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Issue Date: 06/24/03



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1. IMC 0304 09/26/96 ---- ----
2. ---- ---- IMC 0306 06/20/03
3. IMC 0609.01 03/21/03 IMC 0609.01 06/20/03
4. IMC 0612 04/29/02 IMC 0612 06/20/03
5. ---- ---- IMC 0612, Exh1 06/20/03
6. ---- ---- IMC 0612, Exh2 06/20/03
7. ---- ---- IMC 0612, Exh2 06/20/03
8. ---- ---- IMC 0612, Exh4 06/20/03
9. ---- ---- IMC 0612, App A 06/20/03
10. ---- ---- IMC 0612, App B 06/20/03
11. ---- ---- IMC 0612, App C 06/20/03
12. ---- ---- IMC 0612, App D 06/20/03
13. ---- ---- IMC 0612, App E 06/20/03


No special training requirements have been identified for any documents issued with this change notice.


IMC 0304 (Plant Performance Review) is deleted. Plant performance reviews are no longer performed.

IMC 0306 (Information Technology Support For The Reactor Oversight Process) is issued to provide consolidated guidance for al l"Information Technology" related issues within the Reactor Oversight Process.

IMC 0609.01 (Enforcement Review Panel) has been revised. This revision added a requirement that WEB site references be verified and updated. Also, the word "report" in the choice letter was deleted, and the sentence clarified to mean supporting information for the finding. As originally stated, "report" could be interpreted to mean inspection report.

IMC 0612 Power Reactor Inspection Reports
IMC 0612, Exhibit 1,"Standard Reactor Inspection Report Outline"
IMC 0612, Exhibit 2, "Inspection Report Documentation Matrix"
IMC 0612, Exhibit 3, "Sample Reactor Inspection Report"
IMC 0612, Exhibit 4, "Sample Cover Letters"
IMC 0612, Appendix A, "List of Acronyms Used in IMC 0612"
IMC 0612, Appendix B, "Issue Screening"
IMC 0612, Appendix C, "Documentation Guidance for Supplemental
IMC 0612, Appendix D, "Guidance for Documenting Inspection Procedure
71152, Identification and Resolution of Problems"
IMC 0612, Appendix E, "Examples of Minor Issues"

The above manual chapter and associated Exhibits and Appendices have been revised to achieve the following:

1. Consistency with IMC-0306.
2. Present information in the order in which the activities will normally be performed in the process of developing and transmitting a reactor inspection report.
3. Remove specific enforcement guidance to ensure consistency between the guidance in 0612 and the Enforcement Policy and Manual.
4. Correct incorrect or conflicting information.

The following table describes changes made to IMC 0612 in addition to the reformatting. The items in bold should be reviewed because they will change the way inspection information is presented in an inspection report. The changes are minor, but should be implemented immediately.


Where What was done Why


Order of information changed to present guidance in the order in which it will normally be used to complete the development and issuance of an inspection report. Improve the logic of the information being presented. Make it easier to locate information.
0612-03 Definition of �finding� revised to reinforce that findings may or may not be related to violations. OE request.
  Definition of �performance deficiency� clarified to emphasize that cross cutting issues do not constitute performance deficiencies, in and of themselves. Feedback item and OE request.
  Definition of �unresolved item� clarified. Feedback item.
06.03c(3) Non-SDP Findings - Section clarified to include what to do if the management review of a greater than minor finding that is not suited for SDP analysis, finds that significance is potentially greater than green. Flow chart in Appendix B revised to reflect change. Issue identified as a hole during the reformatting of the procedure.
Throughout Removed quotes from the Enforcement Policy and Manual. To eliminate the need to revise 0612 whenever the enforcement information was revised.
06.02d Clarifies that there is no need to document in the report when specific inspection activities were conducted if no findings are identified. The dates of the inspection report are sufficient in that case. Feedback item.
06.03e Clarified that the location of an inspection is assumed to be in the plant unless otherwise noted. Feedback item.
06.03d Clarified requirement and corrected conflicts between 0612 guidance and enforcement guidance. OE request.
07.02 Added statement on how to disposition inaccurate or incomplete PI data. OE request.
Throughout Removed guidance related to PIM.
Clarified requirements for tracking information.
Conforming changes.
IMC 0306," Information Technology Support for the ROP" is being issued and covers all specifics related to tracking of inspection report information.
11.03a Removed �utility� from the ADAMS template list. Conforming change.
Changed to conform to ADAMS guidance.
11.03c(1) Added the requirement to include, in the list of findings, a brief description of the correctives actions completed or planned by the licensee. Commitment to the IG.
Throughout Docket number format was standardized for every instance where number is used. Format must now be 05000xxx/2003### whenever the docket is used. Conforming change.
Changed to conform to ADAMS guidance. Will allow for more efficient collection of inspection reports for posting to the external web page.
11.07a Clarified that the list of key points of contact has no limit to the number of individuals to be listed but should include those who provided key information in the development and understanding of a finding. Feedback item.
11.08g incorporated specific language to be included in the cover letter if a violation is identified but is not associated with a performance deficiency. OE request.
Exhibit 1 The title and note related to Section 4OA4 being "reserved" has been removed. The section is now "Cross Cutting Aspects of Findings" and is used to document cross cutting issues other than PI&R. Feedback item.
Exhibit 4 "Choice" letter transmitting a preliminary W/Y/R or greater than green and the "final" letter transmitting a preliminary W/Y/R or greater than green deleted from IMC 0612. Information is also in IMC 0609 and is more closely associated with that procedure. Change made to eliminate having the same information in two places.



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