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Grant Awards - 2011

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FY11 Office of Nuclear Regulatory Research (RES) Financial Assistance Program Awards

University Amount Title
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) $174,535.36 Evaluating the Safety of Digital Instrumentation and Controls Systems in Nuclear Power Plants
Ohio State University $321,674.00 ARPS: An Automated Reliability Prediction System
Internation Commission on Radiological Protection (ICRP) $375,000.00 Support to ICRP
University of Tennessee $454,706.00 East Tennessee Seismic Zone: Paleoseismic Investigations
National Academy of Sciences $25,000.00 Support to the Committee on Geological and Geotechnical Engineering (COGGE)
University of Toronto $96,681.00 Load Redistribution for Steel-Concrete Composite Structures

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FY11 Minority Serving Institutions Grant Program Awards

University Amount Title
Alabama A&M University $90,000.00 Project NERVE Nuclear Education and Research Vertical Enhancement [Abstract]
Blackfeet Community College $100,000.00 Development of AS Degree Programs in Civil & Electrical Engineering, Electronic Engineering Technology and Civil Engineering Technology [Abstract]
Chief Dull Knife Community College $25,000.00 Research Lab Infrastructure Development [Abstract]
City College of New York $100,000.00 Nuclear Research Opportunities Program (NY-NROP) – The Research Foundation CUNY [Abstract]
College of Menominee Nations $150,000.00 The Presidential STEM Leadership Program for Native American students [Abstract]
Columbia Basin College $90,000.00 Nuclear Technology Outreach and Retention Program [ORP] [Abstract]
Florida A&M University $90,000.00 Radiation Protection Education and Research at Florida A&M University [Abstract]
Fort Valley State University $100,000.00 Cooperative Development Energy Program (CDEP) [Abstract]
Heritage University $50,000.00 Yakima Valley Nuclear Technology Program Development Project [Abstract]
Howard University $100,000.00 Development of a New Course of Nuclear Power with Emphasis on Safety-Critical Application in Digital Instrumentation and Control [Abstract]
Jackson State University $51,753.00 Risk Assessment and Risk Management of Nuclear Technology Through Large Scale Simulation and Modeling [Abstract]
Meharry Medical College $50,000.00 Educational and Research Interventions for the NRC [Abstract]
Navajo Technical College $100,000.00 Development of BS Degrees in Computer & Environmental Engineering; Development of GeoSpatial Engineering Program [Abstract]
Norfolk State University $100,000.00 Increasing the Recruitment and Retention of Underrepresented Students in STEM Majors through Nuclear Safety Research [Abstract]
Oak Ridge Associated Universities, Inc. $764,247.00 HBCU Research Participation Program [Abstract]
Polytechnic University of Puerto Rico $100,000.00 PUPR Fellowship to Increase Research and Education in NRC Related Areas in Puerto Rico [Abstract]
South Carolina State University $150,000.00 Nuclear Engineering Program Activities [Abstract]
Tennessee State University $20,000.00 MSI Technical Assistance and Capacity Building Conference support [Abstract]
Texas A&M Corpus Christi $50,000.00 TAMUCC Nuclear Workforce Development Scholarships and Enhancement Program [Abstract]
Texas A&M Kingsville $50,000.00 TAMUK Integrated Assessment of Uranium Mining Environmental Impacts and Restoration Effectiveness Program [Abstract]
Tuskegee University $110,000.00 Freshman Accelerated Start-Up & Training for Retention in Engineering Curricula [Abstract]
United Tribes Technical Colleges $100,000.00 Development of Associate of Applied Science Degree program in Environmental Pre-Engineering and Computer Information Technology [Abstract]
University of Houston Downtown $50,000.00 Increasing Underrepresented in the Nuclear Industry (NRC HSI/MSI/IUNI Program) [Abstract]
University of Texas El Paso $20,000.00 University of Texas El Paso - On Campus Summer Employment Support Program [Abstract]
University of Texas Permian Basin $105,000.00 Nuclear Energy Education Program [NEEd II] [Abstract]
Wilberforce & Central State University $70,000.00 Nuclear Engineering Education: Upgrade from Minor to Major in Nuclear Engineering Program [Abstract]
Xavier University $90,000.00 NRC Science Scholars [Abstract]

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FY11 Nuclear Education Curriculum Development Program Awards

University Amount Title
Augusta Technical College $129,929.00 Enhancing Nuclear Workforce Training Through the Development of Courses Designed to Train the Next Generation of Skilled Nuclear Workers [Abstract]
Bismarck State College $123,000.00 Development of a Generic Pressurized Water Reactor (PWR) Simulator for the Bismarck State College (BSC) Nuclear Technology Program Online Simulation Environment to Improve Nuclear Education Infrastructure [Abstract]
College of Charleston $56,875.00 Enhancement of the Undergraduate Nuclear and Radiochemistry Curriculum through the Development of Radiochemistry Laboratory Experiments [Abstract]
College of Southern Maryland $128,183.00 Nuclear Engineering Technology Program Development (Electrical and Mechanical Pathways) [Abstract]
Colorado School of Mines $210,000.00 Nuclear Science and Engineering Program at the Colorado School of Mines – Dosimetry and Measurement Techniques Curricular Content [Abstract]
Columbia Basin College $117,090.00 Columbia Basin College (CBC) Non-Licensed Operator Curriculum Development Program [Abstract]
The George Washington University $301,461.00 The Science of Nuclear Materials: Development of a Modular, Laboratory-Based Curriculum to Explore the Properties of Nuclear Materials [Abstract]
Georgia Institute of Technology $135,768.00 Risk/Reliability Analysis Technology Infusion in Support of Engineering Education and the Workforce [Abstract]
Idaho State University $144,858.00 Revitalizing the Nuclear Safety Curriculum at Idaho State University (ISU): Phase 2 [Abstract]
Kansas State University $184,791.00 Development of a Distance Education Course Sequence on Probabilistic Risk Assessment and Fire Protection [Abstract]
Lakeshore Technical College $78,044.00 Lakeshore Technical College's (LTC's) Nuclear Technology Curriculum Project [Abstract]
Louisiana State University $279,035.00 Welding and Nondestructive Evaluation Technology for Nuclear Engineering Applications [Abstract]
The Ohio State University $94,977.00 Development of a Nuclear Engineering Undergraduate Laboratory Course Utilizing Personnel and Physical Resources of the Ohio State University Nuclear Reactor Laboratory (OSU NRL) [Abstract]
Onondaga Community College $161,377.00 Building Academic Pathways to Careers in Nuclear Engineering Technology and Beyond [Abstract]
Salem Community College $45,270.00 Expanding New Jersey's Nuclear Technology Workforce [Abstract]
Texas A&M University-College Station $70,982.00 Health Physics Dose Assessment Practices During Radiological Emergency Response [Abstract]
Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi $150,000.00 Curriculum and Laboratory Development on Condition Monitoring and Diagnosis with Application to Nuclear Power Generation [Abstract]
Texas A&M University-Kingsville $226,842.00 Development of a Nuclear Engineering Minor Program within the Mechanical Engineering Department at Texas A&M University-Kingsville [Abstract]
Thomas Edison State College $200,300.00 Increasing Access and Decreasing Time to Earn an ABET Accredited Baccalaureate Degree for Current and Future Nuclear Energy Workers [Abstract]
The University of Georgia $298,598.00 Georgia/South Carolina (GA/SC) Regional Environmental Radiation Protection Curriculum [Abstract]
University of Hartford $121,560.00 Use of Physical and Computer Models to Enhance Learning for Nuclear Power Plant Design and Operation [Abstract]
University of Maryland $109,500.00 Course Modules in Non-Destructive Evaluation of Reactor Systems [Abstract]
University of Massachusetts-Lowell $130,052.00 Development of a Graduate Reactor Experiments Course at University of Massachusetts-Lowell [Abstract]
University of Missouri-Columbia $124,366.00 Development of a Course on Reprocessing, Recycle Chemistry and Technology [Abstract]
University of Nebraska-Lincoln $143,125.00 Collaborative Distance Education Course on Radiation and Dosimetry in Nuclear Health Physics [Abstract]
University of Nevada-Reno $82,916.00 Development of Nuclear Materials Engineering and Combustion Courses at the University of Nevada-Reno [Abstract]
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill $83,782.00 Introducing Nuclear Geology: Course Modules and Student Research Using Gamma Spectrometry [Abstract]
University of South Carolina $135,263.00 A Course on Risk Analysis with Application to the Current and New Nuclear Plants and Fuel Cycle Facilities [Abstract]
University of Southern California $200,000.00 New Graduate Program Development in Nuclear Engineering Delivered via the University of Southern California (USC) Distance Education Network (DEN) [Abstract]
University of Tennessee $59,728.00 End-to-End Lattice Physics to Core Design Educational Modules for Nuclear Fuel Management Training [Abstract]
University of Texas at Arlington $191,150.00 Development and Deployment of Web-Based Interactive Thermal-Hydraulics Educational Modules for the Nuclear Engineering Minor Program [Abstract]
Virginia Tech. $82,218.00 Continued Development of Online Distance Learning Courses for a Nuclear Engineering Master's Degree [Abstract]

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FY11 Faculty Development Grant Program Awards

University Amount Title
Colorado School of Mines $450,000.00 Colorado School of Mines Nuclear Science and Engineering Faculty Development Program [Abstract]
Missouri University of Science and Technology $412,230.00 Missouri S&T Nuclear Engineering Faculty Development Program (2011-2014) [Abstract]
Ohio State University $450,000.00 Ohio State University Nuclear Engineering Faculty Development Program [Abstract]
Penn State $450,000.00 Pennsylvania State University's Faculty Development Grant: Education and Research Related to the Nuclear Fuel Cycle [Abstract]
Purdue University $300,000.00 Nuclear Education Program Faculty Development Grant Program[Abstract]
University of California-Irvine $390,000.00 University of California Irvine Faculty Development Program [Abstract]
University of Illinois $450,000.00 University of Illinois Nuclear Engineering Faculty Development Program [Abstract]
University of Massachusetts-Lowell $450,000.00 Faculty Development in Nuclear Science and Engineering at UML [Abstract]
University of Michigan $450,000.00 Nuclear Engineering Faculty Development Program at the University of Michigan [Abstract]
University of Missouri-Columbia $298,377.00 University of Missouri-Columbia Radiochemistry Faculty Development Program In Actinide Chemistry [Abstract]
University of Nevada-Reno $449,393.00 University of Nevada, Reno Faculty Development Program in Nuclear Materials [Abstract]
University of South Carolina $450,000.00 University of South Carolina Nuclear Engineering Faculty Excellence Program [Abstract]

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