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Radiological Toolbox

The NRC developed the radiological toolbox as a means to quickly access databases needed for radiation protection, shielding, and dosimetry calculations.

The toolbox is essentially an electronic handbook with limited computational capabilities beyond those of unit conversion. Further revisions of the toolbox are planned as the need for additional data is identified by NRC staff and other users. The toolbox contains radioactive decay data, biokinetic data, internal and external dose coefficients, elemental composition of a large number of materials, radiation interaction coefficients, kerma coefficients, and other tabular data of interest to the health physicist, radiological engineer, and others working in fields involving radiation. The toolbox includes a means to export the tabular data to an Excel worksheet for use in further calculations. It operates in a Windows environment.

Users who encounter difficulties or errors are encouraged to contact us to have them corrected. We also encourage users to send suggestions for additional databases they would like to see added to the toolbox.

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