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Question 229: Will the radiographers have to wipe test the

sealed source upon receipt (10 CFR 20.1906 (b) (1)) even if

the manufacturer has performed a recent leak test on the


Answer: The requirements of 20.1906 refer to the external

surface of package, not the source itself; the requirement

to wipe test a source is usually a license condition. If

the source is not a gas or not in special form, the

licensee is required to monitor the labeled package (White

I, Yellow II or III) for contamination regardless of

whether a leak test has been performed. If the source is

in special form as defined in 10 CFR 71.4, the external

surface of the package does not need to be monitored for

contamination. (Reference: 10 CFR 20.1906, 71.4)

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