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Regulatory Issue Summaries - 2006

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Document Number Date Title
Sup. 1
06/27/07 Availability of Nrc 313a Series of Forms and Guidance for Their Completion
RIS-06-027 12/13/06 Availability of NRC 313A Series of Forms and Guidance for their Completion
RIS-06-026 12/07/06 Training and Experience and Grandfather Provisions for Authorized Medical Physicists under 10 CFE Part 35
RIS-06-025 12/07/06 Requirements for the Distribution and Possession of Tritium Exit Signs and the Requirements in 10 CFR 31.5 and 32.51a
RIS-06-024 12/06/06 Revised Review and Transmittal Process for Accident Sequence Precursor Analyses
RIS-06-023 12/06/06 Post-tornado Operability of Ventilating and Air-conditioning Systems Housed in Emergency Diesel Generator Rooms
RIS-06-022 11/15/06 Lessons Learned from Recent 10 CFR Part 72 Dry Cask Storage Campaign
RIS-06-021 09/28/06 Improving Response Capabilities Through the Use of an Incident Response Electronic Library
Revision 1
12/14/11 Guidance for Receiving Enforcement Discretion When Concentrating Uranium at Community Water Systems
RIS-06-020 09/14/06 Guidance for Receiving Enforcement Discretion When Concentrating Uranium at Community Water Systems
RIS-06-019 09/14/06
Availability of Guidance on Radioactive Seed Localization
RIS-06-018 08/31/06 Requesting Exemption from the Public Dose Limits for Certain Caregivers of Hospital Patients
RIS-06-017 08/24/06 NRC Staff Position on the Requirements of 10 CFR 50.36, "Technical Specifications," Regarding Limiting Safety System Settings During Periodic Testing and Calibration of Instrument Channels
RIS-06-016 08/15/06 Transfer of the Management Oversight of Certain NRC Region I Licensees in Mississippi to the NRC Region IV Office
RIS-06-015 08/14/06
Preparation and Scheduling of Operator Licensing Examinations
RIS-06-014 09/22/06 Enforcement Discretion for Facility Changes Under 10 CFR 70.72(c)(2)
RIS-06-013 07/31/06 Information on the Changes Made to the Reactor Oversight Process to More Fully Address Safety Culture
RIS-06-012 07/19/06 Endorsement of Nuclear Energy Institute Guidance "Enhancements to Emergency Preparedness Programs for Hostile Action"
RIS-06-011 07/20/06 Requesting Quality Assurance Program Approval Renewals Online By Electronic Information Exchange
RIS-06-010 06/30/06 Regulatory Expectations with Appendix R Paragraph III.G.2 Operator Manual Actions
RIS-06-009 06/21/06 NRC's Procedures for Review of Decommissioning Funding Assurance Reports
RIS-06-008 06/12/06 Publicly Available Cover Letters for Security-Related Inspection Report
RIS-06-007 06/12/06 Changes to the Safety System Unavailability Performance Indicators
RIS-06-006 05/31/06 New Reactor Standardization Needed to Support the Design-Centered Licensing Review Approach
RIS-06-005 04/20/06 Withdrawal of Transportation Safeguards Advisories SA-01-01, Rev. 1 and SA-03-02
RIS-06-004 03/07/06 Experience With Implementation of Alternative Source Terms
RIS-06-003 02/24/06 Guidance On Requesting an Exemption From Biennial Emergency Prepareness Exercise Requirements
RIS-06-002 02/23/06 Good Practices For Licensee Performance During The Emergency Prepareness Conponent of Force-On-Force Exercises
RIS-06-001 01/24/06
Expiration Date for NRC-Approved Spent Fuel Transportation Routes

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