Draft NRC Regulatory Guides - Power Reactors (Division 1)

This page lists the title of each recent Draft Regulatory Guide for Division 1, Power Reactors. Each draft guide listed is available online from this site. Comments on draft regulatory guides may be submitted electronically via Regulations.gov. See Documents for Comment page.

See also Regulatory Guides for Division 1.

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Regulatory Guide Draft Guide Title Publish Date
RG 1.235 Rev 0 DG-1346
Rev 1
Emergency Planning for Decommissioning Power Reactors 02/28/2022
RG 1.184 Rev 2 DG-1347
Rev 1
Decommissioning of Nuclear Power Reactors 02/28/2022
RG 1.159 Rev 3 DG-1348
Rev 1
Assuring the Availability of Funds for Decommissioning Nuclear Reactors 02/28/2022
RG 1.185 Rev 2 DG-1349
Rev 1
Standard Format and Content for Post-Shutdown Decommissioning Activities Report 02/28/2022
RG 1.183 Rev 1 DG-1389 Alternative Radiological Source Terms for Evaluating Design Basis Accidents at Nuclear Power Reactors 04/15/2022

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