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Video Transcript: Three Mile Island, Unit 2: Plenum Damage

[Time Stamp: 00:00] Before further investigations and defueling could begin, the head and the plenum had to be removed from the reactor vessel.

[Time Stamp: 00:08] The head was removed in July 1984 and placed on a shielded storage stand in the reactor building.

[Time Stamp: 00:14] The plenum was removed from the reactor vessel in May of 1985.

[Time Stamp: 00:18] It was transferred to its storage stand in the flooded deep end of the refueling canal.

[Time Stamp: 00:24] The damaged area on the underside of the plenum was inspected during the transfer operation.

[Time Stamp: 00:30] This was the first time the whole grid plate and the associated damage was clearly visible.

[Time Stamp: 00:40] The foamed appearance of the stainless steel is caused by the interaction of the steel with steam at high temperature.