Draft NRC Regulatory Guides - Power Reactors (Division 1)

This page lists the title of each recent Draft Regulatory Guide for Division 1, Power Reactors. Each draft guide listed is available online from this site. Comments on draft regulatory guides may be submitted electronically via Regulations.gov. See Documents for Comment page.

See also Regulatory Guides for Division 1.

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Regulatory Guide Draft Guide Title Publish Date
RG 1.87 Rev 2 DG-1380 Acceptability of ASME Section III, Division 5, High Temperature Reactors 08/12/2021
RG 1.245 Rev 0 DG-1382 Preparing Probabilistic Fracture Mechanics (PFM) Submittals 09/14/2021
RG 1.246 Rev 0 DG-1383 Acceptability of ASME Code, Section XI, Division 2, Requirements for RIM Programs for NPPs, for Non-LWRs 09/23/2021

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