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Notices of Proposed Contract Actions Posted in Accordance with FAR 5.101(a)(2)

The following are notice(s) of proposed contract actions with estimated values contained in FAR 5.101(a)(2). Request for Quotations (RFQs) are not posted on this page. All interested parties must contact the Point of Contact identified below to request a copy of the RFQ. All responsible sources may submit a quotation that, if received before the RFQ closing date and time, shall be considered by the NRC.

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SUBJECT/TITLE: High Performance Organization Training (Leadership at all Levels) U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission



Rowlene Wendoll (Rowlene.Wendoll@nrc.gov or 630-829-9558)


Scope of Work:  The contractor/facilitator will conduct an interactive three day training session on High Performance Organizations and Leadership at All Levels for the NRC Region III Expanded Leadership Team (ELT).   Attendance is expected to be approximately thirty-one (31) individuals in supervisory and executive positions in a regional office for the regulatory body responsible for oversight of nuclear material and commercial nuclear reactors.  The contractor will develop and provide all handouts and teaching materials for the course.  All preparatory work, training, documentation, and close-out activities are included in this statement of work and are to be included in the contractor's price.  Travel costs will be reimbursed separately, as further described below.

This training is an integral part of the region's ongoing leadership development activities, Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey (FEVS) efforts, and regional engagement and organizational development activities – and is consistent with ongoing senior leadership development activities across the agency.

The High Performance Organization / Leadership at all Levels training will encompass:

Leadership - Engaging and supporting others in the accomplishment of a common goal 
Management - Aligning procedures and resources to optimally support the common goal
Team Skills - Collaborating with distinct contributors informing of a cohesive unit that works together to achieve a common goal
Professional Expertise - Contributing specialized education, training, skills towards accomplishment of a common goal

Learning Objectives – The course will present content regarding High Performance Organizations and Leadership at all Levels.  An important component of situational leadership is Leadership at all Levels, and the idea of Leadership at all Levels is based on the increasingly interdependent way the Federal government works today.  More and more, people work in teams, and teams work together across the agency and the regional office to accomplish our mission.  Any member of a team finds themselves occasionally leading, managing, or contributing their team skills and technical or professional expertise to the success of a project.  This interdependent network of talent succeeds when competent people, whose behaviors reflect shared values, work effectively to tackle well-defined projects together.  

The learning objectives for the participants of this course shall be consistent with the Regional vision, "Foster an engaged culture where everyone feels valued and motivated to do their best work and contribute to the mission", and include: 

  • Understand how we arrived at our current approach to and view/assessment of leadership in the region, as well as the present state of regional engagement
  • Understand the necessity to focus our leadership paradigm on a more collaborative approach that enhances our work environment and further engages our workforce
  • Define what enhanced leadership approach will most effectively address regional needs and enable us to achieve increased engagement
  • Develop a path forward to enhance leadership competencies at all levels of the organization that will enable us to create a higher performance organization
  • Understand the importance of
    • Effective and efficient interrelationships across the organizational network components (divisions, branches, offices)
    • Early integration of line functions with support functions to create more efficient outcomes and collaborative regional business processes
    • Identifying systems and/or processes that may be rooted in outdated assumptions about the nature of work and therefore act as barriers to effectiveness and efficiency
  • Recognize and identify systems and processes that may be barriers to efficiency and high performance, and how they may interrupt alignment and how we operate across the ELT.
  • Understand the region is comprised of different types of organizations that provide specialized technical and support services; it is important to integrate all of these components for various functions and at all levels of the organization, and to:
    • Differentiate positional concepts of leadership from functional concepts of leadership
    • Differentiate positional concepts of management from functional concepts of management
    • Differentiate positional concepts of technical and professional expertise from functional concepts of technical and professional expertise.
  • Understand the importance of developing and integrating strong team skills as a means to help evolve traditional hierarchical structures and systems into more participative systems of organizational activities
  • Drive alignment across the ELT, especially on issues related to roles and responsibilities, decision making and communication. 
  • Recognize the importance of achieving greater engagement, flexibility, and agility among everyone in the region in order to more effectively accomplish our mission in a time of anticipated shrinking budgets and uncertainty.

Training Location: 
U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission
Region III
Main Conference Room (2nd floor)
2443 Warrenville Road, Suite 210
Lisle, IL  60532-4352

Client:  NRC Region III

Training Dates:  Monday, January 11 – Wednesday, January 13, 2016.  These dates have been established in advance and the ELT has reserved time on the calendar. Therefore, the dates are not flexible.

Attendees:  The course will be presented to the regional Expanded Leadership Team of approximately thirty-one (31) individuals, at all leadership levels of the organization with individuals ranging from SES to GG-14 positions, including the Senior Leadership Team, Branch Chiefs, and Team Leads.

Training Time:  8:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. each day

Additional Instructions: 

  1. The Contractor shall propose a lump sum total cost for the three full days of training (January 11 – January 13, 2016), inclusive of all training materials, supplies, handouts, and supplies for up to 31 participants, as well as any course preparation and planning activities.  In addition to, and separate from, the proposed lump sum total cost for this leadership training activity, the contractor will be reimbursed for actual travel and expenses for one (1) instructor/facilitator through the Invitational Travel process, not to exceed a total of $3,500.00 as part of this contract.  All travel must be coordinated in advance with the NRC.
  2. The onsite POC for this training is Mr. Mohammed Shuaibi (Mohammed.Shuaibi@nrc.gov or 630-829-9701).   The contractor will work directly with Mr. Shuaibi to finalize the training details, learning objectives, required deliverables, and other miscellaneous details to prepare for and support the specified training dates.  The Period of Performance for this contract is December 1, 2015, through January 29, 2016, (which includes planning and preparation activities, in-region training, and close out).

Best Value
The NRC reserves the right to select the most advantageous offer to the Government by evaluating and comparing factors in addition to cost or price.

Technical Evaluation Criteria

Factor 1 – Technical Expertise

The Proposer will be evaluated on its technical expertise, subject matter knowledge, and capabilities for fulfilling the NRC's learning objectives as described in the statement of work. 

Factor 2 – Experience and Past Performance

The Proposer will be evaluated on its experience and past performance as follows:

  1. Demonstrated experience, knowledge and expertise in conducting training in the subject matter and content outlined in the statement of work for senior level executives and supervisory managers for government organizations and agencies.
  2. Demonstrated familiarity with the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission and an understanding of its culture

Price Proposal Evaluation

  1. Proposers' price proposals will be evaluated to determine realism and reasonableness.  Prices that are excessively high or low may be considered unrealistic and unreasonable, and may receive no further consideration.  The government will be evaluating all proposals to determine best value. 
  2. Demonstrated familiarity with the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission and an understanding of its culture

Best Value Basis of Award

Following the Technical and Price Evaluation, the NRC will evaluate the overall response of the Proposer, taking into account technical expertise, experience and past performance, teaching materials, as well as price considerations for the proposal response.  A Best Value analysis will include tradeoffs or consideration for the full impact and cost of a given proposal in comparison to competitors.  The process permits tradeoffs among cost or price and non-cost factors and allows the government to accept other than the lowest priced proposal.  The perceived benefits of the higher priced proposal shall merit any additional cost, and the rationale will be documented.  The goal of a best value award is to provide the government with an excellent business decision based on the best combined quality and economic value.  NRC is seeking a solution which (as FAR 2.01 defines Best Value) "provides the greatest overall benefit in response to the requirement" across the potential life of the work and that will result in a better value and investment of public funds to support NRC's mission.


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511210 – Software Publishers


OI-15-0006   FTK Software


August 28, 2015 at 9:00 am EST


Wanda M. Brown telephone 301-415-6793, email wanda.brown@nrc.gov


The U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) proposes negotiate an acquisition for the purchase of the FTK5 Perpetual License Renewal that includes EID and Visualization, RC, Imager, PRTK and DNA 50.  As of the 2014 purchase, IMMIX Technology was the only GSA scheduled reseller for FTK Software and training, however market research indicates there may be additional resellers.  The period of performance for this effort is 12 months from date of award 10/1/2015 through 9/30/2016.  This is not a request for competitive proposals.  Requests for copies of this solicitation will not be honored unless the respondent provides evidence showing their capability to provide the required electronic subscription.  Inquiries regarding this announcement may be made to Wanda M. Brown, Contract Specialist, via e-mail at wanda.brown@nrc.gov


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NAICS CODE: 238390
SUBJECT/TITLE: Furniture Maintenance

Rebecca Barr, Telephone Number: 610-337-5238, email: Rebecca.barr@nrc.gov


The U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) Region I office requires a furniture maintenance agreement to maintain the wood veneer furniture at our location at 2100 Renaissance Blvd, Suite 100, King of Prussia, PA 19406. See attached SOW (PSW) for full scope of work and the furniture maintenance itemized furniture list.

Should you have any questions regarding this request, please contact Becky Barr at 610-337-5238, email at rebecca.barr@nrc.gov

All responsible sources may submit a bid, proposal or quotation which shall be considered by the agency


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NAICS CODE: 611430
SUBJECT/TITLE: Professional Development Training — Abaqus Training
CLOSING RESPONSE DATE: 08/24/2015 at 4:00pm EST

Geoffrey Coleman, telephone (301-415-5517), e-mail (Geoffrey.Coleman@nrc.gov)


The Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) intends to award a Purchase Order for the Office of the Chief Human Capital Officer (OCHCO) Human Resources Training and Development (HRTD) in Rockville, MD to deliver the Introduction to Abaqus training course to NRC Staff.  This course is a comprehensive and unified introduction to the modeling and analysis capabilities of Abaqus. It teaches you how to solve linear and nonlinear problems, submit and monitor analysis jobs and view simulation results using the interactive interface of Abaqus.

The NRC requires the following:

The offeror is requested to quote prices that reflect their discounted price reductions, if applicable.  The awarded order shall be a fixed price order and the price proposal shall be submitted on a fixed price bases and shall include all costs.

The offeror must provide pricing for the Introduction to Abacus Training:

CLIN 001 Pricing for one (1) onsite session (date to be mutually agreed after award). Price must be all-inclusive for 12 students, i.e. facilitators/instructors fee; student/instructor manuals; Laptops preloaded with all materials for all students;  instructor workstation capable of connecting to NRC provided classroom projector or contractor must provide a projector.

Based on a quote and its technical submission, the order shall be made to the offeror that is the lowest priced, and technically acceptable quote.

The government intends to award a purchase order under the FAR Subpart 13, Simplified Acquisition Procedures to a contractor that submits a quote that is technically acceptable in meeting the technical features, salient characteristics and standards stated above. The vendor is also required to provide a price quote.

The offeror will be evaluated on a pass/fail basis as to whether or not its proposed technical capabilities are acceptable.  If it is determined that the proposed technical capabilities are unacceptable, the offeror will “fail” and be eliminated from competition.

Technical Instructions
Technical Proposal should include a description of how the offeror plans to meet the technical specifications for this requirement.

Period of Performance:  Delivery of the services will be mutually agreed upon, but no later than one (1) year from date of award.

Place of Performance - The product shall be delivered to the following location unless otherwise indicated after award:

U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission
Professional Development Center (PDC)
11601 Landsdown Street
North Bethesda, MD 20852

For a copy of the Request for Quote, please contact Geoffrey Coleman.

All responsible sources may submit a bid, proposal or quotation which shall be considered by the agency.


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