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Information Notice No. 86-08: Licensee Event Report (LER) Format Modification

                                                            SSINS No: 6835 
                                                            IN 86-08       

                                UNITED STATES
                           WASHINGTON, DC 20555

                              February 3, 1986

Information Notice No. NO 86-08:   LICENSEE EVENT REPORT (LER) FORMAT 


All nuclear power reactor facilities holding an operating license (OL) or a 
construction permit (CP) 


This notice is being issued to invite power reactor licensee help regarding 
Licensee Event Report (LER) reporting in accordance with 10 CFR 5073 It is
intended to improve NRC's entering of LER data into NRC LER data bases 
Suggestions contained in this information notice do not constitute NRC 
requirements; therefore, no specific action or written response is required

Description of Circumstances: 

In order to improve the operation of maintaining various NRC LER data bases,
the NRC has recently decided to use an Optical Character Reader (OCR) to 
read the Licensee Event Report (LER) abstracts into the LER data bases To 
reduce the number of errors incurred by the OCR due to incompatible print 
styles, we invite licensees to consider using the following typography for 
preparing all future LERs that are to be submitted to the NRC: 

1   Type styles (examples attached): 

     o    Prestige Elite (12 pitch) 
     o    Letter Gothic (12 pitch) 
     o    OCR-B (12 pitch) 
     o    Courier 12 (12 pitch) 
     o    Elite (12 pitch) 
     o    Courier 10 (10 pitch) 
     o    OCR-A (10 pitch) 
     o    Prestige Pica (10 pitch) 
     o    In addition, the following proportional space typestyles can be  
             read: Madeleine, Cubic, Bold, and Title


                                                           IN 86-08        
                                                           February 3, 1986 
                                                           Page 2 of 3     

2   It is suggested that output be on typewriter, or formed character 
     (letter-quality or near letter quality) printer, (eg, daisey wheel, 
     laser, ink-jet)

3   It is suggested that output have an uneven right margin (ie, we 
     suggest that you not righthand justify output)

4   It is suggested that text of the abstract be kept at least 1/2-inch 
     inside the border on all sides of the area designated for the abstract 
     on the LER form

5   It is suggested that you do not underscore, use bold print, use Italic 
     print style, end any lines with a hyphen or use paragraph indents 
     Instead, print copy single space with a blank line between paragraphs

6   Because of the intended use of the OCR, your attention is called to the
     guidance specified under General Instructions, page 21 of NUREG-1022, 
     Licensee Event Report System - Description of System and Guidelines for
     Reporting These guidelines pertain to limit ions on the use of symbols
     in the textual areas on the LER form These limitations are:

     A   Spell out "degree" 

     B   Use /= for "greater than or equal to" 

     D   Use +/- for "Plus or minus" 

     E   Spell out "delta" and other Greek letters

     F   Do not use exponents A number should be expressed as a decimal, 
          spelled out, or preferably (to save space) designated in E field 
          format For example, 42 x 10-6 could be expressed as 42 E-6, 
          00000042, or 42 x 10(-6) Also, a nuclide should not be 
          expressed as an exponent For example, 60-CO should be written as 
          Cobalt-60, Co-60, etc

It is suggested that licensees review their format and print styles for 
reporting LERs for compatibility with those which are compatible with the 

                                                           IN 86-08        
                                                           February 3, 1986 
                                                           Page 3 of 3     

No specific action or written response to this information notice is 
required If you have any questions regarding this matter, please contact 
this office or the Office for Analysis and Evaluation of Operational Data 

                                   Edward L Jordan Director 
                                   Division of Emergency Preparedness 
                                     and Engineering Response 
                                   Office of Inspection and Enforcement 

Technical Contact:  Eugenia L Boyle, AEOD
                    (301) 492-4498

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