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Draft NRC Regulatory Guides – Materials and Plant Protection (Division 5)

This page lists the title of each recent Draft Regulatory Guide for Division 5, Materials and Plant Protection. Each draft guide listed is available online from this site. Comments on draft regulatory guides may be submitted electronically via Regulations.gov. See Documents for Comment page.

See also Regulatory Guides for Division 5.

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Regulatory Guide Draft Guide Title Publish Date
5.71 DG-5061 Cyber Security Programs for Nuclear Power Reactors (ML18016A129) 08/2018
5.54 DG-5048 Standard Format and Content of Physical Security Plans, Training and Qualifications Plans and Safeguards Contingency Plans for Nuclear Power Plants (ML17124A490) 05/2018
New Guide DG-5040 Urine Specimen Collection and Test Result Review Under 10 CFR Part 26, "Fitness for Duty Programs" (ML16120A435) 03/2017
5.75 DG-5043 Training and Qualification of Security Personnel at Nuclear Power Reactor Facilities (ML14297A272) 12/2015
Guidance for the Application of Radiological Sabotage Design-Basis Threat in the Design, Development and Implementation of a Physical Security Program that Meets 10 CFR 73.55 Requirements (ML13151A355) 12/2015
Insider Mitigation Program (ML13151A355) 12/2015
New Guide DG-5020 Applying for Enhanced-Weapons Authority, Applying for Preemption Authority, and Performing Firearms Background Checks Under 10 CFR Part 73 (ML14322A847) 09/2015
5.29 DG-5057 Special Nuclear Material Control and Accounting Systems for Non-Fuel Cycle Facilities (ML15015A271) 05/2015
New Guide
Security Performance (Adversary) Characteristics for Physical Security Programs for 10 CFR Part 72 Licensees (ML13151A355) 06/2014
5.62 DG-5019 Reporting and Recording Safeguards Events (ML100830413) 01/2011
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