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OIG/98A-11 - NRC's Year 2000 Efforts Regarding Its Internal Systems

November 17, 1998

MEMORANDUM TO: Chairman Jackson
FROM: Thomas J. Barchi
Assistant Inspector General for Audits

The Office of the Inspector General has completed its initial work involving NRC's Year 2000 efforts regarding its internal systems. On November 6, 1998, we briefed the CIO; the briefing document provided to him is attached.

Because of the pressing deadline for completing Year 2000 programs, we focused on providing information and suggestions to the agency as quickly as possible. Therefore, we provided our input during the course of our review, rather than waiting to complete our work and issue a formal report. We believe this approach allowed us to contribute to NRC's efforts in a timely and cooperative manner.

As outlined in the briefing paper, any issues we raised during the course of our review were swiftly addressed by NRC staff. Based on our work, it appears that the agency has a thorough and effective Year 2000 management program. We were particularly impressed with the methodology applied and documentation maintained regarding systems repaired by the OCIO.

It is expected that OIGs will continue to closely monitor their agencies' progress in addressing Year 2000 issues. We will continue to monitor NRC's progress and/or participate in their efforts to some degree, as appropriate. In addition, we will work with NRC staff to develop input regarding OIG's Year 2000 review efforts for the next quarterly report to Congress and the Office of Management and Budget.

If I can provide any additional information, please call me at 415-5915.

Attachment: As stated

cc: Commissioner McGaffigan
Commissioner Diaz
Commissioner Dicus
Commissioner Merrifield
A. Galante, CIO
J. Funches, CFO
W. Travers, EDO

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