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Video Transcript: Three Mile Island, Unit 2: Removing Top Debris

[Time Stamp: 00:00] The top of the collapsed fuel core looked like this.

[Time Stamp: 00:04] The fuel rods and large pieces were picked up individually and placed in canisters.

[Time Stamp: 00:09] This was the pick-and-place defueling phase.

[Time Stamp: 00:14] As defueling progressed, the rubble and loose debris were removed using a tool called the spade bucket.

[Time Stamp: 00:21] The spade is the straight part of this tool.

[Time Stamp: 00:23] It dug into the rubble and the bucket was then closed on the rubble to lift it into the canister.

[Time Stamp: 00:30] A hard layer discovered earlier by probing with a pointed rod was reached.

[Time Stamp: 00:34] Defuelers found that their hand-operated tools could not break through the solid mass.

[Time Stamp: 00:39] In addition, a wall of solid material was discovered around the periphery of the core.