OIG Reports: Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) – FY 2010 Index

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Report Title Date Number Status of Recommendations
Audit of NRC's Oversight of the Access Authorization Program for Nuclear Power Plants – September 30, 2010 – REDACTED FOR PUBLIC RELEASE 09/30/2010 OIG-10-A-21 No status to date 
Audit of NRC's Vendor Inspection Program 09/28/2010 OIG-10-A-20 11/01/2017
Memorandum Report:  Evaluation of NRC’s FOIA Process 09/17/2010 OIG-10-A-19 No Recommedations
Assessment of NRC’s Wireless Devices – September 17, 2010 – REDACTED VERSION 09/17/2010 OIG-10-A-18 No status to date 
Audit of NRC’s Oversight of Irradiator Security – September 2, 2010 – REDACTED VERSION FOR PUBLIC RELEASE 09/02/2010 OIG-10-A-17 No status to date 
Audit of NRC’s Deployment of the National Source Tracking System 08/30/2010 OIG-10-A-16 07/27/2011
Audit of NRC Employee Use of the Federal Calling Card 07/30/2010 OIG-10-A-15 02/15/2012
Memorandum Report:  Audit of NRC's Process for Closed Meetings 06/09/2010 OIG-10-A-14 01/26/2012
Audit of NRC's Telework Program 06/09/2010 OIG-10-A-13 10/04/2017
Audit of NRC’s Management of Agreements with Department of Energy Laboratories 04/23/2010 OIG-10-A-12 02/16/2012
Social Engineering Assessment Report - OFFICIAL USE ONLY - SECURITY RELATED INFORMATION (For any information please contact the Office of the Inspector General at 301-415-5915) 03/16/2010 OIG-10-A-11 No status to date 
Memorandum Report:  Review of NRC's Implementation of the Federal Manager's Financial Integrity Act for Fiscal Year 2009 - March 11, 2010 03/11/2010 OIG-10-A-10 No Recommedations
Audit of NRC's Personnel Security Clearance Program for Employees 02/23/2010 OIG-10-A-09 04/09/2010
Audit of NRC's Use of Electronic Submissions for Combined License Applications 01/22/2010 OIG-10-A-08 No Recommedations
Independent Auditor's Report on the Condensed Financial Statements 01/14/2010 OIG-10-A-07 No Recommedations
Independent Auditor's Report on the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission's Special Purpose Financial Statements as of September 30, 2009 and 2008, and for the Years Then Ended 11/16/2009 OIG-10-A-06 No Recommedations
Results of the Audit of the United States Nuclear Regulatory Commission's Financial Statements for Fiscal Years 2009 and 2008 11/10/2009 OIG-10-A-05 No Recommedations
Independent Evaluation of NRC's Implementation of the Federal Information Security Management Act for Fiscal Year 2009 11/17/2009 OIG-10-A-04 05/07/2010
Memorandum Report:  Audit of NRC's Management Directive 6.8, Lessons Learned Program 11/17/2009 OIG-10-A-03 06/17/2010
Audit of NRC's Quality Assurance Planning for New Reactors 11/16/2009 OIG-10-A-02 01/31/2011
Audit of NRC's Physical Security Inspection Program for Category I Fuel Cycle Facilities 11/03/2009 OIG-10-A-01 05/07/2010

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