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Application Review Schedule for Crownpoint

The following table summarizes the key milestones in the schedule that the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) has established for its review of the application that Uranium One submitted to obtain a license for its Crownpoint In Situ Recovery site.

Key Milestones Completion Date
Actual - A
Target - T
License Renewal Application Tendered 08/22/02 - A
Acceptance Review
Federal Register Notice and Opportunity for Hearing
12/16/02 - A
Safety Review *
Application Updated after Conclusion of Litigation
11/06/12 – A
Requests for Additional Information (RAIs) Issued to Licensee
01/27/14 - T
Safety Evaluation Report (SER) completed
12/31/14 - T
Environmental Review
RAIs Issued to Licensee
01/27/14 - T
Draft EA published for Public Comment
Final EA published
License Renewal
Licensing Action Completed - License Issued

* Actual Time Depends on Licensee

Information on Federal Register notices for receipt of the application and opportunity to request a hearing or petition to intervene can be found on the Hearing Opportunities page.

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