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Question 227: (a) Must gauge licensees perform a survey

of each gauge package (if the package is labeled with a DOT

label) for contamination and radiation levels upon receipt

of the package? (b) What surveys must a licensee perform

during routine operation where portable gauges are

transported daily from site to site, then returned to a

storage location?

Answer: (a) As a result of amendments to Part 20

published on 8/31/92 [57 FR 39353], the licensee is not

required to survey the gauge package for contamination if

the source is in special form as defined in 10 CFR 71.4 and

is not required to monitor radiation levels unless the

package contains quantities of radioactive material that

are in excess of the Type A quantity, as defined in 10 CFR

71.4 and Appendix A to Part 71, provided there is not

evidence of degradation of package integrity.

(b) If there is no evidence of degradation of package

integrity, no surveys are required if the package contains

less than or equal to a Type A quantity and the source is

in special form. If the source is not in special form, a

contamination survey is required; if the source is greater

than a Type A quantity, the external surface of the package

must be monitored for radiation levels. (Reference: 10

CFR 20.1906, 71.4)

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