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Advisory Committee on Nuclear Waste (ACNW&M) 2007 Letter Reports

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Date Title
11/30/2007 Total System Performance Assessment Code Version 5.1
11/30/2007 Regulatory Guide Revision
11/27/2007 Review of Draft Regulatory Guide 4012
11/26/2007 NUREG-1854, "NRC Staff Guidance for Activities Related to U.S. Department of Energy Waste Determinations - Draft Final Report for Interim Use"
11/20/2007 Proposed Rulemaking to Prevent Legacy Sites
10/11/2007 Regulation of Advanced Spent Nuclear Fuel Reprocessing and Refabrication Facilities
10/02/2007 NRC Plans for Monitoring Disposal Actions for Waste Incidental to Reprocessing at U.S. Department of Energy Facilities at the Idaho National Laboratory and Savannah River Sites
10/01/2007 Low-Level Radioactive Waste (LLW) Minimization Strategies and Views on Commercial LLW Management
09/25/2007 Engagement with the International Commission On Radiological Protection
08/13/2007 Concerning the Response from the EDO Regarding the Committee's Letter on Prevention of Legacy Sites
08/01/2007 Chapters 11.2 Through 11.5 of NUREG-0800, "Standard Review Plan (SRP) for the Review of Safety Analysis Reports for Nuclear Power Plants"
07/27/2007 Agency efforts regarding radiation protection Information

Working Group Meeting on 10 CFR 20.1406 Minimization of Contamination and Proposed Regulatory Guide 4012


NRC Office of Nuclear Regulatory Research (RES) Long-term Research: Fiscal Year 2009 Activities


Igneous Activity at Yucca Mountain: Technical Basis for Decision Making.

Attached Report

Proposed Rulemaking on Groundwater Protection at in Situ Leach Uranium Recovery Facilities


Use of Credit for Moderator Exclusion in the Licensing of Spent Nuclear Fuel Transportation Packages


Comments on "Draft Recommendations of the International Commission On Radiological Protection," Dated January 12, 2007


Report of the French Academy of Sciences, “The Dose-Effect Relationship and Estimating the Carcinogenic Effects of Low Doses of Ionizing Radiation”

01/08/2007 Working Group Meeting on Decommissioning Lessons Learned
01/04/2007 Proposed Revision 1 to Regulatory Guide 1.112, “Calculation Of Releases of Radioactive Materials in Gaseous and Liquid Effluents from Light-water-cooled Nuclear Power Reactors”
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