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§ 70.74 Additional reporting requirements.

(a) Reports to NRC Operations Center. (1) Each licensee shall report to the NRC Operations Center the events described in Appendix A to Part 70.

(2) Reports must be made by a knowledgeable licensee representative and by any method that will ensure compliance with the required time period for reporting.

(3) The information provided must include a description of the event and other related information as described in § 70.50(c)(1).

(4) Follow-up information to the reports must be provided until all information required to be reported in § 70.50(c)(1) of this subpart is complete.

(5) Each licensee shall provide reasonable assurance that reliable communication with the NRC Operations Center is available during each event.

(b) Written reports. Each licensee that makes a report required by paragraph (a)(1) of this section shall submit a written follow-up report within 30 days of the initial report. The written report must contain the information as described in § 70.50(c)(2).

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