Archive of NRC reports that resulted in substantive changes in agency policy and procedures

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A recommendation can have a status of:

  • Open:
    • Unresolved – The auditee's initial response to the report's recommendations and/or subsequent OIG analysis has not yet been completed or the proposed corrective action is not responsive.
    • Resolved – The auditee's proposed corrective action is responsive, but not yet completed.
  • Closed: Corrective action is responsive and considered by OIG as completed or auditee's rationale for taking no action is considered by OIG as acceptable.
Report Title Date Number
Special Inquiry: NRC's Oversight of the Quality Assurance Programs Related to the Manufacture of Holtec International Dry Cask Storage Systems 07/27/2004 OIG-03-03S

Event Inquiry: NRC's Oversight of Davis-Besse Boric Acid Leakage and Corrosion During the April 2000 Refueling Outage

10/17/2003 OIG-03-02S
Event Inquiry Regarding NRC Enforcement of Regulatory Requirements and Commitments at Indian Point, Unit 2 04/30/2003 OIG-01-01S
Event Inquiry Regarding NRC's Regulation of Davis-Besse Regarding Damage to the Reactor Vessel Head 12/30/2002 OIG-02-03S
Event Inquiry Regarding NRC's Regulatory Oversight Over the Control of Special Nuclear Material at Millstone Unit 1 10/31/2002 OIG-01-03S
NRC's Response to the February 15, 2000 Steam Generator Tube Rupture at Indian Point Unit 2 Power Plant 08/29/2000 OIG-00-03S
Special Evaluation of the Role and Structure of NRC's Commission (See also: Commission Response to this Evaluation) 12/23/1999 OIG-99E-09
NRC Staff's Handling of Harassment and Intimidation (H&I) Complaints at Millstone 12/31/1998 OIG-99-01S
Little Harbor Consultants' Involvement in Resolution of Employee Complaints at Millstone Power Station 11/27/1998 OIG-98-03S
Allegation of Sunshine Act and Ex Parte Communication Violations by NRC Commissioners 05/27/1998 OIG-98-02S
Public's Concerns with NRC Report of Independent Safety Assessment (ISA) at Maine Yankee 01/26/1998 OIG-97-03S
Public's Concerns with Millstone Independent Corrective Action/Verification Program (ICAVP) 01/13/1998 OIG-97-05S
State of Maine Involvement in the NRC Independent Safety Assessment of Maine Yankee Atomic Power Station 10/17/1997 OIG-97-02S
NRC Inspection of Unauthorized Access Incident at Millstone Nuclear Power Station 09/15/1997 OIG-97-07S
NRC Staff's Actions Regarding MIRG Interview Transcripts and Its Handling of an Allegation 04/02/1997 OIG-97-01S
NRC Staff Actions to Address CU-29 Isolation Valve Issue 09/03/1996 OIG-96-06S
NRC Handling of Issues Related to Refueling Operations at Millstone Unit 1 07/23/1996 OIG-96-05S
NRC Staff Actions to Address Northeast Utilities System (NU) 1991 Self-Assessments 05/31/1996 OIG-96-02S
NRC Staff's Actions Related to Regulation at Maine Yankee 05/08/1996 OIG-96-04S
Implementation of Recommendations to Improve NRC's Program for Protecting Allegers Against Retaliation 03/05/1996 OIG-96-01S
NRC Failure to Adequately Regulate - Millstone Unit 1 12/21/1995 OIG-95-077I

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