Information Notice No. 88-33:Recent Problems Involving the Model SPEC 2-T Radiographic Exposure Device

                                  UNITED STATES
                          NUCLEAR REGULATORY COMMISSION
                             WASHINGTON, D.C.  20555

                                  May 27, 1988

                                   SPEC 2-T RADIOGRAPHIC EXPOSURE DEVICE 


All Agreement States and NRC licensees authorized to manufacture, distribute 
or operate radiographic exposure devices and source changers. 


This notice is provided to alert licensees of the occurrence of a recent 
trans-portation accident which occurred in Houston, Texas involving a Model 
SPEC 2-T radiographic exposure device (NRC Certification of Compliance (COC) 
No. 9056).  It is suggested that licensees review this information for 
applicability to their operations involving transportation of radiography 
devices.  However, suggestions contained in this notice do not constitute new 
NRC requirements; therefore, no specific action or written response is 

Description of Circumstances: 

In this accident, the device fell off the rear of a truck onto the roadway, 
where it subsequently was struck by another vehicle.  The device became jammed
beneath the vehicle and was dragged for a considerable distance along the 
roadway.  At some point in the accident, the source and the device became 
separated.  The source was found lying in the roadway.  This accident is 
currently under review by the State of Texas (an Agreement State), the U.S. 
Department of Transportation (DOT), and this Agency.  At this point, it is 
unclear as to whether the source became separated as a result of the stress of 
scraping along the roadway, or as a result of its initial impact with the 

Although the review is not completed, several issues and facts have surfaced 
which should be brought to the attention of licensees.  These are described 


1.   Some Model SPEC 2-T devices may have been fabricated without the internal 
     polyurethane material which is foamed in place between the outer shell 
     and the internal depleted uranium shield.  The NRC is attempting to 
     obtain additional information on this matter and will provide further 
     information to licensees/users, as appropriate.

.                                                                 IN 88-33 
                                                                 May 27, 1988 
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2.   Some Model SPEC 2-T devices, which have been distributed to users, may 
     not conform to the drawing referenced in NRC COC No. 9056, issued March 
     12, 1986.  The NRC is attempting to determine if this variance is 

3.   All users are reminded that operation and transportation of radiography 
     devices must be in accordance with applicable NRC, Agreement State, and 
     U.S. DOT regulations.  Licensees are cautioned that the safety of such 
     devices in transportation depends, in part, on the proper securing of 
     plugs and lock mechanisms before the device is transported.  Licensees 
     should assure that the procedures specified in the COC are followed in 
     preparing the device for transportation.  Users of NRC-certified radio-
     graphy devices must register with the NRC in accordance with the require-
     ments of .. 10 CFR 71.12 and 49 CFR 173.471. 

     The manufacturer of the Model SPEC 2-T is: 

     Source Production and Equipment Company 
     ATTN:  R. D. Dicharry 
     625 Oxley Street 
     Kenner, LA  70062 
     Telephone: 504/464/9471 (Telex 46-156) 

If you have any questions regarding this matter, please contact the 
appropriate NRC Regional Office or this office. 

                                        Robert F. Burnett, Director
                                        Division of Safeguards and
                                        Office of Nuclear Material Safety
                                          and Safeguards

Technical Contact:  C. E. MacDonald, NMSS
                    (301) 492-3382

Agreement State     D. A. Nussbaumer, GPA
Contact:            (301) 492-0326

Attachment:  List of Recently Issued NRC Information Notices 
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                                                            IN 88-33 
                                                            May 27, 1988 
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                             LIST OF RECENTLY ISSUED
                            NRC INFORMATION NOTICES 
Information                                  Date of 
Notice No._____Subject_______________________Issuance_______Issued to________

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OL = Operating License
CP = Construction Permit 

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