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Question 429: A "Note" added to the answer to Question 126

clarifies the answer with respect to nuclear power plants.

Does this clarification also apply to non-power reactor


Answer: Yes. As indicated in that "Note", workers at

nuclear power plants, for whom individual monitoring is

required and who are outside restricted areas need not wear

personal dosimeters to measure external doses from

effluents. However, they should wear personal dosimeters

when performing work with or near licensed materials that

are sources of external occupational exposure (e.g., when

performing a radiation survey of a vehicle loaded with

radioactive material ready for shipping.) (Reference: 10

CFR 20.1502).

NOTE: Questions 444, 445, and 446 relate to determining

whether occupational radiation dose monitoring of an

individual is required (i.e., is the individual likely to

exceed 10% of an applicable limit?)

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