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Draft NRC Regulatory Guides - Power Reactors (Division 1)

This page lists the title of each recent Draft Regulatory Guide for Division 1, Power Reactors. Each draft guide listed is available online from this site. Comments on draft regulatory guides may be submitted electronically via Regulations.gov. See Documents for Comment page.

See also Regulatory Guides for Division 1.

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Regulatory Guide Draft Guide Title Publish Date
New Guide DG-1327 Pressurized Water Reactor Control Rod Ejection and Boiling Water Reactor Control Rod Drop Accidents   (ML16124A200) Reissued
RG 1.187 DG-1356 Guidance for Implementation of 10 CFR 50.59, 'Changes, Tests, and Experiments' (ML19045A435) 05/2019
New Guide DG-1353 Guidance for a Technology-Inclusive, Risk-Informed, and Performance-Based Methodology to Inform the Licensing Basis and Content of Applications for Licenses, Certifications, and Approvals for Non-Light Water Reactors (ML18312A242) 05/2019
1.199 DG-1284 Anchoring Components and Structural Supports in Concrete (ML17258A579) 04/2019
1.142 DG-1283 Safety Related Concrete Structures for Nuclear Power Plants (ML16172A240) 04/2019
    1.100  DG-1328 Seismic Qualification of Electrical Active Mechanical Equipment and Functional Qualification of Active Mechanical Equipment for Nuclear Power Plants (ML18093A675) 02/2019
    1.151   DG-1352 Instrument Sensing Lines (ML18158A303) 01/2019
 New DG-1351 Dispositioning of Technical Specifications that are Insufficient to Ensure Plant Safety (ML18086A690) 06/2018
1.180 DG-1333 Evaluating Electromagnetic and Radio-Frequency Interference in Safety-Related Instrumentation and Control Systems (ML16281A531) 04/2018
RG 1.167 DG-1337 Restart of a Nuclear Power Plant Shut Down By A Seismic Event   (ML16182A321) 10/2016
RG 1.228 DG-1319 Integrated Response Capabilities for Beyond-Design Basis Events (ML14265A070) 11/2015
New Guide DG-1322 Alternative Risk-Informed Approach for Addressing the Effects of Debris on Post Accident Long-Term Core Cooling (ML15023A025) 04/2015
1.105 DG-1141 Setpoints for Safety-Related Instrumentation (ML081630179) 07/2014
New Guide DG-1261 Conducting Periodic Testing for Breakaway Oxidation Behavior (ML12284A324) 03/2014
New Guide DG-1262 Testing for Postquench Ductility (ML12284A325) 03/2014
New Guide DG-1263 Establishing Analytical Limits for Zirconium Based Alloy Cladding (ML12284A323) 03/2014
1.41 DG-1294 Preoperational Testing of On-Site Electric Power Systems to Verify Proper Load Group Assignment, Electrical Separation, and Redundancy (ML12228A589) 11/2012
1.175 DG-1286 An Approach for Plant-Specific, Risk-Informed Decision-Making: Inservice Testing (ML12017A053) 05/2012
1.177 DG-1287 An Approach for Plant-Specific, Risk-Informed Decisionmaking: Technical Specifications (ML12017A054) 05/2012
1.178 DG-1288 An Approach for Plant-Specific, Risk-Informed Decisionmaking for Inservice Inspection of Piping (ML12017A076) 05/2012
1.183 DG-1199 Alternative Radiological Source Terms for Evaluating Design Basis Accidents at Nuclear Power Reactors (ML090960464) 10/2009
1.163 DG-1220 Performance-Based Containment Leak-Test Program (ML090490183) 04/2009
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