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Grant Awards - 2012

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FY12 Office of Nuclear Regulatory Research (RES) Financial Assistance Program Awards

University Amount Title
National Academy of Sciences $2,000,000.00 Lessons Learned from the Fukushima Nuclear Accident for Improving Safety and Security at U.S. Nuclear Plants
American Nuclear Society $5,000.00 8th International Topical Meeting on Nuclear Plant Instrumentation Control and Human-Machine Interface Technologies (NPIC&HMIT)
ASME Standards & Technology $188,002.00 Convergence of International Codes
National Academy of Sciences $100,000.00 State of the Art and Practice in Earthquake Induced Soil Liquefaction Assessment
University of Michigan $252,269.00 Multiscale Thermal-Hydraulic Tool for Nuclear Power Plant Safety Analyses
Texas A&M University $224,881.00 Testing of RCIC Performance for Mark 1 BWR's Under Prolonger Station Blackout Conditions

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FY12 Minority Serving Institutions Grant Program Awards

University Amount Title
Alabama A&M University $90,000.00 Project NERVE – Nuclear Education and Research Vertical [Abstract]
Blackfeet Community College $100,000.00 Development of AS Degree Programs in Civil & Electrical Engineering, Electronic Engineering Technology and Civil Engineering Technology [Abstract]
California State University Dominguez Hills $80,000.00 Nuclear Safety Applications of Autonomous Robots (research related to use of robots for ground, aerial & underwater nuclear safety) [Abstract]
Chief Dull Knife Community College $25,000.00 Research Lab Infrastructure Development [Abstract]
City College of New York $100,000.00 Nuclear Research Opportunities Program (NY-NROP) – The Research Foundation CUNY [Abstract]
College of Menominee Nations $150,000.00 The Presidential STEM Leadership Program for Native American students [Abstract]
Florida A&M University $100,000.00 Preparation for Future Nuclear Scientists & Engineers [Abstract]
Florida Memorial University $31,560.00 The Enhancement of Educational & Research Nuclear Science Programs at FMU [Abstract]
Fort Valley State University $129,200.00 Cooperative Development Energy Program (CDEP) [Abstract]
Fort Valley State University $80,000.00 Establishing a Nuclear Science & Engineering Minor at FVSU [Abstract]
Heritage University $90,000.00 Yakima Valley Nuclear Technology Program Development Project [Abstract]
Howard University $10,000.00 Development of a New Course of Nuclear Power with Emphasis on Safety-Critical Application in Digital Instrumentation and Control [Abstract]
Howard University $40,000.00 Howard University Critical Mass Project: Increasing the Numbers of African Americans Receiving Doctoral Degrees in Nuclear Physics Awarded [Abstract]
Jackson State University $128,247.00 Risk Assessment and Risk Management of Nuclear Technology Through Large Scale Simulation and Modeling [Abstract]
Jackson State University $10,000.00 Support Jackson State University MSI Grants & Contracts Skill Building Boot Camp [Abstract]
Meharry Medical College $50,000.00 Educational and Research Interventions for the NRC [Abstract]
Morehouse Medical College $50,000.00 Research Training and Curriculum Development [Abstract]
Morgan State University $80,000.00 Preparation of Precursors & Models for the Immobilization of Technetium Wastes – Cancer Research Innovations [Abstract]
Navajo Technical College $100,000.00 Development of BS Degrees in Computer & Environmental Engineering; Development of GeoSpatial Engineering Program [Abstract]
Norfolk State University $80,000.00 Increasing the Recruitment and Retention of Underrepresented Students in STEM Majors through Nuclear Safety Research [Abstract]
North Carolina A&T University $50,000.00 Design of Active Control for Seismically Excited Nuclear Plans Considering Time-Delays and Stochastic Vibration [Abstract]
Oak Ridge Associated Universities, Inc. $269,000.00 HBCU Research Participation Program [Abstract]
Polytechnic University of Puerto Rico $120,000.00 PUPR Fellowship to Increase Research and Education in NRC Related Areas in Puerto Rico [Abstract]
South Carolina State University $24,319.00 Nuclear Engineering Program Activities [Abstract]
South Carolina State University $100,000.00 Scholarship Support for the Nuclear Engineering Program (NEP) & Summer Programs for Guidance Counselors [Abstract]
Tennessee State University $20,000.00 MSI Technical Assistance and Capacity Building Conference support [Abstract]
Texas A&M Corpus Christi $22,500.00 TAMUCC Nuclear Workforce Development Scholarships and Enhancement Program [Abstract]
Texas A&M Kingsville $50,000.00 TAMUK Integrated Assessment of Uranium Mining Environmental Impacts and Restoration Effectiveness Program [Abstract]
Tuskegee University $100,000.00 Freshman Accelerated Start-Up & Training for Retention in Engineering Curricula [Abstract]
United Tribes Technical Colleges $100,000.00 Development of Associate of Applied Science Degree program in Environmental Pre-Engineering and Computer Information Technology [Abstract]
University of Houston Downtown $172,119.00 Increasing Underrepresented in the Nuclear Industry (NRC HSI/MSI/IUNI Program) [Abstract]
University of Texas El Paso $20,000.00 University of Texas El Paso - On Campus Summer Employment Support Program [Abstract]
Wilberforce & Central State University $1000,000.00 Nuclear Engineering Education: Upgrade from Minor to Major in Nuclear Engineering Program [Abstract]
Xavier University $90,000.00 NRC Science Scholars [Abstract]

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FY12 Nuclear Education Curriculum Development Program Awards

University Amount Title
Aiken Technical College $192,129 Nuclear Quality Systems Technical Education Project (NQSTEP) [Abstract]
Colorado State University $171,069 Statistical Methods of Health Physicists [Abstract]
Duke University $198,865 New Course Development in Accelerator and Reactor Health Physics under the Duke University/North Carolina State University Health Physics Consortium [Abstract]
Florence-Darlington Technical College $22,992 Power Up: High-Tech Online [Abstract]
Florida International University $200,000 Radiation Physics, Nuclear Measurements and Radiochemistry Curricula Development [Abstract]
Georgia Institute of Technology $158,727 Nuclear Engineering Capstone Design Course [Abstract]
Missouri University of Science & Technology $194,447 Laboratory on Corrosion of Nuclear Materials toward Understanding Aging Mitigation in Light Water Reactors at Missouri University of S&T [Abstract]
San Diego State University $199,661 Environmental Radiation Dose Measurement, Modeling, and Communication [Abstract]
Spartanburg Community College $89,545 Radiation and Nuclear Technology Curricula Enhancement [Abstract]
Syracuse University $200,000 A Broad-Based Nuclear Engineering Track at Syracuse University [Abstract]
The Pennsylvania State University $194,023 Curriculum Development for Nuclear Fuel Chemistry, Reprocessing and Separation Chemistry, and Radioactive Waste Management [Abstract]
Tuskegee University $38,438 Development of a Course on Nuclear Fuel Cycle [Abstract]
University of Dayton $75,626 Development of an Educational Course Centered on Nuclear Power Technology with Emphasis on Space Exploration as a Segment of Energy Program Curricula [Abstract]
University of Idaho $200,000 Course Modules on Management of Aging Power Plant Components and Systems for Enhancement of Nuclear Engineering Program [Abstract]
University of Illinois $200,000 Development of Nuclear Engineering Analytical Measurement Laboratory Courses at the University of Illinois [Abstract]
University of Kansas $199,998 Curriculum Development for Nuclear Engineering: Corrosion and Radiation Effects on Electronic Materials [Abstract]
University of Maryland $100,306 Nuclear Engineering Undergraduate Laboratory Enhancement at the University of Maryland [Abstract]
University of Pittsburgh $200,000 Course Development to Support Masters of Science Degree Program in Nuclear Engineering [Abstract]
University of Nevada, Las Vegas $198,660 Development of a Nuclear Criticality Safety Education and Training Program at UNLV [Abstract]
University of Tennessee $167,417 Nuclear Reactor Instrumentation & Control (I&C) and Digital I&C Implementation [Abstract]
University of Texas at Austin $50,624 Applications of Nuclear Science and Engineering [Abstract]
University of Texas at San Antonio $199,981 Course Development for a Certificate in Risk and Safety Analysis of Structural Components in Nuclear Facilities [Abstract]
University of Wisconsin $170,458 Curriculum Development for a Course in Detection and Remediation of Radioactive Contaminants in the Environment [Abstract]
Virginia Commonwealth University $199,743 Enhancement of the Radiation Detection and Measurement Laboratory in Support of the Nuclear Engineering Curriculum at Virginia Commonwealth University [Abstract]
Wharton County Junior College $199,280 Nuclear Studies Curriculum Project [Abstract]

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FY12 Trade School and Community College Grant Program Awards

University Amount Title
Brazosport College $120,000 Brazosport College's Nuclear Education Scholarship Program [Abstract]
Central Virginia Community College $149,900 Central Virginia Community College: "Grow Your Own" Nuclear Technology Support Program [Abstract]
Chattanooga State Community College $149,100 Chattanooga State Community College's Nuclear Scholarship Program [Abstract]
College of Southern Maryland $146,200 College of Southern Maryland Nuclear Education Scholarship Program [Abstract]
Columbia Basin Community College $122,800 Columbia Basin College Nuclear Scholarship Program [Abstract]
Florence Darlington Technical College $150,000 Florence-Darlington Technical College Power Up Nuclear Scholarships Program [Abstract]
Idaho State University $149,400 ESTEC Nuclear Education Scholarship Program [Abstract]
Lakeshore Technical College $120,960 LTC's Nuclear Scholarship Program [Abstract]
Linn State Technical College $150,000 LSTC NRC Nuclear Education Scholarships [Abstract]
Miami Dade College - Wolfson Campus $122,483 MDC Nuclear Scholarship Program [Abstract]
Spartanburg Community College $103,582 Spartanburg Community College (SCC) Radiation Protection Technology (RPT) Scholarship Program [Abstract]
Texas State Technical College $149,000 Texas State Technical College Waco Nuclear Scholarship Program [Abstract]
Wharton Junior College $120,000 Wharton County Junior College Nuclear Education Scholarship Program [Abstract]

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FY12 Faculty Development Grant Program Awards

University Amount Title
City University of New York (CUNY) $353,191 Application of Microfluidic Electrochemistry to Understand Crud Formation and Materials Degradation in Nuclear Energy Applications [Abstract]
Colorado State University $450,000 Radiochemistry Faculty Development at Colorado State University [Abstract]
Jackson State University $413,766 Development of Radiochemistry Education and Research Program at Jackson State University [Abstract]
Louisiana State Univ. $450,000 Faculty Development in Nuclear engineering at LSU [Abstract]
North Carolina State University $385,000 Academic Career Development for a Nuclear Engineering Junior Faculty at North Carolina State University[Abstract]
Southern Polytechnic State Univ. $434,480 Faculty Development Program for Nuclear Generation at Southern Polytechnic State University [Abstract]
University of Illinois $450,000 University of Illinois Nuclear Engineering Faculty Development Program [Abstract]
University of Iowa $449,930 Faculty Development in Radiochemistry at the University of Iowa [Abstract]
University of Missouri - Columbia $450,000 Nuclear Science and Engineering Research and Educational Program in Nuclear Materials at the University of Missouri [Abstract]
University of Missouri S&T $450,000 Missouri S&T Nuclear Engineering Faculty Development Program [Abstract]
University of New Mexico $399,947 University of New Mexico Junior Faculty Development [Abstract]
University of Notre Dame $450,000 Low Energy Nuclear Reactions in Plasma and Accelerator Environments [Abstract]
University of Pittsburgh $385,000 Utilization of NRC Nuclear Regulatory Research Computer Codes in Research and Course Development [Abstract]
University of Tennessee $449,999 The Nuclear Engineering Faculty Development Program at the University of Tennessee [Abstract]
University of Toledo $345,436 Joint Initiative in a New Type of Nuclear Radiation Detector Through Faculty Development Between the Departments of Radiation Oncology and Physics and Astronomy [Abstract]

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FY12 Scholarship and Fellowship Grant Program Awards

University Amount Title
Francis Marion University $161,713 Health Physics Scholarship Program at Francis Marion University Name of Institution: Francis Marion University [Abstract]
South Carolina State University $199,992 South Carolina State University Scholarship Program for Nuclear Engineering and Science [Abstract]
Southern Polytechnic St. University $200,000 Undergraduate Nuclear Power Generation Scholarships at Southern Polytechnic State University [Abstract]
University of Houston - Downtown $200,000 Scholarships for Increasing Underrepresented in the Nuclear Industry (SHIUNI) [Abstract]
University of Illinois $176,158 University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Nuclear Engineering Education Scholarship Program [Abstract]
University of Missouri-Columbia $199,920 The University of Missouri Undergraduate Scholarship Program in Nuclear Engineering and Health Physics [Abstract]
University of Missouri S&T $200,000 Undergraduate Scholarships in Nuclear Engineering at Missouri S&T [Abstract]
University of Pittsburgh $200,000 Undergraduate Scholarship - Swanson School of Engineering, University of Pittsburgh [Abstract]
University of Utah $92,888 Scholarship Program Supporting New Minor Education In Nuclear Engineering At The University of Utah [Abstract]
City University of New York (CUNY) $400,000 CCNY Nuclear Research Fellowship Program [Abstract]
Clemson University $391,077 Fellowship Education Grant at Clemson University [Abstract]
Duke University $399,249 Health Physics Fellowship Program at Duke University [Abstract]
Georgia Institute of Technology $400,000 The Nuclear and Radiological Engineering Fellowship Program at the Georgia Institute of Technology [Abstract]
Oregon State Univ. $385,395 Oregon State University's Nuclear Fellowship Program [Abstract]
University of Hartford $340,805 University of Hartford/ University of Connecticut Collaborative Nuclear Fellowship Program Applied Research in Radiation Damage and Mitigation [Abstract]
University of Maryland $390,275 The University of Maryland's Graduate Nuclear Engineering Ph.D. Fellowship Program [Abstract]
University of Missouri -S&T $400,000 Graduate Fellowships in Nuclear Engineering at Missouri S&T [Abstract]
University of Puerto Rico - Mayaguez $361,760 The University of Puerto Rico Fellowship Program in Nuclear Structural Engineering [Abstract]
University of Utah $345,500 Four Year Graduate Fellowship at the University of Utah [Abstract]
University of Wisconsin- Madison $371,317 University of Wisconsin-Madison - Scholarship and Fellowship Education Grant [Abstract]
Utah State University $400,000 Nuclear Engineering Graduate Fellowship Program at Utah State University [Abstract]
Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University $396,469 The Virginia Tech Nuclear Engineering Fellowship Program [Abstract]

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