1X101 4.0X10-1 1.1X101 1.4X106 3.8X107
Tc-97   Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited 5.2X10-5 1.4X10-3
Tc-97m   4.0X101 1.1X103 1.0 2.7X101 5.6X102 1.5X104
Tc-98   8.0X10-1 2.2X101 7.0X10-1 1.9X101 3.2X10-5 8.7X10-4
Tc-99   4.0X101 1.1X103 9.0X10-1 2.4X101 6.3X10-4 1.7X10-2
Tc-99m   1.0X101 2.7X102 4.0 1.1X102 1.9X105 5.3X106
Te-121 Tellurium (52) 2.0 5.4X101 2.0 5.4X101 2.4X103 6.4X104
Te-121m   5.0 1.4X102 3.0 8.1X101 2.6X102 7.0X103
Te-123m   8.0 2.2X102 1.0 2.7X101 3.3X102 8.9X103
Te-125m   2.0X101 5.4X102 9.0X10-1 2.4X101 6.7X102 1.8X104
Te-127   2.0X101 5.4X102 7.0X10-1 1.9X101 9.8X104 2.6X106
Te-127m (a)   2.0X101 5.4X102 5.0X10-1 1.4X101 3.5X102 9.4X103
Te-129   7.0X10-1 1.9X101 6.0X10-1 1.6X101 7.7X105 2.1X107
Te-129m (a)   8.0X10-1 2.2X101 4.0X10-1 1.1X101 1.1X103 3.0X104
Te-131m (a)   7.0X10-1 1.9X101 5.0X10-1 1.4X101 3.0X104 8.0X105
Te-132 (a)   5.0X10-1 1.4X101 4.0X10-1 1.1X101 1.1X104 3.0X105
Th-227 Thorium (90) 1.0X101 2.7X102 5.0X10-3 1.4X10-1 1.1X103 3.1X104
Th-228 (a)   5.0X10-1 1.4X101 1.0X10-3 2.7X10-2 3.0X101 8.2X102
Th-229   5.0 1.4X102 5.0X10-4 1.4X10-2 7.9X10-3 2.1X10-1
Th-230   1.0X101 2.7X102 1.0X10-3 2.7X10-2 7.6X10-4 2.1X10-2
Th-231   4.0X101 1.1X103 2.0X10-2 5.4X10-1 2.0X104 5.3X105
Th-232   Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited 4.0X10-9 1.1X10-7
Th-234 (a)   3.0X10-1 8.1 3.0X10-1 8.1 8.6X102 2.3X104
Th(nat)   Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited 8.1X10-9 2.2X10-7
Ti-44 (a) Titanium (22) 5.0X10-1 1.4X101 4.0X10-1 1.1X101 6.4 1.7X102
Tl-200 Thallium (81) 9.0X10-1 2.4X101 9.0X10-1 2.4X101 2.2X104 6.0X105
Tl-201   1.0X101 2.7X102 4.0 1.1X102 7.9X103 2.1X105
Tl-202   2.0 5.4X101 2.0 5.4X101 2.0X103 5.3X104
Tl-204   1.0X101 2.7X102 7.0X10-1 1.9X101 1.7X101 4.6X102
Tm-167 Thulium (69) 7.0 1.9X102 8.0X10-1 2.2X101 3.1X103 8.5X104
Tm-170   3.0 8.1X101 6.0X10-1 1.6X101 2.2X102 6.0X103
Tm-171   4.0X101 1.1X103 4.0X101 1.1X103 4.0X101 1.1X103
U-230 (fast lung absorption) (a)(d) Uranium (92) 4.0X101 1.1X103 1.0X10-1 2.7 1.0X103 2.7X104
U-230 (medium lung absorption) (a)(e)   4.0X101 1.1X103 4.0X10-3 1.1X10-1 1.0X103 2.7X104
U-230 (slow lung absorption) (a)(f)   3.0X101 8.1X102 3.0X10-3 8.1X10-2 1.0X103 2.7X104
U-232 (fast lung absorption) (d)   4.0X101 1.1X103 1.0X10-2 2.7X10-1 8.3X10-1 2.2X101
U-232 (medium lung absorption) (e)   4.0X101 1.1X103 7.0X10-3 1.9X10-1 8.3X10-1 2.2X101
U-232 (slow lung absorption) (f)   1.0X101 2.7X102 1.0X10-3 2.7X10-2 8.3X10-1 2.2X101
U-233 (fast lung absorption) (d)   4.0X101 1.1X103 9.0X10-2 2.4 3.6X10-4 9.7X10-3
U-233 (medium lung absorption) (e)   4.0X101 1.1X103 2.0X10-2 5.4X10-1 3.6X10-4 9.7X10-3
U-233 (slow lung absorption) (f)   4.0X101 1.1X103 6.0X10-3 1.6X10-1 3.6X10-4 9.7X10-3
U-234 (fast lung absorption) (d)   4.0X101 1.1X103 9.0X10-2 2.4 2.3X10-4 6.2X10-3
U-234 (medium lung absorption) (e)   4.0X101 1.1X103 2.0X10-2 5.4X10-1 2.3X10-4 6.2X10-3
U-234 (slow lung absorption) (f)   4.0X101 1.1X103 6.0X10-3 1.6X10-1 2.3X10-4 6.2X10-3
U-235 (all lung absorption types) (a),(d),(e),(f)   Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited 8.0X10-8 2.2X10-6
U-236 (fast lung absorption) (d)   Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited 2.4X10-6 6.5X10-5
U-236 (medium lung absorption) (e)   4.0X101 1.1X103 2.0X10-2 5.4X10-1 2.4X10-6 6.5X10-5
U-236 (slow lung absorption) (f)   4.0X101 1.1X103 6.0X10-3 1.6X10-1 2.4X10-6 6.5X10-5
U-238 (all lung absorption types) (d),(e),(f)   Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited 1.2X10-8 3.4X10-7
U (nat)   Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited 2.6X10-8 7.1X10-7
U (enriched to 20% or less) (g)   Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited See Table A-4 See Table A-4
U (dep)   Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited See Table A-4 (See Table A-3)
V-48 Vanadium (23) 4.0X10-1 1.1X101 4.0X10-1 1.1X101 6.3X103 1.7X105
V-49   4.0X101 1.1X103 4.0X101 1.1X103 3.0X102 8.1X103
W-178 (a) Tungsten (74) 9.0 2.4X102 5.0 1.4X102 1.3X103 3.4X104
W-181   3.0X101 8.1X102 3.0X101 8.1X102 2.2X102 6.0X103
W-185   4.0X101 1.1X103 8.0X10-1 2.2X101 3.5X102 9.4X103
W-187   2.0 5.4X101 6.0X10-1 1.6X101 2.6X104 7.0X105
W-188 (a)   4.0X10-1 1.1X101 3.0X10-1 8.1 3.7X102 1.0X104
Xe-122 (a) Xenon (54) 4.0X10-1 1.1X101 4.0X10-1 1.1X101 4.8X104 1.3X106
Xe-123   2.0 5.4X101 7.0X10-1 1.9X101 4.4X105 1.2X107
Xe-127   4.0 1.1X102 2.0 5.4X101 1.0X103 2.8X104
Xe-131m   4.0X101 1.1X103 4.0X101 1.1X103 3.1X103 8.4X104
Xe-133   2.0X101 5.4X102 1.0X101 2.7X102 6.9X103 1.9X105
Xe-135   3.0 8.1X101 2.0 5.4X101 9.5X104 2.6X106
Y-87 (a) Yttrium (39) 1.0 2.7X101 1.0 2.7X101 1.7X104 4.5X105
Y-88   4.0X10-1 1.1X101 4.0X10-1 1.1X101 5.2X102 1.4X104
Y-90   3.0X10-1 8.1 3.0X10-1 8.1 2.0X104 5.4X105
Y-91   6.0X10-1 1.6X101 6.0X10-1 1.6X101 9.1X102 2.5X104
Y-91m   2.0 5.4X101 2.0 5.4X101 1.5X106 4.2X107
Y-92   2.0X10-1 5.4 2.0X10-1 5.4 3.6X105 9.6X106
Y-93   3.0X10-1 8.1 3.0X10-1 8.1 1.2X105 3.3X106
Yb-169 Ytterbium (70) 4.0 1.1X102 1.0 2.7X101 8.9X102 2.4X104
Yb-175   3.0X101 8.1X102 9.0X10-1 2.4X101 6.6X103 1.8X105
Zn-65 Zinc (30) 2.0 5.4X101 2.0 5.4X101 3.0X102 8.2X103
Zn-69   3.0 8.1X101 6.0X10-1 1.6X101 1.8X106 4.9X107
Zn-69m (a)   3.0 8.1X101 6.0X10-1 1.6X101 1.2X105 3.3X106
Zr-88 Zirconium (40) 3.0 8.1X101 3.0 8.1X101 6.6X102 1.8X104
Zr-93   Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited 9.3X10-5 2.5X10-3
Zr-95 (a)   2.0 5.4X101 8.0X10-1 2.2X101 7.9X102 2.1X104
Zr-97 (a)   4.0X10-1 1.1X101 4.0X10-1 1.1X101 7.1X104 1.9X106

a A1 and/or A2 values include contributions from daughter nuclides with half-lives less than 10 days.
b The values of A1 and A2 in Curies (Ci) are approximate and for information only; the regulatory standard units are Terabecquerels (TBq) (see Appendix A to Part 71—Determination of A1 and A2, Section I).
c The quantity may be determined from a measurement of the rate of decay or a measurement of the radiation level at a prescribed distance from the source.
d These values apply only to compounds of uranium that take the chemical form of UF6, UO2F2 and UO2(NO3)2 in both normal and accident conditions of transport.
e These values apply only to compounds of uranium that take the chemical form of UO3, UF4, UCl4 and hexavalent compounds in both normal and accident conditions of transport.
f These values apply to all compounds of uranium other than those specified in notes (d) and (e) of this table.
g These values apply to unirradiated uranium only.
h A1 = 0.1 TBq (2.7 Ci) and A2 = 0.001 TBq (0.027 Ci) for Cf-252 for domestic use.
i A2 = 0.74 TBq (20 Ci) for Mo-99 for domestic use.


Symbol of radionuclide Element and atomic number Activity concentration for exempt material (Bq/g) Activity concentration for exempt material (Ci/g) Activity limit for exempt consignment (Bq) Activity limit for exempt consignment (Ci)
Ac-225 Actinium (89) 1.0X101 2.7X10-10 1.0X104 2.7X10-7
Ac-227   1.0X10-1 2.7X10-12 1.0X103 2.7X10-8
Ac-228   1.0X101 2.7X10-10 1.0X106 2.7X10-5
Ag-105 Silver (47) 1.0X102 2.7X10-9 1.0X106 2.7X10-5
Ag-108m (b)   1.0X101 2.7X10-10 1.0X106 2.7X10-5
Ag-110m   1.0X101 2.7X10-10 1.0X106 2.7X10-5
Ag-111   1.0X103 2.7X10-8 1.0X106 2.7X10-5
Al-26 Aluminum (13) 1.0X101 2.7X10-10 1.0X105 2.7X10-6
Am-241 Americium (95) 1.0 2.7X10-11 1.0X104 2.7X10-7
Am-242m (b)   1.0 2.7X10-11 1.0X104 2.7X10-7
Am-243 (b)   1.0 2.7X10-11 1.0X103 2.7X10-8
Ar-37 Argon (18) 1.0X106 2.7X10-5 1.0X108 2.7X10-3
Ar-39   1.0X107 2.7X10-4 1.0X104 2.7X10-7
Ar-41   1.0X102 2.7X10-9 1.0X109 2.7X10-2
As-72 Arsenic (33) 1.0X101 2.7X10-10 1.0X105 2.7X10-6
As-73   1.0X103 2.7X10-8 1.0X107 2.7X10-4
As-74   1.0X101 2.7X10-10 1.0X106 2.7X10-5
As-76   1.0X102 2.7X10-9 1.0X105 2.7X10-6
As-77   1.0X103 2.7X10-8 1.0X106 2.7X10-5
At-211 Astatine (85) 1.0X103 2.7X10-8 1.0X107 2.7X10-4
Au-193 Gold (79) 1.0X102 2.7X10-9 1.0X107 2.7X10-4
Au-194   1.0X101 2.7X10-10 1.0X106 2.7X10-5
Au-195   1.0X102 2.7X10-9 1.0X107 2.7X10-4
Au-198   1.0X102 2.7X10-9 1.0X106 2.7X10-5
Au-199   1.0X102 2.7X10-9 1.0X106 2.7X10-5
Ba-131 Barium (56) 1.0X102 2.7X10-9 1.0X106 2.7X10-5
Ba-133   1.0X102 2.7X10-9 1.0X106 2.7X10-5
Ba-133m   1.0X102 2.7X10-9 1.0X106 2.7X10-5
Ba-140 (b)   1.0X101 2.7X10-10 1.0X105 2.7X10-6
Be-7 Beryllium (4) 1.0X103 2.7X10-8 1.0X107 2.7X10-4
Be-10   1.0X104 2.7X10-7 1.0X106 2.7X10-5
Bi-205 Bismuth (83) 1.0X101 2.7X10-10 1.0X106 2.7X10-5
Bi-206   1.0X101 2.7X10-10 1.0X105 2.7X10-6
Bi-207   1.0X101 2.7X10-10 1.0X106 2.7X10-5
Bi-210   1.0X103 2.7X10-8 1.0X106 2.7X10-5
Bi-210m   1.0X101 2.7X10-10 1.0X105 2.7X10-6
Bi-212 (b)   1.0X101 2.7X10-10 1.0X105 2.7X10-6
Bk-247 Berkelium (97) 1.0 2.7X10-11 1.0X104 2.7X10-7
Bk-249   1.0X103 2.7X10-8 1.0X106 2.7X10-5
Br-76 Bromine (35) 1.0X101 2.7X10-10 1.0X105 2.7X10-6
Br-77   1.0X102 2.7X10-9 1.0X106 2.7X10-5
Br-82   1.0X101 2.7X10-10 1.0X106 2.7X10-5
C-11 Carbon (6) 1.0X101 2.7X10-10 1.0X106 2.7X10-5
C-14   1.0X104 2.7X10-7 1.0X107 2.7X10-4
Ca-41 Calcium (20) 1.0X105 2.7X10-6 1.0X107 2.7X10-4
Ca-45   1.0X104 2.7X10-7 1.0X107 2.7X10-4
Ca-47   1.0X101 2.7X10-10 1.0X106 2.7X10-5
Cd-109 Cadmium (48) 1.0X104 2.7X10-7 1.0X106 2.7X10-5
Cd-113m   1.0X103 2.7X10-8 1.0X106 2.7X10-5
Cd-115   1.0X102 2.7X10-9 1.0X106 2.7X10-5
Cd-115m   1.0X103 2.7X10-8 1.0X106 2.7X10-5
Ce-139 Cerium (58) 1.0X102 2.7X10-9 1.0X106 2.7X10-5
Ce-141   1.0X102 2.7X10-9 1.0X107 2.7X10-4
Ce-143   1.0X102 2.7X10-9 1.0X106 2.7X10-5
Ce-144 (b)   1.0X102 2.7X10-9 1.0X105 2.7X10-6
Cf-248 Californium (98) 1.0X101 2.7X10-10 1.0X104 2.7X10-7
Cf-249   1.0 2.7X10-11 1.0X103 2.7X10-8
Cf-250   1.0X101 2.7X10-10 1.0X104 2.7X10-7
Cf-251   1.0 2.7X10-11 1.0X103 2.7X10-8
Cf-252   1.0X101 2.7X10-10 1.0X104 2.7X10-7
Cf-253   1.0X102 2.7X10-9 1.0X105 2.7X10-6
Cf-254   1.0 2.7X10-11 1.0X103 2.7X10-8
Cl-36 Chlorine (17) 1.0X104 2.7X10-7 1.0X106 2.7X10-5
Cl-38   1.0X101 2.7X10-10 1.0X105 2.7X10-6
Cm-240 Curium (96) 1.0X102 2.7X10-9 1.0X105 2.7X10-6
Cm-241   1.0X102 2.7X10-9 1.0X106 2.7X10-5
Cm-242   1.0X102 2.7X10-9 1.0X105 2.7X10-6
Cm-243   1.0 2.7X10-11 1.0X104 2.7X10-7
Cm-244   1.0X101 2.7X10-10 1.0X104 2.7X10-7
Cm-245   1.0 2.7X10-11 1.0X103 2.7X10-8
Cm-246   1.0 2.7X10-11 1.0X103 2.7X10-8
Cm-247   1.0 2.7X10-11 1.0X104 2.7X10-7
Cm-248   1.0 2.7X10-11 1.0X103 2.7X10-8
Co-55 Cobalt (27) 1.0X101 2.7X10-10 1.0X106 2.7X10-5
Co-56   1.0X101 2.7X10-10 1.0X105 2.7X10-6
Co-57   1.0X102 2.7X10-9 1.0X106 2.7X10-5
Co-58   1.0X101 2.7X10-10 1.0X106 2.7X10-5
Co-58m   1.0X104 2.7X10-7 1.0X107 2.7X10-4
Co-60   1.0X101 2.7X10-10 1.0X105 2.7X10-6
Cr-51 Chromium (24) 1.0X103 2.7X10-8 1.0X107 2.7X10-4
Cs-129 Cesium (55) 1.0X102 2.7X10-9 1.0X105 2.7X10-6
Cs-131   1.0X103 2.7X10-8 1.0X106 2.7X10-5
Cs-132   1.0X101 2.7X10-10 1.0X105 2.7X10-6
Cs-134   1.0X101 2.7X10-10 1.0X104 2.7X10-7
Cs-134m   1.0X103 2.7X10-8 1.0X105 2.7X10-6
Cs-135   1.0X104 2.7X10-7 1.0X107 2.7X10-4
Cs-136   1.0X101 2.7X10-10 1.0X105 2.7X10-6
Cs-137 (b)   1.0X101 2.7X10-10 1.0X104 2.7X10-7
Cu-64 Copper (29) 1.0X102 2.7X10-9 1.0X106 2.7X10-5
Cu-67   1.0X102 2.7X10-9 1.0X106 2.7X10-5
Dy-159 Dysprosium (66) 1.0X103 2.7X10-8 1.0X107 2.7X10-4
Dy-165   1.0X103 2.7X10-8 1.0X106 2.7X10-5
Dy-166   1.0X103 2.7X10-8 1.0X106 2.7X10-5
Er-169 Erbium (68) 1.0X104 2.7X10-7 1.0X107 2.7X10-4
Er-171   1.0X102 2.7X10-9 1.0X106 2.7X10-5
Eu-147 Europium (63) 1.0X102 2.7X10-9 1.0X106 2.7X10-5
Eu-148   1.0X101 2.7X10-10 1.0X106 2.7X10-5
Eu-149   1.0X102 2.7X10-9 1.0X107 2.7X10-4
Eu-150 (short lived)   1.0X103 2.7X10-8 1.0X106 2.7X10-5
Eu-150 (long lived)   1.0X101 2.7X10-10 1.0X106 2.7X10-5
Eu-152   1.0X101 2.7X10-10 1.0X106 2.7X10-5
Eu-152m   1.0X102 2.7X10-9 1.0X106 2.7X10-5
Eu-154   1.0X101 2.7X10-10 1.0X106 2.7X10-5
Eu-155   1.0X102 2.7X10-9 1.0X107 2.7X10-4
Eu-156   1.0X101 2.7X10-10 1.0X106 2.7X10-5
F-18 Fluorine (9) 1.0X101 2.7X10-10 1.0X106 2.7X10-5
Fe-52 Iron (26) 1.0X101 2.7X10-10 1.0X106 2.7X10-5
Fe-55   1.0X104 2.7X10-7 1.0X106 2.7X10-5
Fe-59   1.0X101 2.7X10-10 1.0X106 2.7X10-5
Fe-60   1.0X102 2.7X10-9 1.0X105 2.7X10-6
Ga-67 Gallium (31) 1.0X102 2.7X10-9 1.0X106 2.7X10-5
Ga-68   1.0X101 2.7X10-10 1.0X105 2.7X10-6
Ga-72   1.0X101 2.7X10-10 1.0X105 2.7X10-6
Gd-146 Gadolinium (64) 1.0X101 2.7X10-10 1.0X106 2.7X10-5
Gd-148   1.0X101 2.7X10-10 1.0X104 2.7X10-7
Gd-153   1.0X102 2.7X10-9 1.0X107 2.7X10-4
Gd-159   1.0X103 2.7X10-8 1.0X106 2.7X10-5
Ge-68 Germanium (32) 1.0X101 2.7X10-10 1.0X105 2.7X10-6
Ge-71   1.0X104 2.7X10-7 1.0X108 2.7X10-3
Ge-77   1.0X101 2.7X10-10 1.0X105 2.7X10-6
Hf-172 Hafnium (72) 1.0X101 2.7X10-10 1.0X106 2.7X10-5
Hf-175   1.0X102 2.7X10-9 1.0X106 2.7X10-5
Hf-181   1.0X101 2.7X10-10 1.0X106 2.7X10-5
Hf-182   1.0X102 2.7X10-9 1.0X106 2.7X10-5
Hg-194 Mercury (80) 1.0X101 2.7X10-10 1.0X106 2.7X10-5
Hg-195m   1.0X102 2.7X10-9 1.0X106 2.7X10-5
Hg-197   1.0X102 2.7X10-9 1.0X107 2.7X10-4
Hg-197m   1.0X102 2.7X10-9 1.0X106 2.7X10-5
Hg-203   1.0X102 2.7X10-9 1.0X105 2.7X10-6
Ho-166 Holmium (67) 1.0X103 2.7X10-8 1.0X105 2.7X10-6
Ho-166m   1.0X101 2.7X10-10 1.0X106 2.7X10-5
I-123 Iodine (53) 1.0X102 2.7X10-9 1.0X107 2.7X10-4
I-124   1.0X101 2.7X10-10 1.0X106 2.7X10-5
I-125   1.0X103 2.7X10-8 1.0X106 2.7X10-5
I-126   1.0X102 2.7X10-9 1.0X106 2.7X10-5
I-129   1.0X102 2.7X10-9 1.0X105 2.7X10-6
I-131   1.0X102 2.7X10-9 1.0X106 2.7X10-5
I-132   1.0X101 2.7X10-10 1.0X105 2.7X10-6
I-133   1.0X101 2.7X10-10 1.0X106 2.7X10-5
I-134   1.0X101 2.7X10-10 1.0X105 2.7X10-6
I-135   1.0X101 2.7X10-10 1.0X106 2.7X10-5
In-111 Indium (49) 1.0X102 2.7X10-9 1.0X106 2.7X10-5
In-113m   1.0X102 2.7X10-9 1.0X106 2.7X10-5
In-114m   1.0X102 2.7X10-9 1.0X106 2.7X10-5
In-115m   1.0X102 2.7X10-9 1.0X106 2.7X10-5
Ir-189 Iridium (77) 1.0X102 2.7X10-9 1.0X107 2.7X10-4
Ir-190   1.0X101 2.7X10-10 1.0X106 2.7X10-5
Ir-192   1.0X101 2.7X10-10 1.0X104 2.7X10-7
Ir-194   1.0X102 2.7X10-9 1.0X105 2.7X10-6
K-40 Potassium (19) 1.0X102 2.7X10-9 1.0X106 2.7X10-5
K-42   1.0X102 2.7X10-9 1.0X106 2.7X10-5
K-43   1.0X101 2.7X10-10 1.0X106 2.7X10-5
Kr-81 Krypton (36) 1.0X104 2.7X10-7 1.0X107 2.7X10-4
Kr-85   1.0X105 2.7X10-6 1.0X104 2.7X10-7
Kr-85m   1.0X103 2.7X10-8 1.0X1010 2.7X10-1
Kr-87   1.0X102 2.7X10-9 1.0X109 2.7X10-2
La-137 Lanthanum (57) 1.0X103 2.7X10-8 1.0X107 2.7X10-4
La-140   1.0X101 2.7X10-10 1.0X105 2.7X10-6
Lu-172 Lutetium (71) 1.0X101 2.7X10-10 1.0X106 2.7X10-5
Lu-173   1.0X102 2.7X10-9 1.0X107 2.7X10-4
Lu-174   1.0X102 2.7X10-9 1.0X107 2.7X10-4
Lu-174m   1.0X102 2.7X10-9 1.0X107 2.7X10-4
Lu-177   1.0X103 2.7X10-8 1.0X107 2.7X10-4
Mg-28 Magnesium (12) 1.0X101 2.7X10-10 1.0X105 2.7X10-6
Mn-52 Manganese (25) 1.0X101 2.7X10-10 1.0X105 2.7X10-6
Mn-53   1.0X104 2.7X10-7 1.0X109 2.7X10-2
Mn-54   1.0X101 2.7X10-10 1.0X106 2.7X10-5
Mn-56   1.0X101 2.7X10-10 1.0X105 2.7X10-6
Mo-93 Molybdenum (42) 1.0X103 2.7X10-8 1.0X108 2.7X10-3
Mo-99   1.0X102 2.7X10-9 1.0X106 2.7X10-5
N-13 Nitrogen (7) 1.0X102 2.7X10-9 1.0X109 2.7X10-2
Na-22 Sodium (11) 1.0X101 2.7X10-10 1.0X106 2.7X10-5
Na-24   1.0X101 2.7X10-10 1.0X105 2.7X10-6
Nb-93m Niobium (41) 1.0X104 2.7X10-7 1.0X107 2.7X10-4
Nb-94   1.0X101 2.7X10-10 1.0X106 2.7X10-5
Nb-95   1.0X101 2.7X10-10 1.0X106 2.7X10-5
Nb-97   1.0X101 2.7X10-10 1.0X106 2.7X10-5
Nd-147 Neodymium (60) 1.0X102 2.7X10-9 1.0X106 2.7X10-5
Nd-149   1.0X102 2.7X10-9 1.0X106 2.7X10-5
Ni-59 Nickel (28) 1.0X104 2.7X10-7 1.0X108 2.7X10-3
Ni-63   1.0X105 2.7X10-6 1.0X108 2.7X10-3
Ni-65   1.0X101 2.7X10-10 1.0X106 2.7X10-5
Np-235 Neptunium (93) 1.0X103 2.7X10-8 1.0X107 2.7X10-4
Np-236 (short-lived)   1.0X103 2.7X10-8 1.0X107 2.7X10-4
Np-236 (long-lived)   1.0X102 2.7X10-9 1.0X105 2.7X10-6
Np-237 (b)   1.0 2.7X10-11 1.0X103 2.7X10-8
Np-239   1.0X102 2.7X10-9 1.0X107 2.7X10-4
Os-185 Osmium (76) 1.0X101 2.7X10-10 1.0X106 2.7X10-5
Os-191   1.0X102 2.7X10-9 1.0X107 2.7X10-4
Os-191m   1.0X103 2.7X10-8 1.0X107 2.7X10-4
Os-193   1.0X102 2.7X10-9 1.0X106 2.7X10-5
Os-194   1.0X102 2.7X10-9 1.0X105 2.7X10-6
P-32 Phosphorus (15) 1.0X103 2.7X10-8 1.0X105 2.7X10-6
P-33   1.0X105 2.7X10-6 1.0X108 2.7X10-3
Pa-230 Protactinium (91) 1.0X101 2.7X10-10 1.0X106 2.7X10-5
Pa-231   1.0 2.7X10-11 1.0X103 2.7X10-8
Pa-233   1.0X102 2.7X10-9 1.0X107 2.7X10-4
Pb-201 Lead (82) 1.0X101 2.7X10-10 1.0X106 2.7X10-5
Pb-202   1.0X103 2.7X10-8 1.0X106 2.7X10-5
Pb-203   1.0X102 2.7X10-9 1.0X106 2.7X10-5
Pb-205   1.0X104 2.7X10-7 1.0X107 2.7X10-4
Pb-210 (b)   1.0X101 2.7X10-10 1.0X104 2.7X10-7
Pb-212 (b)   1.0X101 2.7X10-10 1.0X105 2.7X10-6
Pd-103 Palladium (46) 1.0X103 2.7X10-8 1.0X108 2.7X10-3
Pd-107   1.0X105 2.7X10-6 1.0X108 2.7X10-3
Pd-109   1.0X103 2.7X10-8 1.0X106 2.7X10-5
Pm-143 Promethium (61) 1.0X102 2.7X10-9 1.0X106 2.7X10-5
Pm-144   1.0X101 2.7X10-10 1.0X106 2.7X10-5
Pm-145   1.0X103 2.7X10-8 1.0X107 2.7X10-4
Pm-147   1.0X104 2.7X10-7 1.0X107 2.7X10-4
Pm-148m   1.0X101 2.7X10-10 1.0X106 2.7X10-5
Pm-149   1.0X103 2.7X10-8 1.0X106 2.7X10-5
Pm-151   1.0X102 2.7X10-9 1.0X106 2.7X10-5
Po-210 Polonium (84) 1.0X101 2.7X10-10 1.0X104 2.7X10-7
Pr-142 Praseodymium (59) 1.0X102 2.7X10-9 1.0X105 2.7X10-6
Pr-143   1.0X104 2.7X10-7 1.0X106 2.7X10-5
Pt-188 Platinum (78) 1.0X101 2.7X10-10 1.0X106 2.7X10-5
Pt-191   1.0X102 2.7X10-9 1.0X106 2.7X10-5
Pt-193   1.0X104 2.7X10-7 1.0X107 2.7X10-4
Pt-193m   1.0X103 2.7X10-8 1.0X107 2.7X10-4
Pt-195m   1.0X102 2.7X10-9 1.0X106 2.7X10-5
Pt-197   1.0X103 2.7X10-8 1.0X106 2.7X10-5
Pt-197m   1.0X102 2.7X10-9 1.0X106 2.7X10-5
Pu-236 Plutonium (94) 1.0X101 2.7X10-10 1.0X104 2.7X10-7
Pu-237   1.0X103 2.7X10-8 1.0X107 2.7X10-4
Pu-238   1.0 2.7X10-11 1.0X104 2.7X10-7
Pu-239   1.0 2.7X10-11 1.0X104 2.7X10-7
Pu-240   1.0 2.7X10-11 1.0X103 2.7X10-8
Pu-241   1.0X102 2.7X10-9 1.0X105 2.7X10-6
Pu-242   1.0 2.7X10-11 1.0X104 2.7X10-7
Pu-244   1.0 2.7X10-11 1.0X104 2.7X10-7
Ra-223 (b) Radium (88) 1.0X102 2.7X10-9 1.0X105 2.7X10-6
Ra-224 (b)   1.0X101 2.7X10-10 1.0X105 2.7X10-6
Ra-225   1.0X102 2.7X10-9 1.0X105 2.7X10-6
Ra-226 (b)   1.0X101 2.7X10-10 1.0X104 2.7X10-7
Ra-228 (b)   1.0X101 2.7X10-10 1.0X105 2.7X10-6
Rb-81 Rubidium (37) 1.0X101 2.7X10-10 1.0X106 2.7X10-5
Rb-83   1.0X102 2.7X10-9 1.0X106 2.7X10-5
Rb-84   1.0X101 2.7X10-10 1.0X106 2.7X10-5
Rb-86   1.0X102 2.7X10-9 1.0X105 2.7X10-6
Rb-87   1.0X104 2.7X10-7 1.0X107 2.7X10-4
Rb(nat)   1.0X104 2.7X10-7 1.0X107 2.7X10-4
Re-184 Rhenium (75) 1.0X101 2.7X10-10 1.0X106 2.7X10-5
Re-184m   1.0X102 2.7X10-9 1.0X106 2.7X10-5
Re-186   1.0X103 2.7X10-8 1.0X106 2.7X10-5
Re-187   1.0X106 2.7X10-5 1.0X109 2.7X10-2
Re-188   1.0X102 2.7X10-9 1.0X105 2.7X10-6
Re-189   1.0X102 2.7X10-9 1.0X106 2.7X10-5
Re(nat)   1.0X106 2.7X10-5 1.0X109 2.7X10-2
Rh-99 Rhodium (45) 1.0X101 2.7X10-10 1.0X106 2.7X10-5
Rh-101   1.0X102 2.7X10-9 1.0X107 2.7X10-4
Rh-102   1.0X101 2.7X10-10 1.0X106 2.7X10-5
Rh-102m   1.0X102 2.7X10-9 1.0X106 2.7X10-5
Rh-103m   1.0X104 2.7X10-7 1.0X108 2.7X10-3
Rh-105   1.0X102 2.7X10-9 1.0X107 2.7X10-4
Rn-222 (b) Radon (86) 1.0X101 2.7X10-10 1.0X108 2.7X10-3
Ru-97 Ruthenium (44) 1.0X102 2.7X10-9 1.0X107 2.7X10-4
Ru-103   1.0X102 2.7X10-9 1.0X106 2.7X10-5
Ru-105   1.0X101 2.7X10-10 1.0X106 2.7X10-5
Ru-106 (b)   1.0X102 2.7X10-9 1.0X105 2.7X10-6
S-35 Sulphur (16) 1.0X105 2.7X10-6 1.0X108 2.7X10-3
Sb-122 Antimony (51) 1.0X102 2.7X10-9 1.0X104 2.7X10-7
Sb-124   1.0X101 2.7X10-10 1.0X106 2.7X10-5
Sb-125   1.0X102 2.7X10-9 1.0X106 2.7X10-5
Sb-126   1.0X101 2.7X10-10 1.0X105 2.7X10-6
Sc-44 Scandium (21) 1.0X101 2.7X10-10 1.0X105 2.7X10-6
Sc-46   1.0X101 2.7X10-10 1.0X106 2.7X10-5
Sc-47   1.0X102 2.7X10-9 1.0X106 2.7X10-5
Sc-48   1.0X101 2.7X10-10 1.0X105 2.7X10-6
Se-75 Selenium (34) 1.0X102 2.7X10-9 1.0X106 2.7X10-5
Se-79   1.0X104 2.7X10-7 1.0X107 2.7X10-4
Si-31 Silicon (14) 1.0X103 2.7X10-8 1.0X106 2.7X10-5
Si-32   1.0X103 2.7X10-8 1.0X106 2.7X10-5
Sm-145 Samarium (62) 1.0X102 2.7X10-9 1.0X107 2.7X10-4
Sm-147   1.0X101 2.7X10-10 1.0X104 2.7X10-7
Sm-151   1.0X104 2.7X10-7 1.0X108 2.7X10-3
Sm-153   1.0X102 2.7X10-9 1.0X106 2.7X10-5
Sn-113 Tin (50) 1.0X103 2.7X10-8 1.0X107 2.7X10-4
Sn-117m   1.0X102 2.7X10-9 1.0X106 2.7X10-5
Sn-119m   1.0X103 2.7X10-8 1.0X107 2.7X10-4
Sn-121m   1.0X103 2.7X10-8 1.0X107 2.7X10-4
Sn-123   1.0X103 2.7X10-8 1.0X106 2.7X10-5
Sn-125   1.0X102 2.7X10-9 1.0X105 2.7X10-6
Sn-126   1.0X101 2.7X10-10 1.0X105 2.7X10-6
Sr-82 Strontium (38) 1.0X101 2.7X10-10 1.0X105 2.7X10-6
Sr-85   1.0X102 2.7X10-9 1.0X106 2.7X10-5
Sr-85m   1.0X102 2.7X10-9 1.0X107 2.7X10-4
Sr-87m   1.0X102 2.7X10-9 1.0X106 2.7X10-5
Sr-89   1.0X103 2.7X10-8 1.0X106 2.7X10-5
Sr-90 (b)   1.0X102 2.7X10-9 1.0X104 2.7X10-7
Sr-91   1.0X101 2.7X10-10 1.0X105 2.7X10-6
Sr-92   1.0X101 2.7X10-10 1.0X106 2.7X10-5
T(H-3) Tritium (1) 1.0X106 2.7X10-5 1.0X109 2.7X10-2
Ta-178 (long-lived) Tantalum (73) 1.0X101 2.7X10-10 1.0X106 2.7X10-5
Ta-179   1.0X103 2.7X10-8 1.0X107 2.7X10-4
Ta-182   1.0X101 2.7X10-10 1.0X104 2.7X10-7
Tb-157 Terbium (65) 1.0X104 2.7X10-7 1.0X107 2.7X10-4
Tb-158   1.0X101 2.7X10-10 1.0X106 2.7X10-5
Tb-160   1.0X101 2.7X10-10 1.0X106 2.7X10-5
Tc-95m Technetium (43) 1.0X101 2.7X10-10 1.0X106 2.7X10-5
Tc-96   1.0X101 2.7X10-10 1.0X106 2.7X10-5
Tc-96m   1.0X103 2.7X10-8 1.0X107 2.7X10-4
Tc-97   1.0X103 2.7X10-8 1.0X108 2.7X10-3
Tc-97m   1.0X103 2.7X10-8 1.0X107 2.7X10-4
Tc-98   1.0X101 2.7X10-10 1.0X106 2.7X10-5
Tc-99   1.0X104 2.7X10-7 1.0X107 2.7X10-4
Tc-99m   1.0X102 2.7X10-9 1.0X107 2.7X10-4
Te-121 Tellurium (52) 1.0X101 2.7X10-10 1.0X106 2.7X10-5
Te-121m   1.0X102 2.7X10-9 1.0X105 2.7X10-6
Te-123m   1.0X102 2.7X10-9 1.0X107 2.7X10-4
Te-125m   1.0X103 2.7X10-8 1.0X107 2.7X10-4
Te-127   1.0X103 2.7X10-8 1.0X106 2.7X10-5
Te-127m   1.0X103 2.7X10-8 1.0X107 2.7X10-4
Te-129   1.0X102 2.7X10-9 1.0X106 2.7X10-5
Te-129m   1.0X103 2.7X10-8 1.0X106 2.7X10-5
Te-131m   1.0X101 2.7X10-10 1.0X106 2.7X10-5
Te-132   1.0X102 2.7X10-9 1.0X107 2.7X10-4
Th-227 Thorium (90) 1.0X101 2.7X10-10 1.0X104 2.7X10-7
Th-228 (b)   1.0 2.7X10-11 1.0X104 2.7X10-7
Th-229 (b)   1.0 2.7X10-11 1.0X103 2.7X10-8
Th-230   1.0 2.7X10-11 1.0X104 2.7X10-7
Th-231   1.0X103 2.7X10-8 1.0X107 2.7X10-4
Th-232   1.0X101 2.7X10-10 1.0X104 2.7X10-7
Th-234 (b)   1.0X103 2.7X10-8 1.0X105 2.7X10-6
Th (nat) (b)   1.0 2.7X10-11 1.0X103 2.7X10-8
Ti-44 Titanium (22) 1.0X101 2.7X10-10 1.0X105 2.7X10-6
Tl-200 Thallium (81) 1.0X101 2.7X10-10 1.0X106 2.7X10-5
Tl-201   1.0X102 2.7X10-9 1.0X106 2.7X10-5
Tl-202   1.0X102 2.7X10-9 1.0X106 2.7X10-5
Tl-204   1.0X104 2.7X10-7 1.0X104 2.7X10-7
Tm-167 Thulium (69) 1.0X102 2.7X10-9 1.0X106 2.7X10-5
Tm-170   1.0X103 2.7X10-8 1.0X106 2.7X10-5
Tm-171   1.0X104 2.7X10-7 1.0X108 2.7X10-3
U-230 (fast lung absorption) (b),(d) Uranium (92) 1.0X101 2.7X10-10 1.0X105 2.7X10-6
U-230 (medium lung absorption) (e)   1.0X101 2.7X10-10 1.0X104 2.7X10-7
U-230 (slow lung absorption) (f)   1.0X101 2.7X10-10 1.0X104 2.7X10-7
U-232 (fast lung absorption) (b),(d)   1.0 2.7X10-11 1.0X103 2.7X10-8
U-232 (medium lung absorption) (e)   1.0X101 2.7X10-10 1.0X104 2.7X10-7
U-232 (slow lung absorption) (f)   1.0X101 2.7X10-10 1.0X104 2.7X10-7
U-233 (fast lung absorption) (d)   1.0X101 2.7X10-10 1.0X104 2.7X10-7
U-233 (medium lung absorption) (e)   1.0X102 2.7X10-9 1.0X105 2.7X10-6
U-233 (slow lung absorption) (f)   1.0X101 2.7X10-10 1.0X105 2.7X10-6
U-234 (fast lung absorption) (d)   1.0X101 2.7X10-10 1.0X104 2.7X10-7
U-234 (medium lung absorption) (e)   1.0X102 2.7X10-9 1.0X105 2.7X10-6
U-234 (slow lung absorption) (f)   1.0X101 2.7X10-10 1.0X105 2.7X10-6
U-235 (all lung absorption types) (b),(d),(e),(f )   1.0X101 2.7X10-10 1.0X104 2.7X10-7
U-236 (fast lung absorption) (d)   1.0X101 2.7X10-10 1.0X104 2.7X10-7
U-236 (medium lung absorption) (e)   1.0X102 2.7X10-9 1.0X105 2.7X10-6
U-236 (slow lung absorption) (f)   1.0X101 2.7X10-10 1.0X104 2.7X10-7
U-238 (all lung absorption types) (b),(d),(e),(f )   1.0X101 2.7X10-10 1.0X104 2.7X10-7
U (nat) (b)   1.0 2.7X10-11 1.0X103 2.7X10-8
U (enriched to 20% or less) (g)   1.0 2.7X10-11 1.0X103 2.7X10-8
U (dep)   1.0 2.7X10-11 1.0X103 2.7X10-8
V-48 Vanadium (23) 1.0X101 2.7X10-10 1.0X105 2.7X10-6
V-49   1.0X104 2.7X10-7 1.0X107 2.7X10-4
W-178 Tungsten (74) 1.0X101 2.7X10-10 1.0X106 2.7X10-5
W-181   1.0X103 2.7X10-8 1.0X107 2.7X10-4
W-185   1.0X104 2.7X10-7 1.0X107 2.7X10-4
W-187   1.0X102 2.7X10-9 1.0X106 2.7X10-5
W-188   1.0X102 2.7X10-9 1.0X105 2.7X10-6
Xe-122 Xenon (54) 1.0X102 2.7X10-9 1.0X109 2.7X10-2
Xe-123   1.0X102 2.7X10-9 1.0X109 2.7X10-2
Xe-127   1.0X103 2.7X10-8 1.0X105 2.7X10-6
Xe-131m   1.0X104 2.7X10-7 1.0X104 2.7X10-7
Xe-133   1.0X103 2.7X10-8 1.0X104 2.7X10-7
Xe-135   1.0X103 2.7X10-8 1.0X1010 2.7X10-1
Y-87 Yttrium (39) 1.0X101 2.7X10-10 1.0X106 2.7X10-5
Y-88   1.0X101 2.7X10-10 1.0X106 2.7X10-5
Y-90   1.0X103 2.7X10-8 1.0X105 2.7X10-6
Y-91   1.0X103 2.7X10-8 1.0X106 2.7X10-5
Y-91m   1.0X102 2.7X10-9 1.0X106 2.7X10-5
Y-92   1.0X102 2.7X10-9 1.0X105 2.7X10-6
Y-93   1.0X102 2.7X10-9 1.0X105 2.7X10-6
Yb-169 Ytterbium (70) 1.0X102 2.7X10-9 1.0X107 2.7X10-4
Yb-175   1.0X103 2.7X10-8 1.0X107 2.7X10-4
Zn-65 Zinc (30) 1.0X101 2.7X10-10 1.0X106 2.7X10-5
Zn-69   1.0X104 2.7X10-7 1.0X106 2.7X10-5
Zn-69m   1.0X102 2.7X10-9 1.0X106 2.7X10-5
Zr-88 Zirconium (40) 1.0X102 2.7X10-9 1.0X106 2.7X10-5
Zr-93 (b)   1.0X103 2.7X10-8 1.0X107 2.7X10-4
Zr-95   1.0X101 2.7X10-10 1.0X106 2.7X10-5
Zr-97 (b)   1.0X101 2.7X10-10 1.0X105 2.7X10-6

a [Reserved]
b Parent nuclides and their progeny included in secular equilibrium are listed in the following:

Sr-90 Y-90
Zr-93 Nb-93m
Zr-97 Nb-97
Ru-106 Rh-106
Cs-137 Ba-137m
Ce-134 La-134
Ce-144 Pr-144
Ba-140 La-140
Bi-212 Tl-208 (0.36), Po-212 (0.64)
Pb-210 Bi-210, Po-210
Pb-212 Bi-212, Tl-208 (0.36), Po-212 (0.64)
Rn-220 Po-216
Rn-222 Po-218, Pb-214, Bi-214, Po-214
Ra-223 Rn-219, Po-215, Pb-211, Bi-211, Tl-207
Ra-224 Rn-220, Po-216, Pb-212, Bi-212, Tl-208(0.36), Po-212 (0.64)
Ra-226 Rn-222, Po-218, Pb-214, Bi-214, Po-214, Pb-210, Bi-210, Po-210
Ra-228 Ac-228
Th-226 Ra-222, Rn-218, Po-214
Th-228 Ra-224, Rn-220, Po-216, Pb-212, Bi-212, Tl-208 (0.36), Po-212 (0.64)
Th-229 Ra-225, Ac-225, Fr-221, At-217, Bi-213, Po-213, Pb-209
Th-nat Ra-228, Ac-228, Th-228, Ra-224, Rn-220, Po-216, Pb-212, Bi-212, Tl-208 (0.36), Po-212 (0.64)
Th-234 Pa-234m
U-230 Th-226, Ra-222, Rn-218, Po-214
U-232 Th-228, Ra-224, Rn-220, Po-216, Pb-212, Bi-212, Tl-208 (0.36), Po-212 (0.64)
U-235 Th-231
U-238 Th-234, Pa-234m
U-nat Th-234, Pa-234m, U-234, Th-230, Ra-226, Rn-222, Po-218, Pb-214, Bi-214, Po-214, Pb-210, Bi-210, Po-210
U-240 Np-240m
Np-237 Pa-233
Am-242m Am-242
Am-243 Np-239
c [Reserved]
d These values apply only to compounds of uranium that take the chemical form of UF6, UO2F2 and UO2(NO3)2 in both normal and accident conditions of transport.
e These values apply only to compounds of uranium that take the chemical form of UO3, UF4, UCl4 and hexavalent compounds in both normal and accident conditions of transport.
f These values apply to all compounds of uranium other than those specified in notes (d) and (e) of this table.
g These values apply to unirradiated uranium only.


Contents A1 A2 Activity concentration for exempt material
Activity concentration for exempt material (Ci/g) Activity limits for exempt consignments (Bq) Activity limits for exempt consignments (Ci)
(TBq) (Ci) (TBq) (Ci)
Only beta or gamma emitting radionuclides are known to be present 1 x 10-1 2.7 x 100 2 x 10 -2 5.4 x 10-1 1 x 101 2.7 x10-10 1 x 104 2.7 x10-7
Only alpha emitting
radionuclides are known
to be present
2 x 10-1 5.4 x 100 9 x 10-5 2.4 x 10-3 1 x 10-1 2.7 x10-12 1 x 103 2.7 x10-8
No relevant data are available 1 x 10-3 2.7 x 10-2 9 x 10-5 2.4 x 10-3 1 x 10-1 2.7 x 10-12 1 x 103 2.7 x 10-8


Uranium Enrichment1
wt % U-235 present
Specific Activity
TBq/g Ci/g
0.45 1.8 x 10-8 5.0 x 10-7
0.72 2.6 x 10-8 7.1 x 10-7
1 2.8 x 10-8 7.6 x 10-7
1.5 3.7 x 10-8 1.0 x 10-6
5 1.0 x 10-7 2.7 x 10-6
10 1.8 x 10-7 4.8 x 10-6
20 3.7 x 10-7 1.0 x 10-5
35 7.4 x 10-7 2.0 x 10-5
50 9.3 x 10-7 2.5 x 10-5
90 2.2 x 10-6 5.8 x 10-5
93 2.6 x 10-6 7.0 x 10-5
95 3.4 x 10-6 9.1 x 10-5

1 The figures for uranium include representative values for the activity of the uranium-234 that is concentrated during the enrichment process.

[60 FR 50264, Sept. 28, 1995 as amended at 61 FR 28724, June 6, 1996; 69 FR 3800, Jan. 26, 2004; 77 FR 39908, Jul. 6, 2012]

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