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Video Transcript: Three Mile Island, Unit 2: Lower Core Damage

[Time Stamp: 00:00] Videotape inspections of the lower CSA show that in most places, there is no damage and little debris between the plates.

[Time Stamp: 00:07] On the East side of the reactor, however, a large amount of once-molten material was observed.

[Time Stamp: 00:14] The material appears to have flowed down from the flow holes in these plates.

[Time Stamp: 00:17] This material was visible from four different core bore inspection locations, all on the East side of the reactor.

[Time Stamp: 00:26] The actual route, or routes, whereby the core material may have reached the lower core head was not found at this time.

[Time Stamp: 00:33] The lower head of the reactor vessel was videotaped via two access paths.