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Question 411: Under 10 CFR 19.12, what is the minimum

training that licensees must provide to visitors who will

enter a restricted area (where the occupational dose limits


Answer: 10 CFR 19.12, "Instructions to Workers," requires

that training (instruction) be provided to "all individuals

working in or frequenting any portion of a restricted

area." Frequenting an area means to pay frequent visits to

the area or to be in the area often. Therefore, 10 CFR

19.12 does not apply to infrequent visitors who will not be

working in the restricted area. However, 10 CFR 19.12 does

apply to visitors or other individuals (a) who will be

working in the restricted area or (b) who are expected to

be in the area often. (Thus, 10 CFR 19.12 does require

instruction of anyone working in a restricted area, even if

that work is infrequent.) Licensees have the

responsibility to determine which individuals are frequent

visitors and which are not. Although not required by 10

CFR 19.12, in accordance with good radiation protection

practice, infrequent visitor (s) should be provided with a

trained escort who will provide the visitor (s) with the

information needed for protection from any potential

radiological hazards. (Reference: 10 CFR 19.12)

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