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Question 118: 10 CFR 20.1101 (c) requires that each

licensee "periodically (at least annually) review the

radiation program content and implementation." A nuclear

power plant has many reviews and audits (including quality

assurance audits) of various aspects of their radiation

protection programs during a year and reviews are on a

schedule that covers all phases of the program on a

2-3-year review cycle. Is this acceptable to the NRC?

Answer: Yes, provided that the combination of these

reviews and audits covers program content and

implementation. Reviews and audits at nuclear power plants

should incorporate the following features to assess

procedural compliance, technical performance,

implementation, and effectiveness of the facility radiation

protection program.

Radiation protection supervisory reviews

Onsite radiation protection supervisors should periodically

perform and document reviews of the effectiveness of the

radiation protection staff in such areas as radiological

work practices, work monitoring, procedural compliance, and

survey adequacy.

Quality assurance audits

Quality assurance audits should be performed by the onsite

auditing group. Personnel in the auditing group should have

sufficient radiation protection training or experience so

they can determine whether radiation protection functions

are being performed as required. The quality assurance

program audits should meet the requirements of Appendix B

to 10 CFR Part 50.

Corporate or contract audits

Offsite (corporate or contract) audits and evaluations

should be performed to determine whether the radiation

protection program complies with the regulations and other

requirements and whether plant-wide objectives are being

met as well as to identify needed program improvements.

(Reference: 10 CFR 20.1101)

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