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Question 432: Questions 376 and 389 in section 10 CFR

20.2001 concern the use of the "decay in storage" option

of 10 CFR 20.2001 (a) (2) at nuclear power plants and at

materials facilities. However, it is not clear whether or

not these questions and answers also apply to non-power

reactor facilities. How can this option be used at

non-power reactor facilities?

Answer: As indicated in the statement of considerations

for revised Part 20 (56 FR 23380, third column, and 23381,

first column), and in the answers to questions 376 and to

389, technically, the "decay in storage" option has always

been available to all licensees as an allowed waste

disposal option. However, this option does not allow

material to be released to an unrestricted area unless it

meets the requirements of one of the other allowed forms of

waste disposal in 10 CFR Part 20, or the requirements of

§35.92, "Decay in Storage," of 10 CFR Part 35 (for medical

licensees, only), or the specific license conditions given

in any NRC or Agreement State license. (Reference: 10 CFR


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