Information Notice No. 79-22, Qualification of Systems


                            September 14, 1979 

MEMORANDUM FOR:     B. H. Grier, Director, RI 
                    J. P. O'Reilly, Director, RII 
                    J. G. Keppler, Director, RIII 
                    K. V. Seyfrit, Director, RIV 
                    R. H. Engelken, Director, RV 

FROM:               Norman C. Moseley, Director, Division of Reactor 
                      Operations Inspection, IE 

SUBJECT:            Information Notice No. 79-22, QUALIFICATION OF 

The enclosed information notice should be dispatched September 14, 1979 to 
all power reactor facilities holding operating licenses and to facilities 
with a construction permit on September 17, 1979. 

                                        Norman C. Moseley, Director 
                                        Division of Reactor Operations 
                                        Office of Inspection and Enforcement 

1.   Information Notice No. 79-22 
2.   Draft Transmittal Letter 

CONTACT:  E. L. Jordan, IE 

                                                 Accession No: 7908220112  
                                                 SSINS: 6870               

                              UNITED STATES 
                          WASHINGTON, D.C. 20555 
                            September 14, 1979 

                                           Information Notice No. 79-22 


Public Service Electric and Gas Company notified the NRC of a potential 
unreviewed safety question at their Salem Unit 1 facility. This notification
was based on a continuing review by Westinghouse of the environmental 
qualifications of equipment that they supply for nuclear steam supply 
systems. Based on the present status of this effort, Westinghouse has 
informed their customers that the performance of non-safety grade equipment 
subjected to an adverse environment could impact the protective functions 
performed by safety grade equipment. These non-safety grade systems include:

     Steam generator power operated relief valve control system 

     Pressurizer power operated relief valve control system 

     Main feedwater control system 

     Automatic rod control system 

These systems could potentially malfunction due to a high energy line break 
inside or outside of containment. NRC is also concerned that the adverse 
environment could also give erroneous information to the plant operators. 
Westinghouse states that the consequences of such an event could possibly be
more limiting than results presented in Safety Analysis Reports, however, 
Westinghouse also states that the severity of the results can be limited by 
operator actions together with operating characteristics of the safety 
systems. Further, Westinghouse has recommended to their customers that they 
review their systems to determine whether any unreviewed safety questions 

This Information Notice is provided as an early notification of a possibly 
significant matter. It is expected that recipients will review the 
information for possible applicability to their facilities. No specific 
action or response is requested at this time. If NRC evaluations so 
indicate, further licensee actions may be requested or required. If you have 
questions regarding this matter, please contact the Director of the 
appropriate NRC Regional Office. 

No written response to this Information Notice is required. 

(Draft letter to all power reactors facilities with operating licenses and 
construction permits.)  

                                           Information Notice No. 79-22 


The enclosed Information Notice provides information with regard to a 
potential unreviewed safety question involving high energy lines and control


                                        (Regional Director) 

1.   Information Notice 79-22 
2.   List of IE Information 
       Notices Issued in the 
       Last Six Months 


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