Workshop on Performance Assessments of Near-Surface Disposal Facilities:FEPs Analysis, Scenario and Conceptual Model Development, and Code Selection (August 29-30, 2012)

The purpose of the workshop is to facilitate communication between Federal and State agencies, industry representatives, contractors, and members of the public on three aspects of performance assessments of near-surface disposal of low-level radioactive waste (LLW): (1) Feature, Events and Processes (FEPs) analysis, (2) the development of scenarios and conceptual models, and (3) the selection of computer codes. Information gathered in the meeting will be used to improve guidance on performance assessments for near-surface disposal of LLW. For more information, please see the following topics:

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August 29–30, 2012

Location and Remote Access Provisions

For additional details, please call the NRC contacts for this meeting.


See the Revised Meeting Notice and Final Agenda.

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Workshop Presentations

Document Title
Assessment Context – Christepher McKenney
Codes Roundtable Discussion – AMBER – Russell Walke
Codes Roundtable Discussion – ASCEM – Paul Dixon
Codes Roundtable Discussion – Ecolego – Rodolfo Avila
Codes Roundtable Discussion – GoldSim – Ian Miller
Codes Roundtable Discussion – RESRAD – Charley Yu
Conceptual Model Development – Rodolfo Avila
Facilitator's Summary Observation – Bret Leslie
FEPs Analysis for Radioactive Waste Disposal – Geoff Freeze
FEPs Approach and Lessons Learned at Clive Utah – John Tauxe
FEPs Analyses and Scenario Development for LLW Disposal Sites – Hans Arlt
FEPs and Conceptual Model Updating – Paul Black
Future Model and Parameter Uncertainty – Matthew Kozak
Implementation of Model Abstraction for LLW Disposal – Greg Flach
International PA Approaches and Practical Considerations – Roger Seitz
Model Abstraction – Yakov Pachepsky
Model Support for Performance Assessment – David Esh
Overview of NRC Approach for LLW Shallow Land Disposal – Boby Abu-Eid
Scenario Development – Russell Walke
Welcome and Overview – Larry Camper


George Alexander, FSME/PAB
(301) 415-6755

Tarsha Moon, FSME/LLWB

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