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NRR Action Plans

NRR Action Plans are used to manage the resolution of safety, generic, significant, complex, or long term issues. They also focus on compliance activities, and complement NUREG-0933, "Resolution of Generic Safety Issues."

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Action Plan Updates

Latest Update Open
11/22/2013 On Site Spent Fuel Criticality Analyses
11/21/2013 North Anna Power Station Restart
04/17/2013 Buried Piping
03/02/2011 Gas Management
03/17/2009 PWR Sump Performance GSI-191
07/30/2007 Phased Approach to PRA Quality
Last Update Closure in Progress
03/17/2009 PWR Sump Performance GSI-191 (Catawba)

Action Plan Archive

Date Closed Archive
09/18/2012 Closure Of Bulletin 2011-01, “Mitigating Strategies”
05/20/2010 Fire Protection Program
12/31/2009 Steam Generator
12/14/2009 Davis-Besse Lessons Learned Task Force Action Plan Regarding Stress Corrosion Cracking
09/18/2009 Offsite Power Issues
04/07/2009 Control Room Habitability
02/04/2009 Generic Safety Issue (GSI) 189 - Susceptibility of Ice Condenser and Mark III Containments to Early Failure from Hydrogen Combustion During a Severe Accident
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