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Question 415: This question refers to the answer to

Question 41 under §20.1201. This answer leaves open what

is an acceptable frequency for querying monitored workers.

This is only an issue of monitored workers, isn't it? In

the interest of workload minimization, I suggest that an

annual query / reminder along with the required annual 10 CFR

19 dosimetry report is adequate.

Answer: The requirements of 10 CFR 20.1201 (f) and the

answer to Question 41 apply to any individual who will

receive an occupational dose, not just those individuals

for whom individual monitoring is required. The frequency

for querying / reminding workers should be determined by the

licensee; however, given that the dose limit is annual, the

frequency should be no less than annually. (Reference: 10

CFR 20.1201).

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