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Question 56: Would areas periodically patrolled, but not

constantly manned, be considered to fall within the

exception in 10 CFR 20.2202 (a) (2) and 20.2202 (b) (2) for

"locations where personnel are not normally stationed

during routine operations, such as hot-cells or process

enclosures?" For example, would these exceptions apply "if

a hallway or cubicle in the reactor auxiliary becomes an

airborne radioactivity area and auxiliary equipment

operators make their rounds periodically during their


Answer: No, the exception would not apply to these areas

that are "periodically patrolled" or otherwise normally

accessible to personnel. However, for nuclear power plants

at power, primary containments are examples of "locations

where personnel are not normally stationed." (References:

10 CFR 20.2202 (a) (2), 10 CFR 20.2202 (b) (2))

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