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2Q/2017 – Plant Inspection Findings

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Significance:a graphic of the significance Mar 31, 2017
Identified By: NRC
Item Type: NCV Non-Cited Violation
Untimely Corrective Actions to Address Elevated Primary Containment Isolation Valve Leakage
The inspectors identified a self-revealing non-cited violation of 10 CFR 50 Appendix B, Criterion XVI, Corrective Action, because Exelon did not promptly implement corrective actions to address a condition adverse to quality on two containment isolation valves. Specifically, drywell air sampling valves SV 3 7D 3671A and SV-3-7D-3671D failed to perform their primary containment isolation function on March 15 and September 26, 2016, respectively, as a result of untimely corrective actions to address elevated leakage. The valve internals were repaired, declared operable, and the issue was entered into the corrective action program (IR 3990490).

The finding was more than minor, because it was associated with the barrier performance attribute of the Barrier Integrity cornerstone and adversely affected the cornerstone's objective to provide reasonable assurance that the containment design barrier protect the public from radionuclide releases caused by accidents or events. In accordance with IMC 0609.04, Initial Characterization of Findings, dated October 7, 2016, and Exhibit 1 of IMC 0609, Appendix A, The SDP for Findings At-Power, dated June 19, 2012, the inspectors determined this finding was of very low safety significance, because the finding did not result in an actual open pathway in the physical integrity of the reactor containment or involve an actual reduction in the function of hydrogen igniters in the reactor containment. The inspectors determined this finding had a cross-cutting aspect in the area of Problem Identification and Resolution, Resolution, because Exelon did not perform effective corrective actions in a timely manner commensurate with the safety significance of the issue. Specifically, corrective actions to address a CAQ on SV-3-7D-3671A and SV 3 7D 3671D were delayed which resulted in the valves failing their LLRT and being declared inoperable. [P.3] [Section 4OA2.1.c (2)]

Inspection Report# : 2017008 (pdf)

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The security cornerstone is an important component of the ROP, which includes various security inspection activities the NRC uses to verify licensee compliance with Commission regulations and thus ensure public health and safety. The Commission determined in the staff requirements memorandum (SRM) for SECY-04-0191, "Withholding Sensitive Unclassified Information Concerning Nuclear Power Reactors from Public Disclosure," dated November 9, 2004, that specific information related to findings and performance indicators associated with the security cornerstone will not be publicly available to ensure that security-related information is not provided to a possible adversary. Security inspection report cover letters will be available on the NRC Web site; however, security-related information on the details of inspection finding(s) will not be displayed.


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