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Grant Awards - 2010

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FY10 Office of Nuclear Regulatory Research (RES) Financial Assistance Program Awards

University Amount Title
University of California - Berkeley $413,339.00 Engineering Evaluation of Post - Liquefaction Residual Strength
Electric Power Research Inst. $1,175,000.00 Zorita Internals Research Project
ASME Standards & Technology $186,850.00 ASME Code Comparison Project for the Multinational Design Evaluation Program (MDEP)
ASME Standards & Technology $150,000.00 ASME Non-Destructive Examination (ANDE) Certification Project
University of South Carolina $300,000.00 Ultrasonic Guided Wave Sensor for Gas Accumulation Detection in Nuclear Emergency Core Cooling Systems
Pennsylvania State University $435,519.00 In-Situ Study of Hybrid Reorientation and the Fracture Behavior of Zirconium Alloys
Pennsylvania State University $224,988.00 Experiments for Development of TRACE with Interfacial Area Transport Models
Texas A&M University $480,000.00 Evaluation of Bypass Flow in a VHTR Prismatic Core with Geometry Deformation
University of Maryland $195,094.00 Cause-Defense Approach to Common Cause Failure Probability Estimation for PRA and Event Assessment
University of Wisconsin $300,000.00 Research in Support of VHTR Safety Performance

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FY10 Minority Serving Institutions Grant Program Awards

University Amount Title
Alabama A&M University $90,000.00 Project NERVE – Nuclear Education and Research Vertical Enhancement [Abstract]
Albany State University $50,000.00 Nuclear Power Plant Workforce Development [Abstract]
Chief Dull Knife Community College $25,000.00 Research Lab Infrastructure Development [Abstract]
City College of New York $110,000.00 Nuclear Research Opportunities Program (NY-NROP) – The Research Foundation CUNY [Abstract]
College of Menominee Nations $85,000.00 The Presidential STEM Leadership Program for Native American Students [Abstract]
Columbia Basin College $90,000.00 Outreach and Retention Program [Abstract]
Florida A&M University $16,000.00 Florida A&M University Preparation for Research Experience for Undergraduates. (Nuclear Science and Engineering Project) [Abstract]
Florida A&M University $90,000.00 Radiation Protection Education and Research at Florida A&M University [Abstract]
Fort Valley State University $110,000.00 Cooperative Development Energy Program (CDEP) [Abstract]
Heritage University $90,000.00 Yakima Valley Nuclear Technology Program Development Project [Abstract]
Howard University $110,000.00 Development of a New Course of Nuclear Power with Emphasis on Safety-Critical Application in Digital Instrumentation and Control [Abstract]
Jackson State University $90,000.00 Risk Assessment and Risk Management of Nuclear Technology Through Large Scale Simulation and Modeling [Abstract]
Meharry Medical College $50,000.00 Educational and Research Interventions for the NRC [Abstract]
Miami Dade College $89,893.00 Nuclear Career Academic Bridge (N-CAB) [Abstract]
Norfolk State University $90,000.00 Increasing the Recruitment and Retention of Underrepresented Students in STEM Majors through Nuclear Safety Research [Abstract]
Oak Ridge Associated Universities, Inc. $701,998.00 HBCU Research Participation Program [Abstract]
Polytechnic University of Puerto Rico $34,543.00 PUPR Research Laboratory Equipment Support [Abstract]
Polytechnic University of Puerto Rico $90,000.00 PUPR Fellowship to Increase Research and Education in MRC Related Areas in Puerto Rico [Abstract]
South Carolina State University $65,457.00 Nuclear Engineering Program Activities [Abstract]
Tennessee State University $30,000.00 MSI Technical Assistance and Capacity Building Conference support [Abstract]
Texas A&M Corpus Christi $90,000.00 TAMUCC Nuclear Workforce Development Scholarships and Enhancement Program [Abstract]
Texas A&M Kingsville $50,000.00 TAMUK Integrated Assessment of Uranium Mining Environmental Impacts and Restoration Effectiveness Program [Abstract]
University of Houston Downtown $90,000.00 Increasing Underrepresented in the Nuclear Industry (NRC HIS/MSI/UNI Program) [Abstract]
University of Texas El Paso $20,500.00 University of Texas El Paso - On Campus Summer Employment Support Program [Abstract]
University of Texas Permian Basin $115,000.00 West Texas Energy Education Project (Need) Nuclear Energy Education) [Abstract]
Wilberforce & Central State University $110,000.00 Nuclear Engineering Education [Abstract]
Xavier University $90,000.00 NRC Science Scholars [Abstract]

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FY10 Nuclear Education Curriculum Development Program Awards

University Amount Title
Florence-Darlington Technical College $139,642.00 Power Up – Construction and Maintenance of New and Aging Nuclear Power Plants in the Southeast: Valve Technician Program [Abstract]
The Ohio State University $180,000.00 Application of Full-Scope Nuclear Power Plant Simulator in Nuclear Engineering Courses [Abstract]
The University of Tennessee $48,121.00 Fire Modeling for Nuclear Engineering Professionals [Abstract]
University of Pittsburgh $102,798.00 Development of a Desktop Nuclear Plant Operations Simulator for Graduate and Undergraduate Education [Abstract]
Stevens Institute of Technology $186,081.00 Development of a Practice-Oriented Graduate Certificate Program in Nuclear Power Engineering [Abstract]
Missouri University of Science and Technology $125,000.00 Creation of a Radiochemistry Teaching Program in Nuclear Engineering [Abstract ]
University of Missouri-Columbia $99,886.00 Development of Educational Infrastructure in the Area of Nuclear Security [Abstract]
Aiken Technical College $150,000.00 NSTEP2—Nuclear Sector Technician Education and Placement Project [Abstract]
Oregon State University $100,000.00 Curriculum Enhancement through Development of Courses in the Technical Subspecialties of Nuclear Engineering and Radiation Health Physics [Abstract]
Kansas State University $160,000.00 Online Nuclear Engineering Laboratory (1LAB): Virtual Reactor Experiments [Abstract]
University of Cincinnati $118,342.00 Development of a Nuclear Engineering Track for Undergraduate Students in Mechanical Engineering Technology [Abstract]
Midlands Technical College $198,665.00 Nuclear Systems Technician Curriculum Redevelopment Project [Abstract]
Idaho State University $87,072.00 Infrastructure Improvement for Nuclear Engineering and Health Physics Laboratory Instrumentation [Abstract]
University of Maryland $100,000.00 Course Modules in Risk-Based Materials Corrosion Education [Abstract]
Augusta Technical College $121,500.00 Innovations in Nuclear Workforce Training: An Industry-Focused Approach for Developing the Next Generation of Skilled Nuclear Workers [Abstract]
Columbia Basin College $100,000.00 Radiological Protection Technology Development Program [Abstract]
Orangeburg-Calhoun Technical College $141,313.00 Developing a Joint Radiation Protection Program for Health Physics Technicians and Managers [Abstract]
University of Kansas Center for Research $150,000.00 Innovative Nuclear Engineering Materials and Corrosion Modules for Enhancement and Expansion of the U.S. Nuclear Engineering Educational Infrastructure [Abstract]
California Polytechnic State University $101,766.00 Thermal Sciences for Fire Protection Engineers [Abstract]
University of Massachusetts-Lowell $129,000.00 Curriculum Development for Radiological Sciences Program [Abstract]
Drexel University $150,000.00 Nuclear Engineering Education Lab [Abstract]
Southern Polytechnic State University $89,042.00 New Generation Nuclear Power Plant Cranes and Heavy Lifts [Abstract]
Virginia Commonwealth University $140,000.00 Development of Undergraduate and Graduate Nuclear Instrumentation and Simulation Laboratories [Abstract]
Virginia Tech $65,527.00 Development of Online Distance Learning Courses for a Graduate Nuclear Engineering Certificate [Abstract]
Purdue University $120,000.00 Development of Curriculum in Nuclear Power Plant Safety, Reliability, and Risk Analysis [Abstract]
University of Florida $150,000.00 Nuclear Reactor Instrumentation and Control and Digital I&C Implementation [Abstract]
Southern University A&M College $120,000.00 Nuclear Education Curricula Development Program (NECDP) [Abstract]
Prairie View A&M University $120,000.00 Development of Nuclear Option for Engineering and Science Majors [Abstract]
Louisiana State University $150,000.00 Curriculum Development in Health Physics and Nuclear Engineering [Abstract]
Florida Memorial University $111,117.00 The Improvement of the Nuclear Laboratory Curriculum Program [Abstract]
Indian River State College $120,000.00 Nuclear Power Plant Technician Program [Abstract]
Alabama A&M University $120,000.00 Nuclear Education and Outreach Program [Abstract]
The City College of New York $150,000.00 Introducing a Nuclear Engineering Concentration [Abstract]
Clemson University $163,193.00 Development of Coupled Online and Hands-On Radiation Detection and Radiochemistry Laboratory Courses [Abstract]
Polytechnic Institute of NY $151,935.00 Development of an Interdisciplinary Undergraduate Minor in Nuclear Science and Engineering [Abstract]
University of Texas at Austin $120,000.00 Summer Nuclear Engineering Institute [Abstract]
University of Rhode Island $120,000.00 Nuclear Engineering Education Program [Abstract]

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FY10 Trade School and Community College Grant Program Awards

University Amount Title
Aiken Technical College $53,000.00 Aiken Technical College Nuclear Sector Technician Education Program (NSTEP) Scholarships [Abstract]
Brazosport College $120,000.00 Brazosport College's Nuclear Education Scholarship Program - TexANS (Texans Accessing Nuclear Science) Scholarship Program [Abstract]
Central Piedmont Community College $120,000.00 National Nondestructive Examination (NDE) – Ultrasonic Testing Fast Track Partnership, East Center – Central Piedmont Community College [Abstract]
Columbia Basin Community College $120,000.00 Columbia Basin College Nuclear Scholarship Program [Abstract]
College of Southern Maryland $130,654.00 The College of Southern Maryland's (CSM) Nuclear Education Scholarship Program [Abstract]
Dakota County Technical College $107,000.00 Nuclear Technician Scholarship Project: A Partnership between Dakota County Technical College & Xcel Energy [Abstract]
Delaware County Community College $90,000.00 Delaware County Community College Nuclear Energy Scholarship Program [Abstract]
Florence Darlington Technical College $150,000.00 Professional Pipe Welders: Safety and Security in the Nuclear Welding Industry [Abstract]
Idaho State University $89,000.00 Idaho State University's College of Technology Nuclear Education Scholarship Program [Abstract]
Indian River State College $90,000.00 Indian River State College's Nuclear Scholarship Program [Abstract]
Lake Michigan College $90,000.00 Lake Michigan College Nuclear Scholarship Program [Abstract]
Lakeshore Technical College $149,472.00 LTC's Nuclear Scholarship Program [Abstract]
Linn State Technical College $150,000.00 LSTC NRC Nuclear Education Scholarships [Abstract]
Midlands Technical College $150,000.00 The Nuclear Systems Technician Scholarship Program [Abstract]
MiraCosta Technical College $150,000.00 MiraCosta College Nuclear Technology Scholarship Program [Abstract ]
New Mexico Junior College $78,000.00 New Mexico Junior College Nuclear Education Scholarship Program [Abstract]
Ridgewater College $90,000.00 Ridgewater College Nuclear Scholarship Program for the National Nondestructive Examination Ultrasonic Fast-Track Partnership [Abstract]
St. Cloud Technical College $110,000.00 Nuclear Technician Scholarship Project: Executive Summary A Partnership between St Cloud [Abstract]
Wharton County Junior College $120,000.00 Nuclear Education Scholarship Program for 2010-11 [Abstract]

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FY10 Faculty Development Grant Program Awards

University Amount Title
Clemson University $400,000.00 Junior Nuclear Environmental Engineering and Science Faculty at Clemson University [Abstract]
Drexel University $448,811.00 Drexel University Faculty Development Program in Nuclear Materials Science: Design and Characterization of Radiation-Tolerant Alloys Using Multiscale Grain Boundary Engineering and Advanced Microscopy Methods [Abstract]
Kansas State University $345,000.00 Establishment of a Nuclear Engineering Faculty Development and Assistance Program at Kansas State University [Abstract]
Louisiana State University $450,000.00 Faculty Development in Health Physics at Louisiana State University [Abstract]
Missouri University of Science and Technology $449,605.00 Missouri S&T Nuclear Engineering Faculty Development Program [Abstract]
North Carolina State University $450,000.00 Academic Development Program for a Junior Faculty in NC State's Department of Nuclear Engineering [Abstract]
The Ohio State University $450,000.00 Ohio State University Nuclear Engineering Faculty Development Program [Abstract]
Texas A&M University $375,000.00 Texas A&M Nuclear Engineering Faculty Development Project [Abstract]
Texas Southern University $162,342.00 Faculty Support for Developing Radiation Dosimetry Research in Health Physics using Monte Carlo Techniques at Texas Southern University [Abstract]
University of Florida $450,000.00 UF-NRC-10 Faculty Development [Abstract]
University of Pittsburgh $450,000.00 Faculty Development Proposal [Abstract]
University of Puerto Rico Mayaguez $352,685.00 UPRM Faculty Development Program: Empowering UPRM for the Nuclear resurgence [Abstract]
University of Tennessee $316,578.00 The Faculty Development Program at the University of Tennessee [Abstract]
University of Texas-Austin $430,830.00 A Junior Faculty Development Program in Nuclear Energy Systems at The University of Texas at Austin [Abstract]
University of Utah $300,000.00 Award for a Junior Faculty Development at The University of Utah Nuclear Engineering Program [Abstract]
Virginia Commonwealth University $450,000.00 VCU Nuclear Engineering Faculty Development Program [Abstract]

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FY10 Scholarship and Fellowship Grant Program Awards

University Amount Title
Florida Memorial University $199,928.00 Florida Memorial University Radiobiology Scholarship Program [Abstract]
Georgia Institute of Technology $200,000.00 Nuclear and Radiological Engineering Scholarship Program at the Georgia Institute of Technology [Abstract]
Idaho State University $172,150.00 Idaho State University Nuclear Education Scholarship Program [Abstract]
Missouri University of Science & Technology $100,000.00 Undergraduate Scholarships in Nuclear Engineering at Missouri S&T (2010-2012) [Abstract]
Polytechnic Institute of New York $129,600.00 Polytechnic Institute of New York University Nuclear Scholarship Program [Abstract]
Prairie View A&M University $199,962.00 Prairie View Scholarship Program to Enhance Minority Participation in the Nuclear Field [Abstract]
Southern Polytechnic State University $200,000.00 Undergraduate Nuclear Power Generation Scholarships at Southern Polytechnic State University [Abstract]
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign $200,000.00 University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Nuclear Engineering Education Scholarship Program [Abstract]
University of Michigan $200,000.00 Undergraduate Nuclear Engineering Scholarship Program at the University of Michigan [Abstract]
University of Rhode Island $100,000.00 Nuclear Engineering Program for Rhode Island [Abstract]
Colorado School of Mines $368,425.00 Colorado School of Mines Nuclear Science and Engineering Graduate Fellowship Program [Abstract]
Colorado State University $358,771.00 Colorado State University Health Physics Fellowship Program [Abstract]
The Ohio State University $200,000.00 Ohio State University Fellowship Program [Abstract]
Pennsylvania State University $386,156.00 The Pennsylvania State University Nuclear Education Fellowship Program [Abstract]
Purdue University $395,200.00 Nuclear Engineering and Health Physics Fellowship Program at Purdue University [Abstract]
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute $400,000.00 RPI Nuclear Fellowship Program [Abstract]
University of California – Berkeley $200,000.00 UC Berkeley Department of Nuclear Engineering Graduate Fellowship Program [Abstract]
University of Idaho $200,000.00 Graduate Fellowships in Nuclear Engineering at the University of Idaho [Abstract]
University of Massachusetts - Lowell $400,000.00 UML Graduate Fellowship Program in Nuclear Engineering and Health Physics [Abstract]
University of Missouri – Columbia $399,993.00 University of Missouri Fellowship Program in Nuclear Engineering and Health Physics: Advanced Modeling and Simulation [Abstract]
University of Nevada – Reno $399,997.00 The University of Nevada, Reno Fellowship Program in Materials and Thermal Science for Nuclear Power [Abstract]
University of South Carolina $381,016.00 University of South Carolina Next Generation Nuclear Engineer Fellowship Program [Abstract]
University of Wisconsin – Madison $370,849.00 Graduate Fellowship Program in Nuclear Engineering [Abstract]
Vanderbilt University $399,976.00 Vanderbilt Fellowship Nuclear Program [Abstract]

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