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Question 10: Why does the revised Part 20 still require

Form 4?

Answer: Form 4 is used as a cumulative record of

exposures at each licensee facility and serves as a

mechanism for transmitting data from one licensee to

another. Licensees must attempt to obtain the information

on lifetime cumulative occupational radiation dose on Form

4, or equivalent, for all workers requiring monitoring.

Licensees must obtain that information for occupational

radiation doses received during the current year and prior

to permitting a Planned Special Exposure. (See 10 CFR

20.2104.) Form 4 is not transmitted to the NRC. Form 5 is

a summary of annual exposure and may have more frequent

entries. The data on several previous Form 5's might be

used to prepare a summary Form 4. The Form 5 will be

provided to the NRC annually for workers in 7 classes of

licensed facilities under the revised Part 20. (References:

10 CFR 20.2104, 10 CFR 20.2206)

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