Part 21 Report - 1996-443

ACCESSION #: 9712230325 South Carolina Electric & Gas Company Gary J. Taylor P.O. Box 88 Vice President Jenkinsville, SC 29065 Nuclear Operations (803) 345-4344 SCE&G A SCANNA Company December 15, 1997 RC-97-0253 Document Control Desk U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission Washington, DC 20555 Gentlemen: Subject: VIRGIL C. SUMMER NUCLEAR STATION (VCSNS) DOCKET NO. 50/395 OPERATING LICENSE NO. NPF-12 FOLLOW-UP PART 21 REPORT (SSH 960004) Ref: (a) Gary J. Taylor to Document Control Desk, RC-96-0157 dated June 17, 1996. (b) David D. Molitoris, Westinghouse, to R. J. Waselus, SCE&G, CGE-96-029 dated November 11, 1996. South Carolina Electric and Gas Company (SCE&G) submits the following follow-up response in accordance with 10CFR21.21 (a)(2) as a final report of an identified defect determined not to be potentially associated with a substantial safety hazard. Per reference (a), we contacted Westinghouse, the original equipment manufacturer, to evaluate the the nozzle weld defects in the Chemical and Volume Control System connections at the reactor coolant pump seal injection line nozzles and Component Cooling Water System connections at the reactor coolant pump thermal barrier heat exchanger inlet and outlet nozzles for 10CFR21 reportability. Westinghouse has determined that a Substantial Safety Hazard (SSH) reportable under 10CFR21 does not exist based on the following: 1. The Westinghouse safety evaluation on this issue has determined that the condition is non-safety related per reference (b). 2. Westinghouse has had only about 10 reported problems (including the 6 from VCSNS) in the 1200 nozzles that have been in service for up to 29 years. (Reference (b). VCSNS initially determined that the problems associated with the RCP Seal Injection/CCW Nozzle Welds were a potential SSH reportable under 10CFR21; however, based on the Westinghouse evaluation, no SSH exists. NUCLEAR EXCELLENCE - A SUMMER TRADITION! Document Control Desk RC-97-0253 SSH 96-0004 Page 2 of 2 Should you require any further information, please contact Mr. Michael J. Zaccone at (803) 345-4328. Very Truly Yours, Gary J. Taylor GJT/MJZ c: J. L. Skolds NRC Resident Inspector R. R. Mahan J. B. Knotts, Jr. R. J. White DMS (RC-97-0253) L. A. Reyes RTS (SSH 960004) A. R. Johnson File (818.18) *** END OF DOCUMENT ***

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